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Design an Effective Sell Sheet


When working with clients it’s extremely helpful to have a flyer that you can hand them outlining the pricing information of the products or services you offer. Providing sell sheets for your business will help your customers understand the price involved with doing business with you and exactly what their money will be going towards.

Sell Sheets are flyers that will allow you to present a lot of information in a small space and are extremely affordable for any business. Just like restaurants have menus, businesses that sell products, and especially ones that provide services, need a sell sheet.

Here are a few tips that will help you design a stellar sell sheet to provide to your customers and help you get more business.

Be specific and keep it short

Although the standard 8.5” x 11” flyer will give you plenty of room to fill with copy, keeping it short and concise will help your customer stay focused. Filling your sell sheet with unnecessary jargon or overly technical explanations will do nothing more than confuse your customer.

Think about the problem you’re trying to solve for your customer, outline it in a few sentences and then explain why your solution is the best choice for them. Explain the reasons why your product or services are better than your competitors. Anyone that picks up your shell sheet should know exactly what your business is selling and why they should choose you to get the job done.

Using Visual Aids

Using some sort of visual aid will help you customer digest information quickly. Customers can digest information easier when it is organized into a visual aid like a table or graph. Around two thirds of your sell sheet should be some sort of visual aid. It also helps to break up text, so your sell sheet does not end up being a bunch of blocks of text. Adding visual aids helps your sell sheet look more inviting and easier to read.

The most common visual aid for sell sheets is a table, chart or list outlining the choices your customer needs to make. For instance, a landscaper offers a variety of different services that are priced based on the amount of property that they may be responsible for. A chart showing the pricing information for all these services will help customers understand exactly what to expect and how much it will cost.

Your visual aids should be the stars of your sell sheet. A customer should not have to read a whole lot to figure out how much something is going to cost them.

Stay focused

Sell sheets should focus on a small suite of products that solve a problem for a specific set of customers. It’s perfectly fine to have several sheets for specific products and services. Remember, you're not trying to outline everything your company does, like a catalog would; just inform your customers about a specific piece of your business, the problems it will help them solve and the pricing structure you associate with it.

Remember that your sell sheet's purpose is to help customers understand pricing, especially if you have a complex pricing structure. With that, make price the star of the show. Keep the customer focused on costs and help them understand the value of your products and services.

Creating a call to action

No matter what you're marketing, you should have some sort of call to action or CTA on all of your marketing materials. With sell sheets, you can go a little further with your CTA and go into more detail about the steps that your customer can take to either learn more information about your product or service, or steps they will need to take in order to make a purchase.

CTAs can be as simple as saying “Call today to get started” or “Visit our website for more information” something that directs the customer to interact with your businesses more.

Using Variable Data Printing

If you have multiple sales associates or teams out in the field who need marketing collateral, you can use variable data printing to customize them to show contact information based on who is handing them out. You can even print several different types of sell sheets in a single run depending on what kind of specialties your teams and sales agents specialize in.

Want to learn more about Variable Data Printing? Check out our blog post on the subject here.

Using quality photos and graphics

This is your chance to showcase your business so make sure you do so with the highest of quality photographs and graphics. This may be the time for you to hire a photographer to take some high quality product photos or show off some of the jobs that your business has completed.

Your sell sheet should convince your customers that you’re a professional, and will help your business earn credibility by showcasing that quality in everything you do.

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