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Global Arts Live

When the entire mission of the organization is about bringing people together to experience the thrill of live performance, not being able to host live performance is obviously detrimental to the organization. We can't wait to share live performances with our community again! The Conquest Graphics nonprofit 10% discount will help us in overcoming the losses of the past year and will help us prepare to reopen safely.

World Music Inc. dba Global Arts Live 

Global Arts Live uses print and direct mail for multiple purposes. We have both an established audience for our performances based in the greater Boston area, along with a need to continuously reach new audiences as our programming expands and grows. We send postcards to our patrons at various times throughout the year, sharing information about a performance we think they'd like based on their past buying history. We use overages to distribute at local retail outlets to reach new audiences. We print a variety of other print materials, as well. We print flyers to insert into ticket envelopes, letting patrons know of our refund and exchange policy (new this year as a response to Covid). We print larger format flyers and postcards to encompass multiple events of similar genres in one piece. We print a variety of branded items to distribute at our concerts to ensure that patrons know the Global Arts Live brand. These items range from pens and stickers, to ear buds and reusable bags.

We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our postcard mailings. We use a fairly comprehensive ticketing system/CRM software that allows us to pull mailing lists based on past buying history. For example, if you bought to a dance performance in the past, and we have a dance performance coming up, I can add you to a mail list and exclude anyone who has already bought a ticket to the upcoming performance. Then, after the performance, I can see if a ticket buyer was on that mail list that received the postcard to prove the success of the mailing. Admittedly, it's an imperfect system. That same patron likely received an email, sponsored social media posts, and retargeted display ads, but we still believe in the power of the print piece to cut through the clutter and to act as another touch point in the buying process. As long as we continue to see success in mailing, we'll continue to use print mail as a part of our marketing strategy.

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Global Arts Live brings the best international music, contemporary dance, and jazz from around the world to stages across Greater Boston. By putting the spotlight on artistic excellence from all corners of the globe and reflecting the diverse and vibrant community that is Boston, we aspire to transcend borders, cultivate community, and enrich lives. We can't believe it's been more than a year since we had to cancel 30 concerts due to the pandemic, but we're thankful to report that we've continued to support artists in new ways. In the past year, we presented over 20 streaming concerts featuring artists from 14 different countries. These concerts have reached more than 55,000 people in more than 40 countries across the world. This global response just proves what we've known all along--music knows no borders. While most of these concerts were free, donate-as-you-can, so those who had been hardest hit by Covid 19 could participate, we still managed to give over $50,000 directly to artists. As a concert promoter, we were the first to close during the Covid 19 pandemic and we are among the last to reopen and return at full capacity (in fact, we are only just preparing for a live, in-person return to our concerts this coming fall season)

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