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At BizWorld we believe that entrepreneurial education creates opportunities for lifelong success aiding students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to find career pathways and Opportunities for financial growth that promote social equity.

We print our students' booklets to accomplish our mission, event invitation, programs and annual reports to report the impact of our mission to the donors and supporters.


To measure the impact of our classroom programs, we ask our students to complete a multidimensional pre- and post-assessment that covers three main areas: knowledge and understanding of business concepts, 21st Century Skill development, and career preparedness. The results are incredible—98% of all classes show a positive increase in their student assessment scores after completing the program. Young and underserved students gain the most. Third grade students, on average, double their basic business and financial knowledge by participating in our program. Students from low-income schools (free/reduced lunch rates between 40-100%) make the largest gains in vocabulary, concept application, math, leadership, and creativity among others learned skills.

Educators value the BizWorld program and report positive impacts in their students—98% of teachers agree that the programs effectively teach students about business, entrepreneurship, and finance and connects academic content to the workplace. Eighty percent of educators who use our courses go on to implement them annually, allowing our project-based programs to become a critical component of their curricular plan. We publish all this information on our reports.

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For over 20 years, we have worked to inspire and educate youth through our entrepreneurship programs to help them develop real-world skills. By leveraging four key education principles—Design Thinking, Active Learning, Technology Integration, and STEM—we empower youth as they exercise 21st Century Skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

As we continue to lead the way in youth entrepreneurship education, we are fully committed to supporting the vision, passion, and commitment of aspiring young entrepreneurs. We believe the best way to prepare students for success is by giving them safe spaces where they can try, learn from their failures, and persist until they succeed. Key to this process is surrounding youth with mentors that they can identify with and support them along their journey. Together, we can inspire aspiring young entrepreneurs to harness the talents and vision to achieve the extraordinary!


We adapted all of our programs to on-line platforms to accommodate teachers, youth, and mentors during the pandemic.

Despite major disruptions in education over the last two school years, our classroom programs still reached 12,225 students (3,750 US students and 8,825 international students) during the school year with 51%of US students coming from low-income communities.

In 2020 we hosted our first BizWorldCONNECT classes as a summer camp course. Students joined two-week sessions for grades 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th designed to follow the BizWorld experience virtually. Elementary students created bracelets and sold them through a website, and middle school students designed apps to meet a challenge given to them.

We welcomed our second cohort of the YES! Program -Young Entrepreneur Success, empowering the next generation of young entrepreneurs as they launched their businesses!

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