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10 Types of Outdoor Business Signs

Types of Outdoor Business Signs

Custom outdoor business signs are a marketing tool that every business needs whether a small business or large franchise. They effectively promote your brand and grab the attention of people passing by turning potential customers into customers.

However, with so many different types of signs out there, you will need to explore the different options available to you so you can pick the right outdoor sign for your budget and goals to start gaining more exposure.

Here are 10 types of outdoor business signs that will successfully bring more traffic to your business.

1. Vinyl Banners

Custom vinyl banner printing.

When you want to get your message out in a big way and at an affordable price, banners are the perfect marketing tool. They help you reach new and old customers and help you deliver your marketing message whether that be a sale, a store opening, an event, or a new product available.

Because outdoor banners are extremely affordable and effective at getting your message across, they are used by all businesses. From schools announcing an important celebration, a small business launching their grand opening, or a nonprofit promoting their event, banners are a promising outdoor business sign to generate real results.

Outdoor vinyl banners are made using waterproof, durable, and lightweight 15oz or 18oz heavy-duty vinyl. They are typically hung on walls, from the ceiling, on an awning using grommets and rope, or other hanging devices. They can also be popped up to stand on the ground using stands like an x-stand, or as a retractable banner.

2. Feather Signs

Feather signs or feather flags are a special type of banner and are the perfect outdoor business signs to place outside of your business and are often the first thing people see.

These types of outdoor business signs are typically in a feather shape and slide onto a pole to easily stick into the ground. They are a low-cost option to promote your business or sale and grab the attention of anyone who sees them.

3. Yard Signs

Custom yard sign printing.

Custom yard signs, or lawn signs, have many different purposes and are suitable for any weather condition. They can be placed in numerous outdoor locations like street corners, outdoor events, front yards, in front of your business's location, and construction sites.

They are popularly used for political campaigns and by real estate agents.

Although successful at promoting a realtor, a house for sale, or generating awareness around a campaign, yard signs are also extremely effective and affordable outdoor signs for other businesses as well including restaurants, campgrounds, retail shops, home improvement companies and more.

4. Ground Signs

Ground signs are a type of outdoor business sign that sits low to the ground and displays your marketing message or company name and other information at eye level.

You typically see this type of sign outside a business’ location like a bank, dentist, or restaurant. They come in many different forms like inserts for a-frame signs, monument signs, or even banners that sit low to the ground.

5. Window Graphics

Custom window graphic or window decal printing. 

Window graphics—also known as window decals or window stickers—can be used on the glass of your storefront or as a car window decal to promote your message and attract people to your business.

They are the perfect outdoor business sign to draw prospects and customers to your store as they walk by, to help people identify your business, or if placed on your car window, window graphics can be an excellent way to build brand awareness wherever you travel.

There are many different types of window graphics as well. For example, vinyl lettering, permanent or removable vinyl window graphics, temporary static cling window decals, or perforated window decals for stunning graphics to be seen on one side and a clear, unobstructed view from the other.

6. Wall Signs

Custom wall signs come in many sizes and materials. And thanks to die-cutting technology, they can come in any shape imaginable including dimensional lettering, so each letter is individually cut to spell out your company name.

These signs hang parallel on an exterior wall of your business, typically on the front or side, so prospects and customers can easily identify your company’s location. They can simply include your logo or are also great for featuring graphics and a special message.

Materials for wall signs include aluminum, PVC, acrylic, and more, making them perfect for long lasting outdoor use through any weather condition.

7. Blade Signs

Custom blade sign printing.

Custom blade signs or projecting signs are any outdoor business sign that is mounted perpendicular to a wall of your business. They can be created using various materials including vinyl, aluminum, acrylic, polystyrene, PVC and more.

These types of signs are typically used to help prospects and customers passing by locate your business and help increase the visibility of your brand and location to bring in more traffic.

Blade signs using materials like acrylic, polystyrene, or polycarbonate can also be accompanied by a lighting source making it a backlit sign which allows for better visibility in the evening.

8. Directional Signs

Outdoor signs in general help people find their way to your business. However, directional signs or wayfinding signs are the perfect type of outdoor business sign if your customers could benefit from a visual guide to help them get where they need to go.

Directional signs are commonly seen on roads to help vehicles find their destination, but they also have many other purposes.

For example, if your business is in a complex or shopping center, a directional sign that features arrows pointing in the right direction can help your customers navigate with ease. Or even campgrounds can benefit from a directional sign including a sign with colorful maps for nearby trails.

9. Pylon Signs or Backlit Signs

Custom backlit sign or pylon sign printing. 

Backlit signs or pylon signs are a type of outdoor business sign that relies on a light source to illuminate the message that is printed onto the desired material which includes acrylic, polycarbonate, or polystyrene. Although one of the more expensive signs, they help make your message visible even at night.

How they work is a logo or other message is printed onto one of the above materials and cut to the shape that is needed. They are then usually displayed at the front of a business or near a street to attract and direct prospects and customers to the business’s location.

Illumination can be applied to many different types of signs, like wall signs, dimensional lettering, monument signs, or blade signs, as long as they are created using the right material and have a light source.

10. Vehicle Graphics

Some people may be interested in your business but just aren’t aware of or pass by your location on their daily travels. That’s why custom vehicle graphics or vehicle decals are the perfect type of outdoor business sign to promote your business wherever you may go. And they help build brand awareness for those who may not see one of your other outdoor signs.

These types of outdoor signs are especially important if your business doesn’t have a physical location or has a location that people wouldn’t visit and instead visit your website.

Vehicle graphics can come in a vinyl adhesive that goes on the side of your car or truck or perforated window film to place on the window of your vehicle.

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