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Using a Brand Portal for Consistent Brand Delivery


In today’s ever-changing world, businesses are becoming more advanced every day. It is pivotal for companies to stay ahead of their competition. This can be done through how they market their brand.

To become successful, organizations must practice the best marketing techniques. In doing so, they will develop a strong brand identity.

Recently, there have been tools developed to make it easier to have better marketing. These tools were developed in the late ’90s as e-commerce became more popular.

What is a "brand portal?"

There are many terms for these marketing tools. Terms like “web-to-print portal,” “brand portal,” and “marketing portal,” are just a few. Portals are a convenient and effortless way to keep track of the items you order most.

A marketing portal helps your brand keep orders across the organization consistent. Visual consistency is key for printed products that will represent your brand publicly. Having a portal allows you to store all your branded content in one place.

Conquest Graphics marketing portals provide a unique solution since they are built in-house. Each portal we produce is designed to meet all the specific marketing needs of a client. This empowers each brand to have control in customizable ways. Other portal providers simply can not provide this custom tailored experience.

Unlike other portal providers, we allow you to add an unlimited number of products. All your products can then be managed by your business leaders through the portal.

Our portals can handle all types of marketing essentials such as:

  • Printed materials
  • Direct mail
  • Logos and digital (downloadable) assets
  • Promotional products
  • and much more (we even allow you to access tracking information on your inventory)

Manage digital assets with ease

Our portals also make it easier for you to manage digital assets for your brand. Digital assets like logo files, web graphics and even social media posts can be on your portal. This can ensure your brand voice is across all fronts.

Now that you know a little more about our portals, you may be wondering, “Why is this an important tool for my brand?” The answer is simple.


Brand consistency. Our portals are important because they ensure every order meets your visual standards. Since we are familiar with your brand guidelines, we will make sure of it. This guarantees consistent visual branding. It also makes placing orders an easy and consistent experience.

The easiest way to manage your visual branding

Brand management is essential in e-commerce. Control over your brand allows you to have better control of your marketing media. Our portals  give you access to all your most frequently ordered products in a single dashboard. This makes placing future orders for the same products fast and easy.

Our portal dashboards empower you to set yourself apart from the competition. In the process, you will gain new insight into your custom, unique brand experience.

Another unique feature of brand portals is how easy you can edit and manage your products. Portals are easy to use because they add the ability to control who has access to the portal and what it holds. The portal features can make customizing and editing your branding materials super easy. Our brand portals offer design tools making it a simple task to change the look of your brand.

All the power of modern print technology with good ole fashioned reliability

All these design tools allow for personalization, but keep standardization in place for other aspects. Building your brand identity has never been simpler. With website content, landing pages, and marketing techniques all in one place, you can mold your brand into whatever you would like.

You can edit and apply changes to your site branding quickly and easily through our web content management tools.

Whether you are a local or global brand, the use of a portal makes distributing new products a breeze.

Brand portals allow distinct permissions for users, such as view, edit, and create.

For any company to have success, communication is critical. This includes internal and external communication. With a brand portal you can manage both with ease.

A portal will allow its users to place repeat purchases with ease. This can create dedicated investors within your portal who provide a steady stream of income for your brand.

Showing your employees you're listening is extremely important. Brand portals allow you to streamline feedback to become easier than ever before. By increasing the sharing of ideas in your organization, your brand will improve.

Professionally managed data security

Portal owners can also feel at ease with the security of their brand portal. This guarantees brand assets don't leak from your organization. A brand portal by Conquest Graphics can be used as a secure method of sharing information.

Portals are one of the safest ways for a company to deliver its identity across many media types.

Setting up a demo

Portals on Screen

At Conquest Graphics, we offer brand portal demos to make sure portals are a good fit for your company. A demo gives you an inside look at how to navigate through the portal. You'll also see the many possibilities for distributing your marketing materials.

Brand portal demos are easy to set up through our website. In the short span of a demo, you will become familiar with our portals. This can take as little as ten minutes with the help of our customer service members! Our demos allow you to picture the future for your brand. They can also show you how easy it can be to build and maintain brand identity with such a simple tool.

You can schedule a demo with us by navigating through our website to the portal page. Once there, you can set a date and time that works for you and we will then contact you and get your demo set up.

We can help you every step of the way if you like, or we can take a hands off approach. No mater what we'll make sure your portal is set up in a way that benefits you. We will even help manage your content to make sure it fits what your company needs.

Once a business is able to deliver their brand with consistency, it can become a leader in its class. But before this can happen, it needs to take steps to become more organized so it can balance ideation and reality.

Fortunately, this can all be done easily with the use of a brand portal through Conquest Graphics.

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