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How to Manage Marketing Materials for Many Employees

How to manage marketing materials for many employees. 
When you have many employees or even several locations, you know that managing efficiently becomes even more important to make sure operations are running smoothly. Not to mention as your business starts growing, marketing collateral begins to pile up as new ideas start flowing. This growth is tremendous but can be hectic to manage.

What is if there was an easier way that saved you time and money?

Solutions like Ordering Portals can help make the process of managing and ordering marketing materials faster, cheaper, and easier.

What is an Ordering Portal?

An Ordering Portal, or Web-to-Print Software, is a custom-built, from the ground up, online storefront that meets the needs of your business.

Imagine every marketing material, design asset and more, that your company uses, is located within one simple interface for you and your employees to order easily and quickly. Now imagine never having to worry about consistent branding and wasting money on employees ordering unnecessary materials. All of this and more, can be accomplished when using an Ordering Portal 

How Can a Portal Help With Brand Management?

Brand management is the process of ensuring that your brand is not only consistent but delivers an ongoing positive value and experience to those who engage with it.

Portals for All  Your Marketing 

Every company knows how important brand management is, yet many lack the tools to efficiently achieve it. When you work hard to create the perfect name, logo, design, customer relationships and everything that is the identity of your company, brand management becomes just as crucial to your business as the first day your brand was launched. That is why you should utilize the tools available, like an Ordering Portal, to manage your brand in the most effective, efficient, and affordable way possible.

With an Ordering Portal your printed marketing materials, direct mailers, digital assets, and promotional items have your branding in place, with the exact design, size, colors, paper stock, and more. This ensures that no matter who receives your marketing, whether they are across the country or next door, they experience the exact same valuable message that your brand has to offer.

Companies who offer Ordering Portals, like Conquest Graphics, also know that as your business grows your brand may as well. That is why not only do portals provide brand consistency, but they make it easier than ever to upload new designs so your branded marketing materials can easily grow along with your business.

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How Can a Portal Help With User Management?

When you have multiple employees or locations, it is tricky to keep track of who is using certain materials, how many materials and if they are using the right guidelines that you have in place for your brand. Not to mention logo files may be stored in one folder, business card templates are in another, and all marketing assets become lost and time consuming for each employee to locate.

With the user management aspect of an Ordering Portal, you can control access to every marketing material, view previous orders, and approve pending jobs before they get produced.

Those who have access is controlled completely by you, and as your company changes and grows, you can easily scale who has access and even allow supervisors to gain control access as well. Several capabilities that allow you to have the control you desire, include:

  • Limit access to products based on company needs and/or by employee roles.
  • Set manger approval requirements on certain orders.
  • Allow chosen supervisors to see and/or manage all orders by employee.
  • Restrict new hires from placing orders based on certain credentials.
  • Gain access to monthly volume reports
  • Track when orders are placed and when they are delivered.

Going back to brand management, within an Ordering Portal you can even allow employees to change certain information, including names and contact information on business cards, while still ensuring branding is in place. This is one of many time-saving abilities of a Portal. Job titles and phone numbers vary by employee, but your brands typeface, design placements and more, do not.

Easily Manage all Marketing Materials

Solutions like Ordering Portals were created to handle all your marketing materials along with effortless management.

Protect your brand with web-to-print software 

Printed Materials

Your companies printed marketing materials are so important for you gaining and retaining customers. That is why business cards, brochures, pocket folders, letterhead, posters and more, can easily be managed within your Portal. With many employees or multiple locations, you can manage how many each location orders and set controls for what materials and how many each employee and department can order.

You can also enable new employees to order their own materials. For example, they can have business cards ready to hand out, while keeping branding intact and only ordering the set amount you allow them too.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing has one of the highest ROI compared to other marketing strategies like online advertising. Which means making sure your direct mail campaign is consistent with your regulations is crucial for success.

Within your Portal, you can house all direct mail materials like postcards, newsletters, and catalogs along with mail lists and Every Door Direct Mail materials. You can quickly and easily access your lists and materials to change designs, locations, contacts and more. While also controlling access to how many times employees mail materials out and when.

Digital Assets 

Digital Assets

Digital assets play a big role in your marketing. Your printed materials and direct mail pieces all have a digital design. Which means if you add materials to your marketing collateral or change sizes or styles, all digital assets need to be changed as well. Not only does a Portal help to keep your design in place but it also allows you to easily change out old designs for new ones. This means you never have to wait for a team to distribute new assets or help employees upload the new art.

Everything from logos for web use, printable PDFs, digital catalogs, and more can all be easily managed when using the power of an Ordering Portal.

Inventory and Fulfillment

From this one simple interface, everything you need from designs, business cards, catalogs, banners, promotional items and more can be quickly managed and effortlessly ordered. You simply manage designs and employees can order and the rest is taken care of. When your Ordering Portal provider has an in-house mailing center, fulfillment and inventory services, your materials are taken care of with speed and affordability.

Fulfillment Services 

You can manage what items and how many items you would like inventoried so that they are ready to go as soon as you or an employee presses “place order.”

Utilizing an Ordering Portal is extremely beneficial and allows you to effortlessly take complete control of your companies marketing materials. Watch our Ordering Portal video below to learn more or schedule a free 10-minute demo today! We look forward to giving you a full tour of what you can expect within your Ordering Portal.

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