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5 Ways Using Direct Mail CRM Integration Increases Conversions

Increase your conversions with Direct Mail CRM Integration

The dream is for your entire audience to respond to your marketing message and perform the action you called them to.

Now getting every single recipient to take action or convert is a far-fetched dream, but there is a way to increase those conversions.

Direct Mail CRM Integration solves a lot of problems and has many benefits including increasing conversions.

Automated Direct Mail Marketing 

What is Direct Mail CRM Integration?

Direct Mail CRM Integration—also known as Direct Mail Integration and Direct Mail Automation—is a type of CRM integration that allows you to send direct mail the same way you would an email from your CRM or marketing automation platform, like HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

When taking advantage of this CRM integration, you can send postcards with a click of a button or set up triggers, so postcards are automatically sent to correspond with emails, marketing campaigns, or actions your contacts take.

You can learn more about how Direct Mail CRM Integration works by clicking here.

Here are 5 ways using Direct Mail CRM Integration increases conversions and how you can begin increasing your conversions today.

#1 Turns Prospects Into Customers

The contacts in your CRM are most likely not all customers. Many of them are leads or prospects, and to get those leads to prospects and prospects to customers, you need to follow up with them to keep your company on their radar when it comes time for them to make purchasing decisions.

To quickly reach out you send emails to offer a discount or share the benefits they can gain, but did you know if you combined your email messages with direct mail marketing, the likelihood of that recipient converting increases?

It’s true, conversion rates increase up to 40% when digital marketing and direct mail are combined.

With Direct Mail CRM Integration, you can have a relevant postcard automatically be sent when a certain email is sent to a lead or prospect to increase the chances of them acting on your offer and converting.

Nurturing Leads with Direct Mail 

#2 Nurtures Leads

Using Direct Mail CRM Integration, you can send a new lead a direct mail piece right from your CRM based on every stage of the sales funnel to have them convert quicker.

For example, you call, or someone calls you and you educate them on what your company can offer, while also sending them a postcard which includes details of the knowledge you shared with them so they can hold on to it.

They are now informed and have your postcard which keeps your company top of mind and increases the chance that they engage.

They then engage and you send another postcard to provide them with an offer and to intrigue them to make a purchase

They then convert and move from being a lead to a customer because you sent them something tangible that helped them understand why they needed your product or service on a deeper level at every stage of your lead nurturing process.

Still not convinced direct mail can help more than email?

Well, direct mail is actually easier to understand and more memorable, requiring 21% less cognitive effort than digital media. So, sending a direct mail piece rather than just an email will enhance the chances that your lead becomes a customer as they have something physical and more effective influencing their decisions.

#3 Brings New Customers Back

Once you have gained a new customer, there is still work to be done. You need to build a strong customer relationship to ensure that your customer continues to come back.

When a customer places an order, have a thank you postcard automatically get sent to them by taking advantage of Direct Mail CRM Integration.

This will show your customer that you care and increases the chances that they will convert again. Of course, you can send a thank you email attempting to accomplish the same thing, however, a direct mail piece puts your message directly into their hands and makes your customer feel more valued.

In fact, 57% of people claim that receiving mail makes them feel more valued. This is because sending direct mail creates a more genuine relationship between your brand and the consumer.

#4 Increases Customer Upgrade

Increase Customer Upgrades 

You have loyal customers who are ignoring your most profitable products or upgrades and sticking with what they are used to.

Send your existing customers a postcard that lets them know the benefits of certain other products, services, or account upgrades.

You may already be doing this with email, but the response rate for direct mail is more than 30 times greater than the response rate for email.

So, using Direct Mail CRM Integration, you can set up a trigger so that after a certain amount of time, your loyal customers receive a postcard offering a better (more profitable) product or upgrade to encourage them to take action.

Bonus stat for you: For those customers who are set in their ways, sending them a direct mail piece through your CRM that includes details on how another option can better their experience will get them more interested and trust that you're right. This is because 87% of people say direct mail is more believable compared to digital messages.

#5 Brings Lost Customers Back

When you haven’t heard from a customer in a while or a customer hasn’t ordered anything in some time, it can be alarming.

When you integrate direct mail into your CRM, you can reengage with your lost customers in a more meaningful way that is more likely to bring them back.

You can set up a trigger within your CRM that automatically sends a postcard to customers who haven’t placed an order in x-number of days that reminds them how great your products or services are. Consider including a discount code on your direct mail piece as well to increase the chance of them coming back even more.


Overall, campaigns that take advantage of direct mail are 27% more likely to deliver top-ranking sales versus campaigns without direct mail. And when you combine direct mail with your CRM your direct mail campaign process speeds up by automating your campaign and thus gaining quicker and even better conversions.

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