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How to Reduce Direct Mail Postage Costs

Last updated June 10, 2019

You probably get direct mail postcards and letters in your mailbox on a daily basis. You throw the majority away, but every now and then one will grab your attention, right? Direct mail marketing can be powerful and effective when done well. In fact, it’s been a canvas for many of the greatest ad copywriters–from Robert Collier to Eugene Schwartz–and for good reason.

Direct mail can be an inexpensive path to achieving incredible results. The majority of the money you’ll spend on direct mail will be on postage costs. If you haven’t done much work with direct mail, that may surprise you. Cutting some of those postage costs will lower your cost per acquisition. Many of these cost-cutting measures will occur during the design and printing process. Here are some of the best ways to reduce your direct mail postage costs.

Direct Mail Postcards and Postage Costs

Clean Up Your Direct Mail Lists

In direct mail marketing your mailing lists are your most valuable tools. It’s important keep those lists uncluttered and “clean”. The more mail you send to non-existing or incorrect contacts, the more money you waste. Make a point to periodically remove any duplicates, deceased individuals, or past customers that have moved away. Nearly three-quarters of businesses that use direct mail say they trim their lists at least twice a year.

The US Postal service can help match your list to the NCOA (National Change of Address) list to clean up your data. If you don’t have much direct mail experience, this can be a challenging task. Some businesses outsource their list management in an effort to maintain the best quality lists possible. Whether you use a third-party or handle it yourself, it’s critical to remember this step of the direct mail process.

Plan Ahead To Avoid Mistakes

When you advertise or post a blog article online, it’s easy to go back and fix mistakes. But, it’s not so easy with direct mail. If you make a mistake with your direct mail, you’ll have to pay to recreate it before sending. If you’ve already sent it out, you may opt to resend a corrected version to a new set of recipients. These types of mistakes can be costly and could ruin your cost per acquisition.

By planning ahead, you give yourself more time to catch errors and to prevent them from happening in the first place. Even though you can usually approve your printing with digital proofs, you may want to order a physical sample or seed yourself into the mail list, so you can hold it and actually see what it looks like in your hand.

Size Matters With Direct Mail

Postage costs are often based on the size and weight of each piece being mailed. Before deciding on a specific direct mail piece, you should check the rates on the different sizes. A postcard costs less to mail than a catalog. A smaller envelope will likely cost less than a larger envelope. A lot of it is common sense but there are a few sizes and weights that are more tricky.

While size is important, you should still consider what you’re trying to say to your customers and what you want them to do. Do you want them to order from your mailings or visit your website to order. The fewer components there are to your direct mail, the cheaper it will be to send. Just make sure you’re not sacrificing an more expensive option that works for a cheaper option that doesn’t. When in doubt, take a sample piece to your local post office and ask about the mail rate. Or go online to USPS.com to calculate postage in advance.

Presort For Direct Mail Discounts

The USPS offers bulk mail discounts if you presort your direct mail. When you presort, you create less work for the post office, so they’re able to pass the savings to you. One way of using presorted mail is to print IMBs (Intelligent Mail Barcodes) which allow for automation discounts. To use IMBs, you simply attach the barcode to the outside of the package when addressing the mail.

You can also presort by separating your mail by zip code, delivering bundled items directly to postal distribution centers, or combining multiple mailings into single pallets. There are many different ways to save money by sorting your mail. It may be worthwhile to use a mailing service, where they know the best ways to optimize your mail and how to get the best discounts.

Allow Direct Mail Recipients To Unsubscribe

Even though you want your direct mail to connect with customers, you don’t want to waste resources trying to reach people who are absolutely not interested. Sending repeat mailings to residents who will throw them in the trash is a waste of your money. Some companies send out two mailings–for instance, a full catalog to frequent shoppers and a postcard to less-frequent shoppers.

When you allow recipients to unsubscribe, you’re basically letting them fine-tune your list for you. It’s not good for you or the recipient if they’re not interested in your mail but they’re getting it anyway.

Stay Within USPS Regulations

There are a lot of mailing options available with the post office. Staying within their guidelines can be confusing and frustrating. But, if you know how to navigate their regulations, the mailing process will be smoother and your costs will drop. Here are some general guidelines to help you stay on track:

  • Letter size is inexpensive. You’ll find savings if you stay within the 3” x 5” to 6” x 10” range. Above that and they become “flats” which can cost double the price of letters.
  • Address tri-fold mailers correctly. To qualify for automation discounts, your tri-fold pieces must be addressed on its center panel.
  • Make room for the address. You need to leave some clear space on your mail for the address and barcode. You should be okay if you leave a 4” x 2” space open. You can have an image in this area as long as it’s light enough in color to meet the USPS.
  • Fold it correctly. For folded pieces, the final fold should be below or to the right of the address. Other layouts may be acceptable but additional costs will be incurred.
  • Keep the weight down:
    1. Mailers under an ounce only require 70 lb paper and one inch tabs
    2. 1-3 ounce mailers require at least 80 lb paper and larger tabs
    3. 3+ ounce mailers require an envelope
  • Be mindful of coatings and textured materials. The ink used for addresses doesn’t stick well to some coatings and may rub off during the mailing process. To avoid this, stay away from coatings or ask your printing rep what coatings are okay to use. Using papers with heavy textures can impact the readability of the barcode. When the barcode can’t be scanned properly, you’ll face extra charges.
  • Watch for inconsistencies. For automation discounts, your pieces must have consistent shapes and thickness. That means all mail within a single mailing needs to be the same size and weight. You must also stay away from bumps in your mailers. Bumps could be from pens, keys, coins or even paper clips and string.
  • Stay away from wrapping. Any wrapping or cover you add to your letter-sized mailings will earn an additional charge.
  • Don’t go too thin. Although it seems counterintuitive, the post office will charge you more if your mail is extremely thin. By keeping your paper thickness at 0.009 inches and above, you’ll avoid extra costs.

Remember that these are general guidelines and they may change. To be sure you’re getting the lowest costs possible, call USPS or your mailing service representative.

Decrease Your Direct Mail Costs For Incredible Results

To have an effective direct mail campaign, your messaging needs to be engaging and compelling. Your designs and images should work with your message to create an emotional response from the recipient.

But, you can make your efforts more rewarding by decreasing the cost of sending your mail. Clean up your mailing lists and take measures to prevent mistakes and you’ll avoid unwanted costs. You should also understand the regulations for direct mail automation and what choices will save you money.

To get help, contact Conquest Graphics at 800-707-9903 and tell us what you’re looking for.

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How To Reduce Direct Mail Postage Costs

You probably get direct mail postcards and letters in your mailbox on a daily basis. You throw the majority away, but every now and then one will grab your attention, right? Direct mail marketing can be powerful and effective when done well. In fact, it’s been a canvas for many of the greatest.

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