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Portal Features Overview

Streamlined, Intelligent Access to Your Brand

Ordering Portal Features

From who can access your company's portal and what can go in it, to pricing and support, below is a full overview of what you can expect when taking advantage of our Ordering Portals.

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Brand Management

Ensure every order, design, and product matches your brand identity, while allowing users throughout your organization to place orders.

User Management

Control access to products, view previous orders by department, and approve pending jobs before they get produced.

Faster Turnarounds

Speed up the marketing process by streamlining your orders through one vendor and utilizing online design for instant proofing.

Advanced Accounting

Flexible payment setups match the way you operate. Bill each user at checkout, or track using purchase orders and pay later.

Account Users

  • User groups (accounts) can be used to show relevant products and messages to different users.
  • For user-restricted pages, we can provide you a unique URL that can be used to register new users.
    • You can use this page to create new users yourself or have others create their own accounts.
    • We can also notify you (or anyone else) when new users register.
  • Billing can be controlled on an account or users basis.
    • We can require a credit card for some users, and send invoices for others.
  • Job history is stored on the user level, allowing users to reorder from their existing designs quickly.
  • Approvals can be required for certain users, user groups, or even certain products.
Account Users 


  • We can provide several levels of co-branding, including subdomains that force your branding and products across the site.
  • Menus can be customized or hidden entirely.
  • The main logo is replaced with your logo, and homepage and product page content can be changed.

Products & Design Options

  • Products can be as open or restricted as you’d like. For example, you can pre-select options for paper, coating, etc. – or hide the options entirely.
  • Online design/personalization can be applied to any type of product, including printed, digital, promo, or wide-format mediums.
    • All design options are determined based on your needs.
    • Users will only be able to customize aspects that you allow, protecting your brand.
  • Royalty can be added to the price of any product.
  • We can support print-on-demand and pre-printed (inventoried) items.
Tips for designing effective print materials. 

Setup Pricing Structure

  • In addition to a small monthly fee, the main cost is the setup of new designs/functionality or updates to existing designs.
    • For an online design item, the average setup cost is between $100-$250.
      • Setting up several designs at a time decreases the cost per design as we’re able to complete them all at once.
      • An InDesign Package (with fonts/links) is recommended as it keeps the cost on the lower end and it saves time.
  • Once the portal is setup, the main cost is the price of the actual products being purchased/ produced.
    • Our print and mail fulfillment pricing is market-based and very competitive.
      • Our public site prices are the same prices a portal customer will pay.
      • For custom products (items not on our public site), we’ll work with you on a pricing schedule.


  • All of our departments – implementation, customer service, and production – are here in the United States and are available by phone, email, and chat.
  • Our Customer Service agents are trained on new portals to enable fast assistance to your users.
  • We pride ourselves on offering the “old school” style of service, with the speed, ease, and lower costs associated with new technologies, and you’ll find that true as you work with us.

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