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Postcard Sizes: A Guide to the Dimensions

Postcard sizes and a guide to the dimensions.

If you are wondering what the best size postcard is for your marketing message, this blog will cover everything you need to know on the standard postcard sizes and the larger or oversized postcards.

Before we get started here are a few things to consider when reading through and choosing your postcard size:

Postcard sizes and choosing the right one.  
  • Postcard dimensions determine the cost of printing.
  • The size of the postcard may change the cost of mailing.
  • Each postcard size has a different purpose.
  • The design needs to correspond with the postcard size.
  • Postcard sizes each have their own benefits.

4x6 Postcards (Standard Size)

Printing and Mailing Costs

The cost for printing 4x6 postcards is the lowest compared to the other sizes offered by your printer and depending on how many postcards you order the cost could be $0.04, $0.14, or even $0.60 per postcard. The more postcards that you have printed the lower the cost per piece will be. Also, if you choose to use a coating this will also affect the price of printing your postcards.

For mailing, 4x6 postcards qualify for Frist-Class “Postcard” rate as long as you are mailing 500 or more postcards. This price of postage is around 40 cents per piece, so when printing and mailing your 4x6 postcards you could be spending around 50 cents per postcard.

If you mail less than 500 4x6 postcards you can qualify for First Class Non-Presort mailing.

Purpose of 4x6 Postcards

Because of 4x6 postcards small dimensions, the room for content is limited.

With this being said, many marketers use 4x6 postcards only if their budgets are extremely limited or for less promotional messages and more for updates or thank you notes.

4x6 Postcard 

4x6 Postcard Design Tips

Because 4x6 postcards have such a small area for designing, make sure to limit the amount of copy and design elements you include.

You can even include Variable Data Printing so the copy you include is personalized for each of your recipients, to ensure that your small postcard stands out.

If your design begins to feel cramped, but you still need to limit your budget, you could choose a 4.25x6 postcard so that your postcards have a bit more breathing room.

Benefits of 4x6 Postcards:

  • They qualify for Frist-Class Postcard rate when mailing 500 or more.
  • 4x6 postcard printing costs are the cheapest.

5x7 Postcards (Standard Size)

Printing and Mailing Costs

When printing 5x7 postcards, the cost is the 3rd cheapest, next to 4x6 and 4.25x6 postcards. And depending on how many you have printed, the cost is only about $0.02-$0.10 more per postcard compared to the price per piece of 4x6 postcards.

For 5x7 postcard sizes, and based on USPS guidelines, they are considered letters and qualify for First-Class Letter mail which is about $0.58 for postage. If you are mailing 200 or more, you can qualify for Standard Presort and for 500 or more postcards you can qualify for First-Class Presort mailing rates.

Purpose of 5x7 Postcards

5x7 postcards allow for slightly more room to include design elements, compared to a 4x6 or 4.25x6 postcard while also not costing much more. Which makes them perfect for marketers who need to include a little extra information on their postcard while still needing to stay within a certain budget.

This postcard size is also taller than most standard envelope sizes which means they stand out more compared to a 4x6 postcard in your audiences’ mailboxes.

5x7 Postcard 

They are the perfect postcard dimension for holiday cards, informational cards that lead readers to your website, or a promotional card with a quick message.

5x7 Postcard Design Tips

Although larger than 4x6 and 4.25x6 postcards, 5x7 postcards are still relatively small.

So, make sure not to overcrowd your postcard with too many details. Keep it simple and intriguing along with including an eye-catching image and a call to action, to ensure your postcard campaign generates results.

Benefits of 5x7 Postcards:

  • 5x7 postcards are taller than the everyday mailbox items.
  • Their size allows your postcard design to have a little extra breathing room.
  • Only a few cents more than 4x6 postcards and make a bigger impact.

5.5x8.5 Postcards (Oversized)

Printing and Mailing Costs

The cost for printing 5.5x8.5 postcards can be anywhere from around $0.08-$0.62 per postcard depending on how many you order or if you choose to use a UV coating for added protection.

5.5x8.5 postcard sizes qualify for First-Class Letter mail or Standard Mail as well. In fact, anything from 5”x3.5” - 11.5”x6.125” postcard dimensions are considered letters and for Standard Mail or Marketing Mail, there is no separate price for each postcard dimension, as long as you mail at least 200 postcards.

For more information on all qualifying postage discounts, click here.

Purpose of 5.5x8.5 Postcards

5.5x8.5 postcards are the size of a Letter sized paper (8.5”x11”) folded in half, which includes plenty of room to promote you company’s message while still keeping your postcard on the smaller side.

5.5x8.5 Postcard 

These postcards are the perfect size for promoting a sale or introducing someone to your company.

5.5x8.5 Postcard Design Tips

When designing a 5.5x8.5 postcard you’ll want to include an image or design elements while keeping the copy to a minimum.

Use type and design elements to move your reader’s eye to your call-to-action.

Benefits of 5.5x8.5 Postcards:

  • 5.5x8.5 postcards have more room to showcase details and design elements.
  • Their size allows your postcard design to have a little extra breathing room.
  • They make a bigger impact than 5x7 postcards while still being on the cheaper end.

6x9 Postcards (Oversized)

Printing and Mailing Costs

Printing 6x9 postcards can cost anywhere from $0.09 to $0.70 per postcard depending on how many you have printed.

6x9 postcard dimensions are a little more unique compared to other letter-sized postcards. Although they still qualify for First-Class Letter Mail, 6x9 postcards qualify for Postcard Commingling as well, which includes no minimum on how many you can mail, and you can still take advantage of bulk mailing with Standard Mail postage discounts.

Purpose of 6x9 Postcards

6x9 postcards are a favorite by many marketers. They allow for plenty of room to display imagery and copy that includes enough detail to really get readers interested.

Because of this they are often used for marketing strategies that take advantage of Direct Mail Integration, Mailbox Retargeting, Proximity Mailing and many more.

Many businesses use 6x9 postcards for every postcard campaign they run including birthday marketing, loyalty marketing, promotional campaigns, company introductions, holiday marketing, retargeting campaigns, and more.

6x9 Postcard 

Their purpose is to grab your readers' attention, and they deliver.

6x9 Postcard Design Tips

The size of a 6x9 postcard will already stand out with its larger postcard dimensions. However, it’s important to make sure your design is just as striking as the size.

Consider using Variable Data Printing to send a personalized message.

Include striking imagery on the front side along with a few details, design elements and an irresistible call-to-action on the back side.

Benefits of 6x9 Postcards:

  • 6x9 postcards qualify for Postcard Commingling making it affordable to send low quantities.
  • 6x9 postcards are large enough to include enough detail and imagery without overcrowding.
  • They’re perfect for any postcard campaign as they are sure to make a huge impact.

6.25x9 Postcards (Oversized & EDDM Eligible)

Printing and Mailing Costs

With only being 0.25” larger than a 6x9 postcard, the cost for printing 6.25x9 postcards is only around $0.01-$0.04 more per postcard.

6.25x9 postcards are used for EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail and are the smallest size available for EDDM, which is where you can simply choose a mailing route or ZIP code and reach every household on that given route.

This size is considered a Flat EDDM Mailer, and because EDDM has such low bulk mailing rates the postage and delivery rate for this postcard dimension range from $0.54-$0.26 per postcard.

Purpose of 6.25x9 Postcards

6.25x9 postcards are typically only used for EDDM. They are the smallest and cheapest size available for this direct mail marketing strategy.

6.25x9 Postcard 

Their purpose is often to introduce your brand to a large audience who may have never even heard of your company. They are a nice size to highlight specific services or products you offer while providing enough room to give your audience an offer or reason to order, sign up, or visit your business’s location or website.

6.25x9 Postcard Design Tips

Because this postcard size is often used for EDDM, your postcard message will reach many people who aren’t aware of your company.

So, you’ll want to include design elements and copy that provides your readers with enough information to get an understanding of who your company is and what you have to offer, while also not providing too much information so that they are intrigued to learn more.

Benefits of 6.25x9 Postcards:

  • 6.25x9 postcards are EDDM eligible and extremely cost-effective.
  • They are large enough to make an impact and to introduce your company.

6x11 Postcards (Oversized & EDDM Eligible)

Printing and Mailing Costs

6x11 postcards can be used for First-Class Mail, Standard Mail and EDDM as they are considered Flat EDDM Mailers as well.

For EDDM their postage and delivery rate for each postcard ranges from $0.27-$0.60 depending on how many addresses you wish to reach.

Purpose of 6x11 Postcards

6x11 postcards are often used for campaigns with a slightly larger budget and where you really want your message to stand out.

They are perfect for putting your brand on a pedestal (so to speak) in your audience’s mailboxes. They are often times the largest material in their mailbox and their dimensions allow for enough room to not only highlight services or products you offer but also can showcase several images.

6x11 Postcard 

When you have a huge sale coming up or looking to grow your business, 6x11 postcards are the perfect postcard dimension to make a big statement.

6x11 Postcard Design Tips

When designing a 6x11 postcard, you can either break up the design to include separate details or include one large striking image.

Many design these postcards in landscape style, so you can even try a portrait design instead to really make your postcard stand out.

Benefits of 6x11 Postcards:

  • 6x11 postcards are the largest postcard that qualifies for letter sized postage.
  • They're EDDM eligible so you can reach a large audience affordably.
  • Large enough to include a variety of design elements while making a huge impact.


Postcard sizes with mailing information space. 

Each postcard size has its own purpose and has advantages and disadvantages compared to the other sizes, and it’s important to choose the right one for your marketing message.

Each one will determine the cost of printing and mailing and each one is better suited for your specific goals, budget, and desired design.

Now that you have gotten the run down on each postcard dimension, you are ready to choose the best size for your marketing goals and budget. Click the button below to get started on your postcard marketing campaign and take advantage of our postcard design templates below to ensure your postcards are printed perfectly.

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