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Streamline Your Marketing with A Web-to-Print Portal

Streamline Your Marketing with a Web to Print Portal

Streamlining your marketing process is essential as it provides a simpler and quicker way to introduce your business to a new audience, create stronger customer relationships, and launch new campaigns to generate more revenue.

Certain marketing efforts like print advertising and direct mail marketing are often viewed as having too many manual steps. However, these channels can also be streamlined, thanks to Web-to-Print Portals.

Read further to discover what a Web-to-Print Portal is, its benefits, and how you can streamline your marketing thanks to its workflow automation.

What is a Web-to-Print Portal?

A Web-to-Print Portal is an innovative online platform that empowers businesses to order, customize, and manage a wide range of printed materials efficiently. Web-to-Print Portals ensure consistent branding, save valuable time, and reduce costs by streamlining the entire printing process within a user-friendly interface. This innovative solution simplifies marketing workflows, allowing companies to seamlessly manage their print needs and maintain control over their brand identity.

Web to Print Portals for Streamlined Marketing

Essentially, a Web-to-Print Portal is a centralized online hub for your company's sales and marketing assets, making them easily accessible and customizable for your team. Employees can personalize information such as contact or location info on materials while maintaining your brand's identity, ensuring a consistent appearance across all assets regardless of if you have multiple locations or brands.

By partnering with a print and direct mail provider that offers a Web-to-Print Portal, you can streamline your marketing efforts through efficient project fulfillment.

Key features of a Web-to-Print Portal include:

  • Customizable design templates: Enable employees to modify specific information while adhering to brand guidelines.
  • Online proofing and approval: Expedite the ordering process with instant previews and confirmations.
  • Inventory management and tracking: Monitor stock levels and distribution.
  • Brand protection: Guarantee consistency across all branded assets, regardless of if you have several locations or brands.
  • Easy reordering: Quickly reorder past projects with a single click.
  • Multi-device and location access: Use the portal from any device with internet access.
  • 24/7 availability: Place orders, check statuses, manage assets, view order history, and more anytime.
  • User management: Control access, permissions, and order capabilities for individual employees or by the department.
  • Approval notifications: Require approval sign-off before orders are processed.
  • Budget management: Set limits for how many items each user can order and receive billing updates.
  • Flexible billing options: Choose between credit card payments and invoicing or both based on each user, location, or department.
  • Support for various printing methods: Accommodate print-on-demand and pre-printed or inventoried items.

Benefits of Using a Web-to-Print Portal to Streamline Your Marketing

Increased Efficiency Through Workflow Automation

A Web-to-Print Portal increases efficiency by streamlining the printing process, optimizing workflows, and providing more control over brand management.

Online Web to Print Ordering Portal

By consolidating all print and marketing assets into a single, user-friendly online platform, Web-to-Print Portals eliminate the need to coordinate with multiple vendors. This simplification of the ordering process provides a one-stop solution for accessing, personalizing, ordering, and managing branded materials, allowing your team to focus on other essential business objectives.

Web-to-Print Portals also feature instant proofing and approval capabilities, allowing for quick reviews and project adjustments before printing. This minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring efficient time and resources.

Additionally, Web-to-Print Portals allow 24/7 access from any location, empowering employees to access and place orders conveniently. This flexibility reduces delays and enhances productivity.

Ensures Consistent Branding

With customizable design templates built into your Web to Print Portal, users can personalize materials while maintaining brand guidelines. This reduces the need for professional design services and eliminates costly design errors.

In addition, by streamlining your branded elements within your portal, you maintain consistent branding across all materials, including printed advertisements, direct mail, promotional items, and digital assets. This leads to better brand recognition, which increases customer trust and loyalty.

On-Demand Printing, Inventory Fulfillment, & Reduced Waste

On-demand printing through a Web-to-Print Portal eliminates waste due to printing more than you need. This leads to tremendous cost savings and a more eco-friendly approach to your print advertising. You can efficiently manage and track inventory levels to avoid stock shortages or overstocking by reducing excess inventory and associated storage costs.

Essentially, you can order materials as needed rather than printing in bulk and risking the need to throw out obsolete materials.

Increased Revenue

Streamlining your marketing through a Web-to-Print Portal increases business revenue by enhancing efficiency, improving marketing effectiveness, and ensuring brand consistency.

Increase In Revenue with a Web to Print Portal

Here are a few ways a Web-to-Print Portal can increase your revenue:

  • Faster marketing: By streamlining the printing process, you can quickly create and distribute more marketing campaigns that increase sales.
  • Consistent branding: By ensuring consistent branding across all sales and marketing materials, you generate better brand recognition, customer trust, and ultimately increased revenue.
  • Reduces costs: Web-to-Print Portals offer amazing cost savings through efficient inventory management and ordering, print-on-demand services, and reduced design expenses. This creates savings that your company can use in other revenue-generating marketing campaigns.
  • Scalability: Because all branded assets are stored in one place, they easily accommodate your business's growth allowing you to quickly expand your marketing efforts, expand your locations, rebrand, and reach new audiences without significant resources and energy so you can begin generating new sales rapidly.

Examples of Streamlined Marketing with a Web-to-Print Portal

Franchise Marketing Made Easy

Web-to-Print Portals simplify marketing campaigns for franchises. By granting franchisees access to the portal, they can efficiently order and manage campaign materials tailored to their local area, ensuring timely execution and brand consistency. New franchisees can expedite the launch process by ordering grand opening materials such as flyers, signage, posters, and employee uniforms, allowing your franchise to grow and thrive quickly.

Direct Mail Campaign Efficiency

Web-to-Print Portals enable marketing teams to streamline direct mail campaigns by offering essential materials like postcards, catalogs, brochures, and custom mail list builders. Users can create mailing lists based on target demographics, utilize the EDDM mapping tool, or upload their mailing lists within the portal. With printing and mailing services housed under one roof, your direct mail materials are delivered efficiently and promptly.

Branded Trade Show Marketing Materials Made Easy with a Web to Print Portal

Trade Show Preparation

Employees need the right materials to promote your brand at trade shows effectively. Storing trade show and event assets such as table tents, banners, business cards, brochures, and promotional merchandise in your Web-to-Print Portal provides your team with a convenient way to access and order what they need, ensuring a successful event experience.

Onboarding New Employees

Integrating new employees can be time-consuming, especially when providing them with business cards and familiarizing them with brand guidelines. With a Web-to-Print Portal, new employees can access pre-approved, brand-compliant materials and quickly order personalized business cards and other assets, streamlining the onboarding process.

How to Implement a Web-to-Print Portal in Your Marketing Strategy

Getting Started with the Right Provider

To take advantage of a Web-to-Print Portal, it's crucial to choose a portal provider that ensures smooth implementation and user experience. Start by scheduling a demo to explore what the provider offers. Select a provider specializing in design, print, and direct mail services for a seamless and efficient Web-to-Print Portal experience. Look for high-quality products, competitive pricing, and a team of experts ready to support you and your users throughout the process.

Consistent Branding With a Web to Print Portal

Maintaining Consistent Branding & Quality Across All Assets

A Web-to-Print Portal promotes brand consistency across your organization, regardless of the number of employees or locations. Provide your portal provider with accurate designs for all sales and marketing assets you wish to include. To maximize brand consistency, consider incorporating all essential materials, such as direct mail, promotional items, signage, and common materials like business cards and stationery.

Enhancing User Experience

After setting up your Web-to-Print Portal according to your specifications, share access with your designated users. Your portal provider will supply a unique URL for your team to access and order approved materials. To facilitate a smooth transition, take advantage of your provider's support tools and resources. In addition, to live chat support for real-time assistance, your provider may:

  • Reach out to users via email, offering step-by-step guidance.
  • Create a customized PDF with instructions for accessing and using the portal.

Equipping your users with the necessary tools and resources to effectively use your Web-to-Print Portal will ensure your company maximizes time and cost savings while streamlining marketing processes.


In today's fast-paced marketing landscape, it's essential to streamline marketing processes, including your print and direct mail efforts. This will ensure an easier and quicker way for you to launch campaigns that introduce your business to new audiences, strengthen your customer relationships, and ultimately generate more revenue faster.

While streamlined workflow automation for digital marketing is extremely common, successful businesses now streamline their print and direct mail marketing efforts thanks to Web-to-Print Portals.

Streamlining your marketing through a custom-built online Web-to-Print Portal can increase efficiency, ensure consistent branding, reduce waste, save money, and increase revenue.

If you're interested in streamlining your marketing with a Web-to-Print Portal, click below to schedule a 10-minute demo with one of our portal experts today.

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