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5 Advertising Sign Ideas to Grow Your Business

Advertising Sign Ideas to Grow Your Business

Advertising signs are an important part of business growth. They promote your business, draw attention to your brand, and deliver valuable information about your business.

Yet, there is a lot to consider when it comes to creating advertising signs that generate results.

While sign design is important to consider, there are multiple other factors that are needed to make a successful advertising sign, including choosing the right type of sign for your advertising message.

To make the process easier, we have included 5 advertising sign ideas you can use that guarantee tremendous business growth.

1. Make You Brand’s Identity Stand Out

Your brand’s identity is so important, and you need your sign to represent your brand.

Advertising sign ideas to make your brand stand out.

By using brand identifiers like logos, colors, and slogans, and placing them front and center within your sign design, you can effectively make your brand stand out, build better brand awareness, and essentially attract more customers to your brand.

No matter what type of sign you use, whether an indoor or outdoor sign, your sign needs to align with your brand so prospects and customers know who the message is coming from and so they can begin putting your brand top of mind.

It’s also important to achieve brand consistency so you can achieve steady business growth. In every advertising sign you create, including banners, posters, yard signs, and window clings, make sure your branding is included and is included consistently. The more someone sees your brand, the more they become aware of your business and the larger your customer base will grow.

2. Use Your Sign's Setting to Your Advantage

Setting plays a significant role when it comes to advertising signs. Consider where your sign will live, how it will appear in its space, and how people will read and respond to it in its surroundings.

Based on your sign’s setting, you will need to ensure that your message is legible from multiple distances and readable in its setting’s specific lighting and surrounding colors. Also, to optimize your advertising sign, make sure the location of your sign is free from any obstructions like poles, tree branches, etc., that may deter the visibility of your sign

3. Go Large and Go Small

Large and small advertising signs to grow your business.

You advertise to get your message out and to bring customers in. This means the more you advertise, the more customers you will attract.

So, don’t just use one banner or a few table tents, instead, advertise your message using multiple types of signs.

For example, if you’re a real estate agent promoting an open house, place directional signs down the street and at the entrance of the neighborhood as well as a yard sign and banner in the front yard of the house for sale.

Or if you’re promoting your restaurant, place a banner out front, a feather flag near the road, a window decal, a poster sign inside, and table tents on each table.

4. Design Your Advertising Sign Effectively

When designing your advertising sign, consider these design ideas to help you generate better business growth:

Always Include a Call to Action

Your advertising sign should prompt an immediate response from your audience so you can effectively grow your customer base. And to do this, you need a call to action that encourages your audience to act right away.

This could include large text on your banner promoting a sale, or URL on your poster for you audience to visit your website to redeem a coupon, or the words “open house” along with an arrow directing your viewers on a real estate sign.

Eye-Catching Directional Signage Design

Use Large Text

Whether you’re designing a larger advertising sign like a banner, poster sign, or wall sign, or designing a smaller one like a yard sign or table tent, you need to use large text, and even larger text for the most essential information, so your message reads loud and clear from close up and far away.

You also need to make sure your text aligns with your branding and is easy to read. Try to stay away from cursive or other fancy fonts that may negatively affect readability.

Include Visuals

For most advertising signs, your message will generate better results when images or graphics are included within your sign design.

Use visuals that correspond to your signs message, your brand, and images that relate to your specific audience.

Use Bold Colors

Advertising signs, like posters, banners, ground signs, and more, that include bold colors are sure to get noticed.

Using bold colors in your advertising sign to grow your business.

You can use multiple bold colors for a bright colorful experience or just one bold color with black and white to add a pop of color that grabs your audience's attention and highlights a certain area of your sign.

It’s important to remember, however, that before you choose your color pallet for your sign design, consider what colors evoke a certain feeling you want your audience to feel. For example, yellow can evoke happiness, blue is inviting and serene while purple is luxurious.

It’s also very important that before you choose your bold colors, you need to consider your brand’s colors. For example, if your brand colors are green and orange, a purple and pink sign unless for a specific reason, won’t align with your brand’s identity.

Always Include Contrast

When you are choosing your colors for your advertising sign, you also need to remember contrast.

Contrast in your sign when used correctly will attract more peoples’ attention while increasing readability and visibility.

5. Choose the Type of Sign That Compliments Your Message

Types of advertising signs that will help you grow your business.

There are so many different types of advertising signs to choose from, and each has its own benefits and purpose. This means you need to choose the right type of sign to market your message.

Here are a few advertising signs you can take advantage of in your next marketing campaign to successfully grow your business.

Banners - Promote a big sale, a grand opening, or big event with a large vinyl banner.

Yard Signs - Yard signs are perfect for advertising a house for sale, an open house, a political campaign, that you’re hiring, to promote your lawncare business and so much more.

Posters - Posters come in a variety of sizes and materials and can advertise virtually any message you may have. Try placing your poster in a frame to add an extra touch to your advertisement.

Window Decals - Advertise your hours of operation, your daily specials, a big sale, and more with a window decal.

Wall Signs - Wall signs come in many different sizes and materials and can be placed indoors or on the exterior of your business to advertise your message effectively.

Ceiling Danglers - Ceiling danglers hang from the ceiling of your business to grab your audiences’ eye. If you’re in the retail industry, try using a ceiling dangler to promote your most profitable product and hang it above that product display.

Table Tents - Advertise your happy hour, your rewards program, and more with a table tent.

Get Started on Your Advertising Sign Idea

Now that you have been introduced to different advertising sign ideas, along with some types of signs and their advertising purpose, it’s time to choose the right type of sign for your advertising message!

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