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8A-6P EST Mon-Fri

CG Rewards
Nonprofit Grant Program

The Garden State Film Festival

The annual Garden State Film Festival event takes place in Asbury Park, New Jersey every spring TO provide novice and aspiring filmmakers, actors, and others interested in careers in the film business, the opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals in an atmosphere conducive to learning and mentoring.

The Garden State Film Festival Use Case Study 

Prior to the event, our printed programs are placed in local businesses, grocery stores and libraries for anyone to pick up and learn more before coming to the event. During the festival, we also provide all attendees with a printed program to showcase everything they need to know about the hundreds of films being premiered, in addition to the welcome letter, competition winners, featured honorees and local advertisements from sponsoring businesses.

This printed program also includes a crucial element - the schedule of which films are premiering when and where. Because there are multiple venues across the area, attendees can find everything they need to know about each venue, including parking and bussing options, all in the printed program. The ads that are printed in the program are included as part of the sponsor's donation to our non-profit organization to help support our cause and ability to support independent film genre.

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