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Creating Great Customized Prints for Your Customers (With Variable Data Printing)

If you’re a marketer or business owner then you probably meet a lot of new people. Every time you meet someone new, you tell them your name and they do the same. That’s pretty common. What’s less common is for that person to remember your name when you see them again. If they do–and they call you by name–it leaves a positive impression on you (whether consciously or subconsciously).

A similar result can be achieved through customized printing. In some cases, there’s a reason you have their information (they’re a past customer, they’re in your neighborhood, etc.). Reminding them of your connection will improve the effectiveness of your customized marketing efforts. You can also use personalization for cold leads to create a similar sense of familiarity. When recipients see their unique information (like their name), they become more comfortable than if they hadn’t seen it. The ability to leverage personalization is a key component to truly great customized printing today.

How To Achieve Great Customized Printing

There are a couple different ways to customize your printing, but variable printing has proven to be efficient and reliable for great personalization. Variable printing is a form of digital printing that allows you to customize your advertising for each of your recipients in a very targeted manner. It’s called variable printing because it enables you to print different information on each and every printed piece you send.

Why is that helpful?

Variable printing provides more flexibility without jacking up the costs of your printing. In the past, it was incredibly expensive to create highly customized marketing campaigns. Plus, the process was time-consuming and inconsistent. With variable printing, the customization process is more affordable and offers shorter turnaround times, so you can achieve higher conversion rates without delaying deadlines or going over budget.

Use Variable Printing To Get Specific

As mentioned above, one way to add customization is by adding the recipient’s name to your printing. Adding a person’s name is not only great for creating the sense of familiarity mentioned before, but it’s also an excellent way to grab the recipient’s attention. If one piece of mail has your name on it and another has something generic, like “Neighbor,” which one will you take a closer look at? Adding names to print pieces is popular with marketers and it’s effective, especially with direct mail. Here are some examples of print with customized names that will grab the recipient’s attention:

Here’s a basic direct mail piece which uses the recipient’s first name to get their attention. It’s not over the top, but it’s just enough to make them look!

Variable Data Postcards - Clothing Store Example

This postcard uses the recipient’s first name when greeting them and also adds in variable images on the front, giving the cards a much more customized feel.

Customized & Variable Postcard Printing - Breakfast Example 

The ability to customize doesn't end with a name though. You can also use data, either publicly available or for purchase, to get more specific with your recipients. Use data from the post office or work with your online printing company to target specific neighborhoods, income levels, age ranges, and more.

Once you've chosen your targeted audiences, you can use variable printing to speak differently to each audience. For instance, you may send a formal salutation–like “Good evening”–to a segment with older recipients and a less formal salutation–such as “Hey there!”– to younger recipients. This slight adjustment may seem insignificant, but minor tweaks to your print pieces can have major impacts on response rates.

You can also purchase data to help create more customized elements in your printing. A common example is for car insurance companies to find out what make and model their recipients own and send them mail that mention those specific cars. Providing specific details like that will grab the attention of your recipients, which is essential to an effective marketing campaign. Even new companies can use this approach to create the feeling that they've been around for ages.

Get More Connected With Your Customized Printing

You can use variable printing to connect the products and services you sell with what your customers have previously purchased. Let’s say you have a customer who subscribes to your nature magazine. In your advertisement to them, you might mention their subscription and recommend a similar subscription, such as plants or animals. That could be done by adding a statement like, “Sara, we’re glad you like Nature Magazine, we think you might like Animal Magazine just as much!”

Another advantage of variable printing is that you can keep your marketing modern with up-to-date cultural and political references. Adding comments about current events shows that your business is connected and active and it encourages customers to trust you more. Old, stale advertising feels recycled and shows a lack of effort. Companies that keep up with their community, as well as national trends, typically do a better job of establishing a connection with their recipients.

Add Life To Your Marketing Ideas With Customized Printing

According to CAP Ventures, adding personalization to your direct mail increases order value, profit, response rates and repeat orders while reducing response times.

When you have a great idea for your marketing program and are ready incorporate variable printing, just remember to consider a few things: Use a printer who you trust to help you achieve the design and customization you need. Also, make sure your printer offers competitive pricing and will deliver your products quickly.

For more information about variable printing, customized printing or other printing needs, contact Conquest Graphics at 800-707-9903.

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