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Using Your Direct Mail CRM Integration to Send Personalized Mailings

Direct Mail CRM Integration for Sending Personalized Mailings 

The buyer’s journey is essentially pretty simple. They learn about a product or company, they gain interest, and they make a final decision to purchase or move on.

However, the process you take to get that buyer to buy your product or service is complex, not always effective, and includes multiple strategies and a lot of time. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When you integrate direct mail into your CRM, with Direct Mail CRM Integration, you can effortlessly and automatically map content to the buyer’s journey, so your marketing is personalized and more impactful.

Direct Mail CRM Integration Explained

Automated Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail CRM Integration—also known as Direct Mail Automation and Direct Mail Integration—is an automated direct mail solution.

Direct mail is integrated into your CRM, or marketing automation platform—including HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.—the same way email is integrated. For example, rather than sending an email with a click of a button from your CRM, you can send a postcard. Or rather than setting up triggers to send event-driven emails, you can send event-driven direct mail.

The best part about Direct Mail CRM Integration is that you can send direct mail as easily as an email but gain better results because you are sending a tangible and more personal message—which can even be personalized for each recipient—rather than sending out a digital message which isn’t likely to even be seen.

Sending Personalized Mailings with Direct Mail CRM Integration

We all know sending something personalized whether it’s an email, a gift, a postcard or catalog, is far more effective than sending a generalized message.

Just a few goals the power of personalization can help you reach include:

  • Better brand awareness
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Increase in responses
  • Increase in sales
  • Stronger customer retention

Sending something personalized isn’t limited to just including someone's name on a greeting card either. Sending personalized mailings with Direct Mail CRM Integration means you can also tap into other data stored within your CRM. Including purchasing history, customer behaviors, demographic information, location, and more to send a postcard that has the perfect message specifically for each recipient and that is sent at the exact right time.

Targeting The Right People

Target the right people

Your CRM or marketing automation platform is full of personalized data for each customer and potential one.

With Direct Mail CRM Integration, you can harness that data and create personalized direct mail campaigns that are targeted only to specific audiences within your CRM.

For example, if you are marketing a new service that is ideal only for the retail industry, you can set up a direct mail campaign to send postcards right out on your CRM to the companies listed in the retail industry within your CRM. Or if there is a certain demographic that would benefit from your new product, you could choose to automatically send a product launch mailer to contacts based on certain demographics, including marriage, income, age, and more.

Reaching Out at The Right Time

Reaching out at the right time.

Timing is everything. Cliché, but so very true.

Incorporating direct mail into your marketing funnel is one way to make sure you are reaching your audience at the right time and at each stage of their journey. And with Direct Mail CRM Integration, you can take that “right time marketing” up a few notches by reaching out at even more personalized moments in your audiences' life and by automating your campaigns.

Here are just a few moments in your audience's journey where you can send a postcard with a click of a button or set up triggers, so they automatically receive your personalized message.

Showed Interest

Someone’s contact information just entered your CRM system, because they signed up for a newsletter, or showed interest in your company in another way.

You can set up a trigger within your CRM integration so that a postcard with a discount code or more information about your brand is sent at exactly the right time to increase the chance they convert.

Company Campaign

Direct Mail CRM Ideas

Sending out an email marketing a big sale or news about your company is most likely going to go straight to your audiences’ promotions inbox and never be seen.

Direct mail on the other hand Is guaranteed to be seen and according to the Direct Marketing Association, 70% of consumers say direct mail is already more personal than emails. This means instead of sending an email blast, just set up a trigger so that when your company’s campaign is launched, a postcard promoting your campaign is automatically sent to your audience.

Haven’t Ordered in a While

When someone hasn’t ordered in a while it’s time to reach out.

With Direct Mail CRM Integration, you can set up rules to auto-trigger postcards to send to customers who haven’t ordered in a certain number of days.

Consider including a promotional code to persuade them to make another purchase or send them a simple “miss you” mailer.


When it’s someone's birthday, send them a personalized offer just for them on their special day! You can even set up rules within your CRM integration so that birthday mailers are automatically sent each month to those who have birthdays that certain month.

Post purchase and birthday mailers.

Post Purchase

Businesses typically make most of their revenue from repeat buyers. This means when someone makes a purchase, you need to stay connected with them to increase the chances they buy again.

As soon as someone makes a purchase, have a “thank you” postcard automatically sent to them thanking them for their purchase. This will remind them of why they chose your company from the beginning. You could even include a discount code to give them even more of an incentive to order from you again soon.

Adding Personalized Touches with Variable Data

Variable Data Printing is an advanced printing method which allows you to simultaneously print something different on each printed piece. Including names, images, addresses, messages, and more.

VDP and Direct Mail CRM

When you implement this type of personalization into your Direct Mail CRM Integration, creating personalized mailers becomes even easier.

This is because it utilizes the data already found within your CRM. For example, you could send out 6 “Thank You Cards” which are already personalized for each recipient based on the data within your CRM, like “Thank you, Jane” or “Thank you, John.”

Direct Mail CRM Integration has many benefits, and when you take advantage of this advanced CRM integration, you can market to your audience in a more personalized and effective way that is guaranteed to help you gain better results.

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