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Data-Driven Solutions to Accomplish & Exceed Your Goals

Data-driven solutions to accomplish and exceed your goals.

Data-driven marketing solutions have transformed the way marketers succeed. In fact, businesses in today’s marketing world have found that understanding and leveraging data has led them to accomplishing and exceeding their goals. While the other companies who shied away from data, are left in the dust.

Data opens the door to an array of opportunities, including converting website traffic, closing more business, gaining more leads and customers, and so much more. Why wouldn’t a business want to harness the power of a data-driven marketing solution?

What is a Data-Driven Solution?

A data-driven solution or data-driven marketing is a hyper-focused method of marketing that uses data acquired through customer interactions or third parties to pinpoint and gain a better understanding into consumers intentions, preferences and more. Data-driven solutions help businesses advance their marketing strategies which results in an increased customer base and higher ROI.

With data-driven solutions you are able to target consumers likely to act on your products or services, tap into data analysis—customers, website visitors, data appends to data you have, etc.— and integrate online and offline marketing to convert your web traffic and increase your leads.

Why is Data Important?

Data-driven solutions to accomplish and exceed your goals. 

Marketing in today’s world is challenging. Algorithms keep changing, digital clutter is everywhere, ad blockers are becoming more intelligent, privacy concerns are climbing, and so much more. This change has called for marketers to keep up with emerging trends to cut through noise, get noticed and attract new customers.

This emerging trend is data-driven marketing, making it important for marketers to utilize the benefits that data can provide.

Data can help in multiple ways including integrating online and offline marketing, targeting consumers likely to act on your specific product or service, analyzing and leveraging data found through your customers, website visitors, etc.

How Does Data-Driven Solutions Work?

Through advanced Identity Graph techniques, data-driven solutions are able to resolve identities from billions of customer data points with industry leading match rates and accuracy.

An Identity Graph is a comprehensive database that stiches together all known online and offline data sets correlating with an individual—their Personally Identifiable Information, or PII—to gain a single unified customer view. Some of the known identifiers include:

  • Residential addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • IP addresses
  • Device IDs
  • Cookies
  • Browser Extensions
  • Apps

With this information gathered through data you are able to market to individuals who better fit your audience’s rules and demographics while also marketing through multiple channels.

Types of Data-Driven Solutions

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to implementing data into your marketing strategy. With technology advancing at an exponential rate, data-driven solutions are evolving as well. Here are a few examples of data-driven solutions that Conquest Graphics can offer, including some of the most successful marketing strategies for today’s savvy marketers.

Mailbox Retargeting

Turn your unknown web traffic into leads with mailable addresses. 

This advanced form of retargeting digs deep into data to deliver the perfect conversion tool. With by-passing digital retargeting efforts and jumping right into a physical retargeting strategy, Mailbox Retargeting turns your anonymous web traffic into leads you can send email and direct mail too.

Imagine how many times consumers have visited your website or mobile app, browsed a few pages, and even placed a few items in their cart but left without proceeding further. Mailbox Retargeting targets those individuals and brings them back to your site through the power of relevant and well-timed email and/or direct mail pieces.

Proximity Mailing

Proximity Mailing targets the individuals who surround your ideal customer or your business. This data-driven solution takes targeting to another level and reaches consumers most likely to act on and are interested in your product or service.

People who live around each other typically have the same or near the same age home, environment, or geographic issues, income, preferences, and needs for a certain product or service. People also like to buy local. So, utilizing data through Proximity Mailing, you can turn those individuals living around your ideal customer or your business into mailable leads.

Variable Data Printing

Sending out personalized direct mail that is tailor-made for each of your recipients may seem expensive and time consuming. With data and today’s advanced digital printing, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Variable Data Printing takes the information from individuals found through data and easily and affordably personalizes each piece of direct mail to be customized for each of the individuals you mail too. This can be names, images, addresses, and even QR Codes for a special offer.

The power of personalization within your direct mail campaign will help your business stand out. Everyone loves something that is made just for them so send your audience something customized while getting your message delivered successfully.

We at Conquest Graphics, understand the need for print marketing and data-driven marketing. That is why we integrate the power of both to offer you successful solutions in gaining more leads, targeting the individuals who matter most, converting your web traffic and more. Talk to one of our data experts and get started on solving and accomplishing your business goals today!

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