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CG Rewards
Nonprofit Grant Program

  • Raven Ridge

    Our organization uses direct mail to reach out to former donors who have brought us animals in need, during our annual appeal. We send out postcard invitations to those who have brought us wildlife for our wildlife baby shower in the spring, and our Lancaster Extra Give fundraising event in November.

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  • mhboxes

    MH Boxes recognizes the significance of print and direct mail in our outreach efforts aimed at promoting mental health awareness and providing support to individuals in need.

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  • Bristol Valley Theater LOGO

    Bristol Valley Theater uses season brochures for two purposes: marketing and selling season subscriptions to all productions in our summer season AND we also place them in high traffic areas in the community (library, banks, retail outlets, bars & restaurants, etc.)

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  • fcca

    FCCA uses print and direct mail to send out quarterly and annual newsletters to our families and donors. These newsletters include color pictures of the children who have recently been adopted, as well as pictures of adopted children growing over the years: graduations, weddings, and all kinds of wonderful life events.

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  • Lake Lundgren Bible Camp

    On an annual basis we currently send out 3 printed brochures that outline our programs and show potential attendees what the benefits of time away at camp can be.

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  • Operations Enduring Warrior

    One of the primary uses of print has been in the creation of informational brochures, event flyers, and promotional materials. These tangible items serve as powerful tools to educate potential supporters about OEW's mission, programs, and the impact of their contributions.

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  • better2gether

    Utilizing print and direct mail serves as a cornerstone of our communication strategy, enabling us to connect with families, volunteers, donors, and potential supporters on a personal level.

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  • Ohio Bible Conference Used Case Study

    We use print and direct mail to communicate to our donors and supporting churches through newsletters detailing specific events.

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  • Adult Community Education

    We print a quarterly newsletter to let our supporters know how we spending their money. We highlight our learners, our fundraisers and our tutors in these print materials, and we usually receive donations as a result of sending out the newsletter.

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  • crossroads of america council

    To bridge the gap between dreams and reality, we aim to leverage the power of print and direct mail, creating tangible touchpoints that spark curiosity and guide young minds.

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  • Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.

    It is our goal to garner enough advertising to print our magazines on a quarterly basis, rather than the annual release. It takes the creativity and ingenuity of our staff of writers, photographers, graphic designers, and editors to produce these publications.

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  • Haiti Scholars

    Since its establishment as a nonprofit organization in 2018, the organization has harnessed the power of print to disseminate its narrative, convey gratitude through thousands of letters, issue event invitations, and execute pivotal campaigns.

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