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How Successful Companies Use Business Card Portals to Save Time and Money

Business Card Ordering Portals

Suppose ordering business cards throughout your company is simple, quick, and budget-friendly, and your designs are always consistent. In that case, you're probably one of the successful companies utilizing the power of a Business Card Ordering Portal.

A Business Card Ordering Portal simplifies the process of ordering, creating, and managing business cards for your entire company, from small businesses to large franchises with multiple locations. With features like customizable templates, easy reordering, and streamlined approval workflows, you can save time and money while ensuring brand consistency and better control over your marketing materials.

In this blog, we'll explore the many benefits of using a Business Card Ordering Portal, from increased efficiency and convenience to flexible accounting. We'll dive deep into why a Business Card Portal is a must-have tool for any business.

What is a Business Card Portal?

Business Card Ordering Portal

A Business Card Portal —also known as a "Business Card Ordering Portal" and "Online Ordering Portal"— is a centralized platform that allows employees to easily order and customize their business cards and other marketing materials from a private, self-service online store. With a Business Card Portal, your company can streamline the ordering process, ensure brand consistency, and save time and resources. Simply put, it's an efficient way to manage your company's marketing materials and empower your employees to order what they need when needed.

Not only can a Business Card Portal help save your company time and money when ordering business cards, but it can also help your company order essential sales and marketing materials, including direct mail materials, promotional items, digital assets, and more. With a simple ordering process and access to pre-made business card templates, your team can quickly order business cards as needed, saving you time and money. Additionally, a Business Card Portal provides essential management capabilities, allowing you to manage who can access the portal and monitor the ordering process.

How Does a Business Card Portal Work?

A Business Card Portal is a web-based platform that allows businesses to streamline their business card ordering process. By creating an online storefront that is private and accessible only to employees, companies can ensure that their branding and design remain consistent across all materials. A Business Card Portal simplifies the process of ordering, reordering, and managing business cards for employees. It also provides customizable and editable templates, self-ordering capabilities, an approval workflow, and bulk-ordering options. With a Business Card Portal, businesses can save time and money while ensuring their employees always have access to high-quality, on-brand business cards.

Online Ordering Portal

Your portal provider helps build an interface that meets your brand's needs. Your design templates are then uploaded. Your rules, including what information an employee can change —email address, phone number, name, etc.—how often they can order, and who has access to order business cards are applied to your online ordering portal. Your business is then ready to successfully order business cards and whatever other marketing materials you'd like, including brochures, banners, direct mail materials, and promotional products.

Successful businesses use a Business Card Portal because they know the importance of saving time, money and maintaining a consistent brand.

Even better, the approval side of a Business Card Portal provides you (or other chosen administrators) the power to oversee orders placed throughout your entire company.

Essentially, Business Card Ordering Portals work by creating a one-stop online shop for your company's marketing and sales materials, where your team can visit, customize their materials with their contact information, and place orders, all while ensuring consistent branding.

The Benefits of a Business Card Portal

A Business Card Portal offers many benefits to businesses, including allowing employees to order business cards independently while maintaining consistent branding. Additionally, these online ordering portals often include features such as easy reordering with just one click, inventory fulfillment for quicker ordering, and a simple workflow for managing and approving orders with fewer steps. Overall, a Business Card Portal can help streamline the ordering process, save time and resources, and ensure that your company's branding remains consistent and professional.

With business cards being such an essential business tool, ensuring they represent your business consistently throughout your entire company is something every business can benefit from. This means that where you store business card design templates and how you control how your employees order them are also important.

Overall, online Ordering Portals, as a primary business card printing method, creates a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way for large and small organizations to meet their marketing needs and successfully promote their business.

Here are just a few benefits you can take advantage of with a Business Card Portal:

Saves Time

Business Card Portals streamline ordering business cards, eliminating the need for time-consuming back-and-forth communication between employees and designers. They create a "no time wasted" process and allow your team to easily order their business cards, freeing up time for other essential business tasks.

How business card portals save companies time.

In addition, managing access to content and editing capabilities allows employees to personalize materials while maintaining standardization within your brand. It increases efficiency during the entire ordering process.

When placing an order through your Business Card Portal, it takes the user only about a minute to order business cards, and without a portal could take the user anywhere from an hour to 24 hours.

Business Card Portal features that help you save time include:

  • Employees can order business cards on their own while maintaining consistent branding.
  • Easy reordering with just a click of a button.
  • Inventory fulfillment is available for even quicker business card ordering.
  • Simple workflow for managing and approving orders without all the steps.
  • Advanced design software allows users to modify only specific information and see it in real time.
  • Automatic updates are sent when inventory is low and when someone places an order.

Business Card Portals help put control in the end users' hands and remove all extra steps, including finding and uploading files, personalizing, waiting for approval, and more. And you can spend your time on other essential business matters instead of worrying about employees ordering business cards and whether your brand is being delivered consistently.

Saves Money

Not only does a Business Card Portal save time, but it can also save your business money by eliminating the need for costly design services and minimizing waste from unused or outdated business cards. You can order in smaller quantities with inventory fulfillment options, reducing waste and keeping costs low.

Additionally, a few other ways a Business Card Portal saves you money include: 

  • Supply chain costs are reduced.
  • Direct product costs are reduced.
  • Waste is reduced with the ability to print when, what, and how much you need.
  • 24/7 access to place orders rather than only during your printer's business hours, allowing you to prioritize business initiatives that will increase your revenue.
  • Design mistakes that require a re-print due to inconsistent branding are eliminated.
Ensure Consistent Branding Using a Business Card Ordering Portal

Ensures Brand Consistency

With consistent branding, your brand retains its identity. And when it comes to consistent business card designs, your company needs a way to protect your brand so that each business card represents your company in the same way, no matter the department or employee.

A Business Card Portal ensures brand consistency, ensuring that all business cards adhere to the same design standards and branding guidelines. With custom and editable templates, employees can quickly create business cards that align with the brand and maintain consistency across all marketing materials.

Better Control

By placing your business cards into a Business Card Portal, you can manage how many your employees order and when and have business card designs that are set and consistent, allowing for minor changes if desired, including names, job titles, phone numbers, and addresses.

Variable Data Changes to Business Cards in a Business Card Portal

A Business Card Portal provides better control and oversight over the ordering process. With an approval workflow, managers can review and approve all orders, ensuring that all cards meet brand standards and are approved before they are ordered.

You have complete control over who has access, and as your company grows, you have 24/7 access to manage all elements and users so your Business Card Portal can grow with your company.

Some capabilities that a Business Card Portal has to improve your control include:

  • You can limit access by role or department to specific items in your Business Card Portal.
  • You can require administrator approval on certain orders.
  • You and other administrators can see orders by each employee.
  • You can set restrictions for new employees so they can't place orders over certain quantities.
  • Have volume reports sent monthly.

Convenient For Everyone

Convenience is a top seller for many successful businesses that use online Ordering Portals. These online systems are designed to make ordering business cards simple, and they are designed to give you 24/7 access to order business cards when you need them and from wherever you have internet access.

Business Card Portals

Business Card Portals streamline the ordering, managing, proofing, shipping, and payment process. Instead of using separate printers for each of your company's locations or tracking down business card designs, everything is in one place.

From the employees who can quickly and easily order their cards to the managers who have greater control and oversight over the process, Business Card Portals are highly beneficial to companies looking for an easier way to order their sales and marketing materials.

Flexible Accounting

Business Card Portals offer flexible payment options to match how your company operates. They allow you to allocate costs across departments or locations, making it easier to manage budgets and expenses. For example, your portal provider can bill each user at checkout or track orders to pay later.

When to Take Advantage of a Business Card Ordering Portal

It's time to join successful businesses that use Business Card Portals if:

  • You find ordering business cards time-consuming.
  • Your company orders business cards often.
  • Your company is growing.
  • You plan on growing your business.
  • You have multiple locations.
  • The number of employees you have is growing.
  • You have experienced staff changes.
  • Your company uses several business card designs.
  • You own multiple companies.
  • Your company has more than one department.
  • You’re looking to save time and money.
  • You want to protect your brand.
  • You’re considering or going through a rebranding.
  • Your company has multiple marketing materials.

Who Offers Business Card Portals?

Using a Business Card Portal helps your business save time and money while ensuring brand consistency and providing greater control over the ordering process. At Conquest Graphics, our Business Card Ordering Portals, or Web-to-Print Portals, are designed to simplify creating, managing, and ordering business cards and other materials, including print advertisements, promotional products, direct mail materials, and digital assets. Plus, with our in-house mailing center, portal experts, design services, fast turnarounds, and advanced printing technology under one roof, we can save you even more time and money.

To learn more, watch our Online Ordering Portal video or schedule a quick 10-minute demo today.

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