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Catalog Portals: How They Make Catalog Ordering Easy

Easy catalog ordering with an ordering portal.

The problem that many companies face, is the catalog ordering process. It can be time consuming and requires many steps to ensure everything is consistent throughout each department or location. And for management, this can be stressful to make sure the design or variable information—such as addresses and names—is exactly right, companywide.

To take the hassle out of catalog ordering, businesses have looked to catalog portals to manage, create, print, order and mail their catalogs for their entire company whether big or small.

What Is A Catalog Portal?

A catalog ordering portal or web-to-print software, is an online storefront that houses all your company’s catalogs—and all other marketing materials—in one place for effortless, consistent, affordable, and fast ordering for you and your employees. Think of catalog portals as something like an archive for all your marketing materials.

This advanced marketing tool allows you to upload your catalog templates for easy access to designs and provides an effortless ordering process. Because materials and templates are housed in one online storefront, different users, departments, or locations can simply login and order their catalogs independently. While also providing you with essential management abilities.

Why Should I Care?

Catalogs are a huge deal in the marketing world. Whether you implement them into direct mail campaigns or hand them out at trade shows, they hold valuable information about your company and holds one of the highest ROI compared to other marketing materials. With being such an essential marketing tool for your business, it is important to handle them in a successful manner and to make sure they represent your business consistently throughout your entire company.

Easy catalog ordering with an ordering portal. 

The way this is achieved is through a catalog portal. Catalog ordering portals are so successful because they pose a high-quality online storefront that houses all your companies marketing materials providing a consistent brand.

The real question is, why wouldn’t your care? Ordering portals as your company's catalog ordering method, creates a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way for your business to function smoothly and consistently to promote your brand successfully.

How Do Portals Make Catalog Ordering Easy?

A portal provides easy catalog ordering by creating an effortless self-service ordering experience for you and your entire company.

The simplicity of a catalog portal begins at the very beginning. By simply inputting into your portal your catalog design templates and applying any desired rules including what information other users can change, frequency of ordering, how many can be ordered, etc., your company is than ready to place catalog orders as easy as a few clicks. You can also implement other marketing materials into your portal as well including business cards, brochures, event banners and more.

You may have a special annual catalog or a monthly one that changes styles and information. With a catalog portal it is easier than ever to update your content or change templates whenever you need to, with no questioning if your branch a thousand miles away is using the wrong template.

A catalog portal not only makes ordering materials easier, but it also saves you valuable time and money. Allowing other users within your business to place their own orders, there is no wasted time on making sure everything is consistent or taking time away from other departments to create and plan mailing or ordering strategies. Imagine the time and money saved on not having to walk through unneeded steps on what regulations need to be in place and not ever having to trash materials that were created but did not meet your companies brand guidelines. That is what catalog portals do.

The extra advantage of a catalog portal is the approval side. This management capability provides you the power to oversee orders placed throughout every department and location.

Managing access to content and the ability to allow only minor editing components such as names, address, etc. Provides you with insurance that your catalog design and company branding is consistent and viewed the way you intended.

Overall, an ordering portal makes catalog ordering so easy by giving access to certain users to login to the catalog portal and place orders effortlessly while maintaining your companies brand consistency.

Who Offers A Catalog Portal?

Advanced printing companies like Conquest Graphics offer ordering portals or web-to-print software that houses all your catalogs and any other marketing materials you need.

Our ordering portals are custom made for you and with our mailing center, portal experts, design services and high-quality printing capabilities, we can ensure you the perfect catalog portal made just for your business. Our state-of-the-art portal technology features everything your company needs and more! So, let’s get started and schedule a free demo with one of our portal experts today and see how our ordering portals can make your catalog ordering so easy!

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