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Nonprofit Grant Program

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk

Our marketing department provides media communications and marketing support to CCE. We are responsible for disseminating timely, accurate, and research-based information pertaining to the organization's mission, programs and accomplishments to the media and public. In accordance with the mission statement of Cornell Cooperative Extension, our purpose is to help individuals, families, and communities use knowledge to enhance the environment, strengthen families and communities, and increase economic development. This is achieved through school and community programs, publications, new technologies, media coverage and other means.

Cornell Cooperative Extension 

The educational system of the Extension enables people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work. Rooted in every county of the state, CCE translates Cornell University’s world-class research into practical, real-world knowledge that helps New York state residents, businesses and communities thrive. Print media is a trustworthy source to engage with our community.

While digital marketing is conveniently streamlined and enhances our campaign strategies, it is not successful in reaching all audiences and it can be easily modified or changed. Printed material is consistent, clear, accessible, and offers a more permanent solution to sharing data, resources and information with our target audience. In our digital world, especially enhanced by the events of the pandemic in 2020, screen time has become a sensitive area of attention to a lot of the population.

We are seeing more and more digital detoxing occurring in homes for the health and well being of our minds energy. Reading printed material has become a form of rest and separation from the mass, social media platforms. Advertising has completely overtaken our digital resources so it can be quite distracting to the message that is helpful and designed to be clear information for the reader.

We are seeing our incredible mission get lost in a stream of what may be irrelevant data. Most importantly at Cornell Cooperative Extension, we take pride in being accessible and available to absolutely everyone. Considering the variation and limitless support of our educational classes and resources it is imperative that no one gets left behind. With that being noted, all branding and marketing must be made clear with options made available for all learning and language abilities.

We understand that digital media offers tremendous benefit here and we are working with those modalities as well, however we must remain steadfast in offering tangible, printed material for the population that has not yet converted to paperless consumption.

Learn More About This Organization:

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) is a non-profit community education agency established in 1917. We are affiliated with Cornell University as part of the national land grant university system started in 1862. CCE Suffolk is a subordinate governmental agency with an educational mission that operates under a form of organization and administration approved by Cornell University as agent for the State of New York.

We are educators, researchers, specialists and support personnel who are dedicated to making Suffolk County a desirable place to live and work.

We have all felt the economic and social impact that the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has caused. Economic shortfalls are being felt across Suffolk County. Today, all of New York is being tested like never before. However, CCE-Suffolk's resolve has never been stronger. Across the state, our people are answering the call. Finding new ways to work and new ways to connect.

However, severe budget cuts are being felt across Long Island. Grants like this provide the support required to move forward with our mission.  The work of our team supports this organization in helping the region’s farmers, fishermen, families and youth through the challenging times ahead. Offering readership and accessible, printed media helps preserve our county's heritage, protect our ecosystems, support families and provide our youth opportunities for community service and research-based education.

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