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10 Best Print Marketing Materials to Increase Sales

Best Print Marketing Materials

Print marketing materials are the perfect tools for making good first impressions, strengthening customer relationships, and delivering a message that your audience will actually engage with, which all translates into higher revenue. In addition, they are tangible, avoid digital clutter, and are trusted, making them the ideal addition to any marketing strategy.

However, depending on your goals, one printed material may work better than another in generating revenue.

Read further to find out the best types of marketing materials and when you should use them.

What Are Print Marketing Materials?

Print marketing materials are branded physical items used to promote your products, services, or business. These items include brochures, custom signs, catalogs, direct mail materials, and so on.

These materials aim to deliver a specific message that gets your audience to respond. For example, a retail store might mail out a postcard with a promo code to encourage their audience to make a purchase. A restaurant may set up table tents to persuade customers to add an appetizer to their order.

Top 10 Print Marketing Materials to Boost Sales

1. Catalogs

While more expensive than a postcard or brochure, catalogs have proven to increase sales more than any other material or marketing effort. For example, companies adding catalogs to their marketing efforts can expect a 15% lift in sales.

These multi-page print materials offer longer engagement time, higher conversion rates, and enhanced brand awareness.

Catalogs offer a large canvas for highlighting your most profitable products or services and an effective tool for giving your audience a glimpse into who your company is.

2. Postcards

Did you know direct mail recipients spend 28% more money than people who don't receive that same direct mail piece? It's true, and postcards are one of the most successful and cost-effective printed marketing materials to take advantage of direct mail. Postcards are so cost-effective that even services like postcard commingling allow you to print and mail as few postcards as you'd like for less than $1 per postcard.

Postcards are an ideal print material if you're on a budget, have a short message you want to deliver, or just want to promote a specific product, service, or sale.

Plus, direct mail marketing services like Proximity Mailing, Look-Alike Analysis, or custom mailing lists can help you send your postcards to a new targeted audience so you can guarantee the best ROI possible and increase your customer base.

Make sure to keep your postcard message short and intriguing to grab your recipients' attention.

3. Business Cards

Business cards are essential and powerful print materials for all businesses. Your brand is perceived as professional and trustworthy when you have business cards.

Providing your team with quality business cards can even increase your sales by 2.5%. This is because business cards ensure potential and returning customers have your information when they need it, and they help build strong brand awareness and customer relationships.

The worst answer to "Do you have a business card?" is "I don't have one on me," so it's a good idea to regularly print your business cards to ensure your team always has some on hand.

Business cards are one of the most important print marketing materials because when you hand someone a business card, it tells them that you're always prepared and gives them a clue as to how organized and high-quality your brand is.

4. Advertising Signs

Advertising signs like banners, wall decals, window clings, yard signs, and posters are the perfect marketing materials for business growth. This is because advertising signs draw attention to your message while delivering valuable information about your brand to anyone who passes by.

Because there are many different types of advertising signs, you can increase your sales even more by using multiple signs. For example, if your retail store is looking to promote a sale, use a banner near your entrance, window clings on your storefront windows, and posters and ceiling danglers throughout the interior of your store. This will ensure your message has enough exposure to drive people to act.

5. Brochures

Because brochures are affordable and come in various styles, every business can use them to inform their audience about their products, services, and brand.

Brochures are effective print marketing materials that give your audience more detailed information about your company. For example, suppose you're at an event and only have a few seconds to communicate with potential customers or business partners. In that case, a brochure allows you to share a more in-depth look into your business through print that they can keep to view when it's convenient for them.

Brochures are also very effective as location-specific print marketing materials. Whether you use them as menus to promote your restaurant in a local neighborhood, as informational pieces to introduce your business, as an event brochure to invite people to a local event, or as a charity brochure to encourage potential donors to participate, brochures are a great tool for increasing sales, engagement, and responses.

6. Promotional Products

Promotional products, like branded mugs, pens, apparel, eco-friendly tote bags, or phone cases, are held on to for extended periods of time, making them a great marketing material to skyrocket sales.

People also enjoy receiving these items as they are useful and thoughtful. When you give your audience a branded promotional product, they and anyone they are in contact with will gain exposure to your brand.

Promo items are perfect for handing out at tradeshows and events or to customers as a gift when they spend a certain amount. By doing so, you build stronger connections while enhancing brand awareness.

7. Presentation Folders

Presenting your customers and prospects with a stack of papers, brochures, business cards, and other print materials can be overwhelming. However, including these materials, whether pricing information, case studies, data sheets, flyers, or contracts, in a custom presentation folder, will ensure that the documents stay organized, aren't damaged, and are easy for your recipient to hold on to.

Beyond holding your sales and marketing materials, when you include your logo and other brand elements within your pocket folder design, you have a better chance at building strong brand awareness. Plus, customers can use these folders to hold different materials in the future.

Presentation folders can be brought to conferences and face-to-face client meetings, and they can be used within your organization for training materials or as office supplies to be used within your office space.

8. Promotional Birthday Cards

Wishing your audience a happy birthday is the ultimate way to increase your sales. It builds better brand awareness and strong customer loyalty and helps your brand stand out.

You can even automate your birthday mailings so that each month, birthday cards with a special offer are automatically sent to individuals who have birthdays that month. You can even add personalization, like your recipients' names, to increase your response rates by 135%.

Remember to add a gift like a discount code or free offer when taking advantage of these print marketing materials. This will make your audience feel even more special and give them more of a reason to purchase.

9. Door Hangers

Typically seen during elections, door hangers aren't just for politicians to share their goals.

Door hangers are the perfect print marketing materials for lawn care companies, car washes, home service companies, realtors, restaurants, and any other business that wants to promote their message in a local area.

These low-cost materials offer the perfect canvas for displaying a quick message, offer, and information about your company. The best part is they are impossible to ignore, ensuring that your message is seen.

10. Thank You Cards

Letting customers know that you appreciate their business lets them know that you care about them, and doing so in tangible print is the ultimate gesture. It helps build strong relationships and encourages repeat business.

Thank you cards can be sent as simple post-meeting mailers to clients, after a customer makes their first purchase, or they can serve multiple other functions like thank you notes for donors or holiday greetings to top customers.

Thank you cards aren't just for customers either. Showing gratitude to your prospects for attending a demo or for considering your product or service in their search is a kind gesture that can go a long way. But it takes more than just being polite. Ensuring your thank you card stands out from the rest and includes some kind of incentive is essential to increase the chance that the prospect will become a customer.

Which Print Materials for Marketing Should You Use?

Like any marketing campaign, successful print marketing isn't just a one-off strategy. It's a combination of multiple touchpoints. So, just a catalog might work for your goals, but you can set up stages where your catalog corresponds with other printed materials and digital efforts to gain the best results.

Essentially, you want to use your printed messages so that your brand stays top of mind through the various stages of the buying process.

For example, say you're attending a trade show. Your custom signs should attract potential customers to your booth. From there, you can provide a business card and brochure to make a great first impression. Then, send a follow-up email and catalog to share more details about your business. Finally, send them a postcard with a discount code to persuade them to take action.

Ultimately, the printed materials you choose should align with your marketing goals and budget.

Increase Sales with the Right Print Marketing Materials

Print marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads, increase sales, build strong customer relationships, and exceed marketing goals. Plus, printed marketing materials work across various industries, so every business can take advantage of print marketing.

Using a trusted print company can help you improve your ROI even more by driving down costs, providing high-quality materials that get results, improving consistency, and providing experienced assistance so you can always meet your goals and budget.

Still unsure about which print materials are best for you? Feel free to give us a call at 800-707-9903 or click below to discover the most popular materials for your specific industry.

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