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Integrating A Brand Portal with Your E-Procurement Platform

Brand Portal Integration - Integrating a Brand Portal with Ariba, Coupa, Oracle, and more. 

You take advantage of e-procurement and supply chain solutions provided by companies like Ariba®, Coupa®, or Oracle® to make ordering, purchasing, and managing goods and services easier.

While you already know and are most likely taking advantage of the fact that these state-of-the-art solutions can integrate with some of the most essential tools for your business, there is one integration that you may not be aware – and it could save you a tremendous amount of time and money.

With Brand Portal integration, you gain streamlined, intelligent access to every branded asset within your company including printed materials, promotional materials, digital assets, direct mail materials, and more.

Let's take a look at the details on how Brand Portal Integration can solve the many problems your company is facing.

What is a Brand Portal? A Brand Portal—also known as an “Ordering Portal,” or “Web-to-Print Portal”—is an online storefront that houses all your company's branded assets. This solution integrates with your e-procurement and supply chain platform so all users who have access can quickly and easily order pre-approved branded materials.

The Problem E-Procurement Users Are Facing with Their Brand Assets

Without an e-procurement and supply chain solutions company like Ariba® or Coupa®, operations are impossible. Plain and simple. But while these solutions make your day-to-day processes simpler, there are still challenges your company faces. This means you need every tool in the bag to make your complete operations easier including tools that help with managing and ordering your branded materials.

Integrating a Brand Portal with E-Procurement and Supply Chain Solutions

Without integrating a Brand Portal with your procurement platform, managing, accessing, and ordering sales and marketing materials results in the following issues:

Wasted Time - Managing materials and designs across all departments, having to approve print documents and orders, and executing shipments to final destinations is extremely time-consuming.

Inconsistent Branding - With so many orders needing to be placed across the country or even globally, it’s impossible to ensure every logo, brand color, and other content is printed consistently without the right tools.

Wasted Materials - You need to place large volume print orders which can often be thrown out and wasted due to brand change or because they are no longer in use.

Wasted Money - When you use a centralized printer, producing and shipping your materials is expensive and time consuming.

Lack of Support - When you team up with a large procurement and supply chain company and have multiple vendors for producing and shipping branded materials, it’s difficult to get the support you need.

Scattered Assets - When your design files, tools, materials, and other assets aren’t unified and streamlined, it takes time to find them. Everything brand related should be in one place and easy to access.

The Solution

To solve the above problems, you need to maximize your web-based ordering capabilities so you can leverage the necessary tools to provide those efficiencies for your business and marketing processes.

And custom-built, private, online, Brand Portals integrated with Ariba®, Coupa®, JAGGAER®, Oracle®, and any other e-procurement software you’re taking advantage of can help.

Brand Portal integration with procurement platform like Ariba, Coupa, JAGGAER, and Oracle.

The Benefits of Integrating a Brand Portal with Your Procurement Platform

Waste Reduction - When you take advantage of an online, integrated Ordering Portal, you reduce waste because you can print your materials on-demand and print only what Is needed.

Faster Deliveries - Because we have multiple locations, our portal solution can identify the nearest production facility to save you on shipping costs and shipping times. And with everything from production and mailing done in-house, you can expect your materials to arrive much quicker.

Consistent Branding - Your pre-approved branded materials are accessible from one place to your entire company so you can rest assured that every material that is printed represents your brand perfectly, every time.

Efficiency - With all approved design assets and materials in one accessible place you and any user who you allow can quickly gain access to your company’s assets and place orders easily.

Support - Our entire team, including customer service, implementation, and production, is trained in your specific Brand Portal. They are also available by phone, email, and the live chat tool that is connected directly within your portal so you and your team can get quick support, with a real-life expert at any time.

Brand Portal

Scalability - As your company and e-procurement platform grow so does your Brand Portal. Whether it’s a complete re-brand or just the need for updated products and assets, your portal scales with your company.

Cost Control - From within your one Ordering Portal, you can view costs, shipment fees, and taxes and control what materials and how many users can order. You can even set approval notifications, so no transaction or order is processed until it is approved by you or other administration.

User Control - Brand Portal integration allows you to control who has access to specific products, limit certain order quantities users can place, view previous orders, approve pending jobs before they are produced, and add or remove users as needed.

Customization - Overall product designs and branding remain the same while intuitive design tools allow users to personalize certain elements including names on business cards, addresses on postcards, images on brochures, and more.

Instant Proofing - Integrated Brand Portals provide users with instant proofing, so orders are automatically placed into production.

Integration - Ordering Portals or Brand Portals enable integration with procurement systems while also enabling order information to be shared easily and automatically with accounting solutions.

Brand Asset Management - With your entire brand in one place, you can quickly and easily manage design assets, including updating existing designs, adding new designs, or removing obsolete materials making sure that every user only has access to the most relevant branded assets.

Inventory Management & Storage - Have materials you and your team steadily use? We can produce them in bulk and inventory them so that when you need them you can cut out the entire turnaround time. No more storing boxes of materials in your office. We’ll even let you know when items are running low, so your branded materials are ready when you need them.

Order History - Each user’s account has a portfolio of all pending and previous jobs. This allows users to see the status of their order as well as place reorders with just a click of a button.

At Conquest Graphics, our Portal integration team consists of experienced developers, designers, project managers, a skilled production team, and a customer service team who are all trained on your company’s specific Ordering Portal.

Better yet everything is done in-house, and we are always available and responsive by phone, email, and live chat to each one of your portal users, delivering you a solution that saves you time and money.

If you’re interested in benefits or integrating your e-procurement and supply chain solutions with an Ordering Portal, click the button below to schedule a free demo with one of our Portal experts today!

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