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Lake Lundgren Bible Camp

Our mission is to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as we are able to through a unique Christian Camp experience. We choose to highlight the many amazing parts of God's Creation and to set up space and time to take people out of their normal lives and focus their attention on God so that they can experience true renewal.

Where our marketing and print needs come into play is simply a way to educate people about the options that are here for them to experience. On an annual basis we currently send out 3 printed brochures that outline our programs and show potential attendees what the benefits of time away at camp can be. We also send out a variety of other smaller mailings that inform our donor database about options to invest in financially, or we send out special updates.

Lake Lundgren Bible Camp  

To our camp membership we send out ballots to vote each year in our annual board member elections and we also have all of our staff send out personal update letters to their contacts. The staff newsletters are primarily to help raise funds to help cover their salaries through financial donations instead of through the fees from the operating budget. Our campers typically come from lower income areas where scholarship help is a regular occurrence, so we go to great lengths to ensure that our finances are handled in such a way that will stretch every dollar from our camper fees as far as possible.

This is one of the reasons that we love companies like Conquest Graphics. They understand the great value that nonprofit organizations provide for communities, families, kids and other people who so desperately need things like the camp experience where staff and counselors are able to share unconditional love and help teach important life skills.

Our building maintenance and expansion also hinges greatly on the financial donations and generosity of many different individuals and organizations that come alongside our ministry with tools and dollars and resources to help us to accomplish projects. This is a main area where I wish that we would be able to expand our print marketing. We would love to be able to keep our donors more involved in the updates of our progress in continuing to keep camp in the forefront of their minds. We have found that there are many people who are willing to help out if they are asked to do so, and we could definitely extend that invitation more easily if we were able to access more of those printed materials. 

Unfortunately, we do have to pick and choose which types of mailings we purchase and send out because our budget is usually tight…especially since walking through such an interesting couple years with COVID.

Fortunately, our camp was set up with a solid foundation to weather this type of storm and we are seeing our camper numbers and budgets bounce back to where they were prior to COVID.

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