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Mailbox Retargeting

Connect with your anonymous traffic in a tangible, physical medium

Mailbox retargeting allows you to connect with your anonymous web traffic in a tangible way.

In today’s world, it is very rare to hear of a business without an online platform. Countless numbers of people visit websites every day and even fill up their “cart.” Unfortunately, with so much going on, too many people also leave without buying anything, never to return again.

The ability to figure out who those lost cart fillers and curious scrollers are, is allowing businesses to retarget and convert them into leads that they can build relationships and close more business with.

Without retargeting those website visitors that went astray, a lot of businesses are missing out on so many opportunities.

​What is mailbox retargeting?

Online marketing is effective, but with so much going on in the cyber world, a connection between online and offline marketing is bringing in more business for companies.

Mailbox retargeting — also known as "Postcard Retargeting" or "Print Retargeting" — is a way to bridge your online marketing strategy and your proven offline direct mail strategy. By using data to identify your anonymous web traffic and turn them into leads with mailable addresses, you are able to reconnect with prospects on another level: a physical, tangible medium that elevates your brand above your competitors.

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Extensive Database

Identify and choose exactly who your retargeting campaign reaches by using our comprehensive Identity Graph.

Ensured Privacy

With privacy regulations intact, you can ensure that your website visitors' information is secure.

Combined Marketing

Proven direct mail marketing and modern online marketing is now combined for effective retargeting.

Faster Retargeting

With our printing and mailing services, your direct mail is printed and sent to your prospects directly from our facility.

Decide Who You Retarget

You know your business best, so our Identity Graph is designed for you. Who you retarget, is completely your decision. You decide who you want to include and exclude within your Mailbox Retargeting campaign.

Our Identity Graph creates a prospect list based on your rules and demographics.

  • Include or exclude visitors according to actions taken (clicked on a specific button, visited for more than three minutes, etc.)
  • Suppress current customers
  • Target a certain geographic area (state, city, ZIP code)
  • Choose a specific demographic (age groups, married couples, homeowners, etc.)
Visualizing Mailbox Retargeting

Let's Get Started

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Let’s meet in person or do a screenshare, we would love to show you how our Mailbox Retargeting can benefit your business.


We'll install your tag and coordinate with you to understand your target audience so that our Identity Graph is custom-made for your business.

Start ​Retargeting

Once everything is setup and you have decided who and how you would like to retarget, you are ready to welcome back those lost prospects.

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