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How To Go Digital With Your Direct Mail Marketing

How to go digital with your direct mail marketing. 
Consumers are becoming increasingly digitally connected to the world. And as we progress into a marketing world where digital advertising has transformed communications, consumers are becoming numb to all the digital clutter surrounding them. Yet, to keep up with these new digital connections, it is important to market within digital channels.

So how do companies bypass the clutter and get their marketing message noticed? The answer is by integrating direct mail into their digital advertising efforts.

Direct mail has proven to be one of the most effective marketing techniques that creates a higher level of engagement for its target audience. When pairing direct mail to your digital marketing efforts, you have an increased likelihood of capturing your audience’s attention.

To get a better understanding of how this can be accomplished, we have compiled a few ways you can merge two marketing strategies that are already happening, --digital marketing and direct mail marketing-- to combine the power of both for a more harmonious, effective, and efficient marketing strategy.

Combine Direct Mail and Email Marketing

You most likely—like many marketers and businesses—are using email in marketing blast form or even just emails following up with customers and prospects. But what about combining your email marketing with your direct mail marketing?

Email marketing alongside direct mail campaigns. 

You can enhance your digital and physical marketing platform by integrating direct mail marketing with your email marketing. This is something that can be done with the power of your CRM, HubSpot, or similar platform by utilizing direct mail automation and sending out a direct mail piece such as a postcard or newsletter alongside your email.

Following up with an email to your direct mail materials—or vice versa—is the perfect way to grab your audience's attention and increase the chances that they will respond in your favor. You can send an email before your direct mail campaign to build curiosity and after to follow up with an offer or to just keep your brand on the top of your audience's minds.

One really advanced way to combine email and direct mail is by using the power of a data driven solution such as Mailbox Retargeting. With this marketing solution you can convert your anonymous website visitors through the power of well-timed and relevant emails and direct mail. Sending a physical, tangible medium combined with an email, will elevate your brand above your competitors and reconnect you with prospects who were interested but left your website without buying or signing up.

Use Direct Mail to Drive Your Audience to Your Website

One of the best strategies in going digital with your direct mail marketing, is by mailing a printed material that drives your audience to an online destination.

By creating an impelling call to action and implementing it into your direct mail piece you can easily entice consumers to visit your website, social media account, or app. Ways that this can successfully be done is by inserting a QR Code for them to scan or include a promo code and the URL to the page they can use it. This can be done effectively and affordably by using Variable Data Printing to ensure each recipient receives a unique code.

It is important to note that to move your audience from your direct mail piece to your digital channel, you need to give them a riveting reason they should. You can create an offer that they cannot refuse, or one that motivates them in wanting to learn more. Also, remember to only use one call to action, it can confuse your audience if you include multiple and they may stray away from your original intention.

Sync Your Direct Mail Campaign with Your Social Media

Sync your direct mail campaign with your social media. 

Direct mail and social media can be a perfect match in creating amazing results. This is because, for one, social media is one of the cheapest ways to communicate on a variety of channels. And secondly, unless an individual unfollows you, your audience is almost always going to see your social media post and are guaranteed to see your direct mail piece.

You can use a social media post to get people excited about your direct mail campaign that will be launched soon—include an offer to get them even more excited. If you are launching a new product soon you can use your social media channel to tease the benefits and then launch a direct mail campaign letting your audience know that the product is now available.

One of the simplest ways to sync your direct mail campaign with your social media, is to post the exact content of your marketing material to your social media site. After you designed and have ready to go direct mail materials, they can be easily shared on your social media site for more visibility and brand awareness. This can include posting an image of the front design of your postcard or the cover of your catalog.

Now that you have learned about a few ways on how you can go digital with your direct mail marketing, check out one of our leading print solutions, Variable Data Printing, by clicking below. Variable Data can help you create a seamless and cost-effective connection between your digital and direct mail strategies. If you have questions on any other capabilities we offer, feel free to give our experts a call at (800) 707-9903. We are here to help you with all you integrated digital and direct mail needs.

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