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Key Features of a Corporate Print Portal

Features of a Corporate Print Portal

Corporate businesses and businesses alike know the value of time and how important it is that every aspect of their operations is as efficient as possible, even when ordering their printed materials.

A Corporate Print Portal is a streamlined, private solution for businesses to access their branded materials and download or place orders within seconds.

These portals are essentially hubs where digital assets, direct mail materials, promotional items, and print materials are stored for employees, departments, and locations to obtain the materials they need whenever and wherever.

Corporate Print Portals have many benefits, including enhanced efficiency, brand protection, and reduced costs. Let’s take a look at the key features of Print Portals to find out why more and more businesses are taking advantage of them.

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Features of a Corporate Print Portal

Centralized Management

Corporate Print Portal

Print Portals offer a centralized hub for managing all corporate materials. Everything is done within your Corporate Print Portal, from managing who has access to your portal, what materials they can order, and how many to managing design assets and billing. You can even control your portal interface's appearance, including the colors, images, messaging, and branding, so that everything aligns with your corporate identity.

Streamlined Ordering

Rather than contacting the design or marketing team for branded assets, users can simply access your portal, choose the pre-approved materials or assets they need, and place an order in seconds. Their order will then be printed and sent out, eliminating the need for your internal team to take time to locate design files and order and distribute the materials.

Supports Multiple Locations

A Print Portal is a single source for your entire corporation's branded assets. It is private to just your organization, where users can log in, access, and order the materials they need. Whether your West Coast or East Coast location needs to place an order, they access the same portal and receive the same quality or product, same pricing, and consistent branded design.

If your organization onboards a new location or employee, providing access to your corporate portal is easy. All you need to do is provide the unique URL to your portal, where they can then create an account using your company domain, ensuring access is granted only to internal users.

Customized Brand Templates

Corporate Brand Templates For Consistent Branding

Some materials may need to be customized to accommodate employee contact information or location-specific information. A Corporate Print Portal has built-in brand templates that can be customized in real time while locking in branding. For example, an employee ordering business cards can type in their name and phone number, and these personalized elements will be automatically formatted and placed correctly to align with your brand guidelines. Everything from the capitalization of email addresses and typeface to font size, color, and placement remains intact.

Suppose a specific location needs to customize the address, website URL, or image on a postcard. In that case, they can easily fill out their information or select the correct details for their location via a dropdown to eliminate the risk of typos.

Consistent Corporate Branding

Your brand represents your company's identity and how your audience perceives it, which means it needs to be protected and remain consistent across all assets, no matter how many locations you have.

Corporate Print Portals lock-in branding, ensuring every digital asset, direct mail material, print material, signage, and promotional item is on brand. Even if you update your logo and colors or completely rebrand, all you have to do is update the designs within your print portal. Your entire corporation then has access to the brand-approved materials they need.

Consistency goes beyond design. The product specifications also remain consistent, including paper weight, coating configuration, apparel colors, and size of printed materials.

Print On Demand

Corporate Print Portals for On Demand Printing

Corporations don't have time to track which employees need new business cards, which departments need new apparel, or which locations need new signage. With a Print Portal in place, they don't need to. Users can order on their own when they need to. This reduces wasted resources and storage costs and ensures everyone within your corporation only has the materials they need.

No matter where they are located, users can quickly access the portal, 24/7, wherever there is internet access, and download or place orders when needed.

Inventory Management

Corporate print portals are for more than just on-demand printing. Your portal provider can print in bulk and inventory regularly ordered materials, reducing the price per piece and speeding up the delivery time. You will even get notifications when inventory is low to request a reorder quickly. Users can order materials just like on-demand materials while eliminating the time it takes to print and receive their materials quicker.

Consistent Pricing & Flexible Billing

Many corporate businesses have multiple locations and multiple vendors producing their branded collateral for each location. By using multiple vendors, you not only risk inconsistent branding but also face inconsistent pricing. With a Print Portal in place, one vendor handles everything, ensuring the same price for business cards, apparel, catalogs, and more, no matter who is ordering or where they are located.

In addition, how your organization pays for its materials is determined by you. For example, you can require credit card payment by each user at check out or set up terms to pay later.

Reporting & Analytics

Private Print Portals for Corporations

Gaining insight into who is ordering what, how many items they are ordering, and when is essential for understanding what branded assets you need, which could be improved, and where your spending is being allocated. With a Corporate Print Portal, you gain insights into this information, including who visits your portal and how often.

Private & Secure Interface

Some corporate materials may include confidential information that needs to be protected from external individuals or even specific employees. Print Portals are only accessible to your corporation, so private documents, business cards, mailing lists, and even promotional items are secure. For any asset that can only be accessed by specific individuals, you can set rules so these items are protected and only available for those they are intended for.

Taking Advantage of a Corporate Print Portal

Print Portals are an essential solution for corporate businesses and businesses alike. The ability to streamline the ordering and managing of branded assets, ensure consistent branding, and streamline processes for enhanced efficiency are crucial for running seamless and successful operations.

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