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Why Print Marketing Still Works

For the longest time, print marketing was the undisputed choice for reaching target markets and getting results. Then along came the internet. But even with the popularity of digital marketing, print managed to stick around as a preferred strategy for many marketers. Now, we’re watching mobile marketing and email marketing become very popular and some companies are choosing to put more emphasis on those channels. So, that leaves us with the question–does print marketing still work?

The answer is YES...print marketing is still alive!Nor will it ever be according to the latest research and industry data.

Despite chatter about how digital advertising is outpacing traditional advertising and print marketing, not all the news is bad for the print industry. There are still opportunities for businesses interested in making print work for them to penetrate niche and local markets like never before. In fact, the increased volume of digital marketing may even lead to better results with print marketing.

According to a report by JWT, nearly 80% of millennials interviewed said that “Physical cards and letters make [them] feel more connected to people than digital notes (emails, SMS, etc.)."

So, as email and mobile marketing gain popularity, people–especially millennials and younger–are actually starting to become numb to digital advertisements. That trend is creating a more engaging and special experience when they receive messages in print. Of course, you’ll want to use best practices when utilizing print to make sure your messaging is effective.

Consumers Still Like Traditional Print Marketing

With the JWT report as an example, there’s plenty of research to prove that many consumers still prefer receiving printed marketing materials they can hold in their hands. The psychology is simple—humans tend to notice and retain information much more quickly and much longer when it’s tactile. The combination of seeing with your eyes and feeling with your hands makes a huge difference in marketing.

Custom magazines, newsletters, catalogs, direct mail and other forms of print marketing are still effective vehicles for making contact with consumers, especially if you want to engage a wider audience or a specific demographic.

Print Marketing is the Perfect Bridge to Digital Marketing

While print marketing can function effectively on its own, it can also supplement any digital marketing campaign. We recommend referencing your social media sites, website, or blog on your direct mail marketing. If your customers are bouncing between the physical and digital world, so should your brand.

While QR codes are waning in popularity, coupons or discount codes are still very effective at driving digital business. For example, adding the message “Enter code SUMMERFUN2016 for 20% off” is an effective way to move customers from a print marketing piece to a digital property.

What Are Some Of The Keys To Effective Print Marketing?

It’s important to invest time and/or money to develop a truly effective message when using print marketing. Even though you can make references to your online channels, there’s still an extra step that recipients have to go through in order to take action when receiving print marketing. For that reason, you must 1) grab their attention and 2) elicit an emotional response with your message–excite, incentivize, or uplift readers in a way that calls them to take action.

Printing banners, brochures, posters, booklets, catalogs and more has never been easier. If you choose to create your own messaging, you can start by using these few guidelines to write more effectively.

Get your message across in fewer words

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time” - Mark Twain.

One of the more common causes of ineffective messaging is length. When writing, aim to be as clear and concise with your writing as possible. When you think you’ve finished writing, walk away and revisit with a clear head. Then, see if you’re able to get your message across with even fewer words. Chances are you can.

Tell them to do something

Readers will be more likely to take action if you tell them what to do. You can do this by adding a “call-to-action” in your message, typically at the end. What you ask them to do will depend on your goals. If you want them to make a purchase at your online store then provide a store code like the one mentioned above. If you want them to call then make the phone number most prominent. Say nothing compelling and the reader will simply move on.

Choose effective graphics

The importance of good graphics to accompany print ad copy is often overlooked. Your readers will begin to interpret the message of your mailer from the graphic alone. So, don’t just slap a meaningless photo on your print that won’t connect with the reader. Pull them in with the image that connects to the overall message. If you’re not yet using graphics in your print marketing, run a test and measure the differences in response rates.

Good Print Marketing Still Works

When executed correctly, print marketing is still a very effective form of marketing for many businesses. As companies flock to digital, new opportunities in a once-crowded printing marketing space are opening back up. Craft a compelling message worth taking action over and tell recipients what they should do next. The results may pleasantly surprise you.

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