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Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy

Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy 

Printed materials are key to helping us spread the word about our birds, education programs, and endangered species. During the summer, we offer a nature "duck camp" for kids in grades 3-8. In addition to social media promotions and email blasts, we send out ~3500 to 4500 EDDM postcards every year to advertise summer camp. This is our fourth year running camp, and third year sending out EDDM postcards. By selecting targeted postal routes, our camp went from half full to completely full with a waiting list in one year! Increasing attendance at camp and attracting new campers was an important goal for us. EDDM mailings are great because they allow us to reach postal patrons not on our mailing lists/database.

In addition to summer camp, we also use printed materials for our major fundraiser, the Annual Benefit. We send a save the date postcard, benefit committee letter, and invitation. Although we have moved towards digital donations/marketing in recent years, many of our donors still prefer to receive paper mail and send check contributions so sending information via mail is key to making sure we hit our attendance goals.

Lastly, we send an Annual Appeal mailing and Membership Drive mailing yearly. These newsletter-type mailings are geared towards appealing to readers and educating them about our mission. We also include updates on our birds, projects at the Conservancy, and upcoming events to keep our donors engaged. For example, our 2020 Annual Appeal was focused on the critically endangered Siberian Cranes that recently joined our flock. With only 3700 individuals left in the wild and 19 in captivity, they are the perfect example of why our mission is so important. Last year our Annual Appeal raised the most money we have this far, in an Annual Appeal. It would not have been possible without the mailing we sent out.

Ripley has between 2000-3500 visitors every year, including students, teachers, and members of the public. Many of them are inspired and return again and again. However, we are still a small organization and many local residents in the surrounding areas do not know about us. In order for us to continue our mission, we rely on print materials to keep spreading the word about the plight of endangered birds around the world.

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Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy is one of the largest collections of birds in North America, home to over 80 species, totaling 400 birds from around the world. A breeding facility focused on maintaining the genetic diversity of rare and endangered species, we offer direct access to and engagement with our leading-edge aviculturists, captivating educators, stunning rare birds and peaceful wetlands habitat.

Ripley is also an education center for the next generation of conservationists, focused on educating visitors of all ages on the importance of wildlife conservation through hands-on experiences with our waterfowl, their wetlands habitat, and our conservation programs. Our small but passionate team seeks to inspire all visitors to value and protect our planet and the biodiversity that lives here, because the future of human health and well-being depends on it.

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