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Nonprofit Grant Program

  • Nonprofit Grant

    We believe print is a valuable source of communication to allow us to stay connected with our donors. With this grant, we will have increased funds for communication to get our message out that will help build our donor base and our nonprofit, which can help more children in the country of Haiti to receive the gift of quality schooling and good health.

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  • Dive Pirates Foundation

    It's not easy rounding up pirates, however getting something in the mail still gets their attention! Sure we use our e-newsletter and and e-invite for our largest fundraiser of the year, however nothing beats that printed invitation that goes on the refrigerator. Heck, one of our designs resonated so well a number of them framed the front of it!

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  • Saint Clare Catholic School

    We plan to continue to use print and direct mail in the ways mentioned above and any additional ways our teams deems creative and engaging to our St. Clare community. For instance, we have considered adding more signage to parents, parishioners, and potential families unfamiliar with St. Clare School, especially during registration, open houses, etc.

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  • Arts Council of York County

    Through the years, the marketing team at the Arts Council of York County has seen time and time again how integral printed promotions and direct mailings are to the success of an arts event, and thus our organization and the arts community in our county.

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  • A Helping Paw Inc.

    Through our newsletters we make announcements on our many programs that will benefit the most from our services. For example: our special events like "Fix N' Felines Father's Day Special", No more Litters - mother's Day" event, and our pet food pantry special pick up locations.

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  • Compassionate Home Health Care Inc.

    Our organization uses print for our annual music festival, and Holiday campaign events. We typically print around 500 posters a year for all our events. This year we are partnered with a business to help market their brand as well as ours.

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  • CONNECT Christian Camp and Retreat Center

    Each time we have ordered letters, postcards, envelopes, posters, brochures, and other materials, the process has been smooth, the press has warned us of possible issues with our proofs, the shipping has been quick and the end results have been exactly what we envisioned. All this and we have not found better pricing anywhere.

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  • Betances Health Center

    We use the print-outs to educate our patients about various health subjects as well as telehealth where the patients can see doctors from the comfort of their home when they are being isolated due to Covid or due to severe weather conditions.

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  • Braille Circulating Library Used Case Study

    Conquest Graphics has played a major role in re-energizing the marketing aspect of our organization! With the help of knowledgeable Conquest Graphics staff, our in-house designs were transferred to the proper templates for printing. The finished products gave us updated and long overdue professional advertising items that communicate the history, mission, vision and operation of the Braille Circulating Library (Library).

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  • Allo Hope Foundation

    We use our print resources to provide every healthcare provider and patient who contacts us with a copy of our medically reviewed point of care materials. To date we’ve provided over 400 prenatal booklets and over 400 newborn booklets to every fetal center in the US, midwives and OBGYNs in 2 countries, and to pregnant women around the globe.

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  • Triangle Youth Ballet

    As of yet we haven't used direct mail, but we are certainly interested. Our classes for younger dancers are all but completely gone and we think this would be a good way to build back our younger dancers program post pandemic.

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  • World Music Inc. dba Global Arts Live

    Global Arts Live uses print and direct mail for multiple purposes. We have both an established audience for our performances based in the greater Boston area, along with a need to continuously reach new audiences as our programming expands and grows. We send postcards to our patrons at various times throughout the year, sharing information about a performance we think they'd like based on their past buying history.

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  • Operations Enduring Warrior

    Through direct mailings we would be able to access a vastly larger audience than we previously had, which would grant us the ability to cultivate further support in our mission.

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  • Peaceable Kingdom

    Print and direct mail have been, and will continue to be, most essential in helping us continue to make progress in all aspects of our mission!

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  • Chanco on the James

    Our organization uses print and direct mail to market our events. We create flyers, birthday cards for our campers, marketing postcards, our yearly Annual Report, our tri-fold Annual Fund solicitation brochure, and more with Conquest Graphics.

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  • Deltaville Maritime Museum

    We generate most of our marketing graphics, letters and flyers, and USPS mailings for the Museum, working closely with Museum staff and office volunteers. A printing grant would help us tremendously.

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  • Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy

    Printed materials are key to helping us spread the word about our birds, education programs, and endangered species. During the summer, we offer a nature "duck camp" for kids in grades 3-8. In addition to social media promotions and email blasts, we send out ~3500 to 4500 EDDM postcards every year to advertise summer camp. This is our fourth year running camp, and third year sending out EDDM postcards.

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  • Jazz in Pink

    We need print and direct mail services to promote our brand. Often times, we are charged with creating flyers for a variety of venues that we perform. O usually, I create the flyer or social media post and need it to circulate throughout the jazz industry online. Printing club cards is still a powerful way to get the word out. Even if we are performing in another city across the country, I will email the flyer, and have friends or family on the ground, print locally and distribute.

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  • Cornell Cooperative Extension

    Printed material is consistent, clear, accessible, and offers a more permanent solution to sharing data, resources and information with our target audience. In our digital world, especially enhanced by the events of the pandemic in 2020, screen time has become a sensitive area of attention to a lot of the population.

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  • Ohr-O

    The museum utilizes print and direct mail primarily in order to advertise upcoming museum exhibitions, as well as to provide visitors with additional information about the various exhibits through the printing of brochures and rack cards. Because we are a smaller institution, it is currently cost prohibitive for the museum to send out mailers to our members for every new exhibit that we open, which is at minimum twenty times a year.

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