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The Difference Between EDDM Retail and EDDM BMEU

With the impact direct mail still has on ROI and marketing campaigns, it comes as no surprise that companies are continuing to look for more cost effective and better ways to reach their target audience with direct mail.

​One of the ways printers and mailing companies have addressed this need is through the use of EDDM – which can be either Retail or BMEU. But what is the difference between EDDM Retail and BMEU?

EDDM: Retail vs BMEU

When you use EDDM, you can submit your mail at a regional business mail entry unit (BMEU) or at a local retail Post Office. When you use BMEUs, the mail gets labeled BMEU and when you use retail locations, it gets labeled Retail.

Note: To clear up any confusion, EDDM and BMEU are not mutually exclusive. BMEU is a type of EDDM that differs from the EDDM Retail service. Continue reading below to see the features and benefits of both EDDM Retail and EDDM (BMEU).

Benefits of EDDM

Every Door Direct Mail (or EDDM) is a type of direct mail advertising that can be significantly cheaper than traditional mailing methods. You can use the EDDM mapping tool to target a specific audience based on factors such as household size, age, income, and ZIP code.

EDDM Route Selection Tool

Using this tool, you can select carrier routes that will best target your current customers and prospective customer base. While there are regulations on the size, weight, and design of EDDM mailing pieces, the post office provides a quick reference guide to ensure your mailing piece will meet the requirement. Most printing companies know and will be able to advise you on design parameters.

A benefit of EDDM is the ability to distribute mail pieces to a large audience for a fraction of the cost of ​Standard or First Class postage. The post office provides these discounts for Every Door Direct Mail because mail pieces are grouped by mail route (instead of direct to specific addresses) and don’t have to be sorted and handled individually.

How Businesses Use EDDM

While any company that does widespread mailings in specific areas can benefit from the discounted postage rates of every door direct mailing, there are some types of businesses that can get a better return on investment from EDDM. Some companies that can benefit best from EDDM mailing are:

Small local businesses

Businesses that cater to a specific local geographic area can market themselves to all of their current and potential customer bases easily and at a significantly cheaper rate than more traditional mailing methods.

Retail stores

Retail companies can blanket their customer base with coupons and offers and are able to easily track results through the use of barcodes and offer codes that can be integrated into the pieces.


EDDM mailings are a great way to send coupons and special information offered at both chain restaurants as well as local eateries.

Car dealerships

Car dealerships use EDDM mailings to target their customer zip codes to promote their car inventory and specials as well as service deals and coupons.

Political campaigns

One of the best ways to blanket your voting base with your campaign message is through EDDM. You will not only get more for your budget, but you will also be able to target everyone in specific voting areas.

Why Businesses Choose EDDM

While the primary reason businesses use EDDM is that it is a less expensive and easy way to marketing to their current and future customers, they also like EDDM because there is no special permit, no fees to pay, and they can mail out of local post offices.

EDDM - Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU)

The benefit of using EDDM BMEU primarily comes down to the size of your project. If you are mailing to a large number of routes with multiple post offices, EDDM Retail would require you to drop pieces for each route at each individual post office, which is very time-consuming and, as a result, very costly.

When you work with a full service mail house like Conquest Graphics, you don't need to worry about making this decision. The EDDM Tool offered at Conquest Graphics automatically determines the best way to route your project, and all of the mailing paperwork and deliveries are processed for you.

EDDM Can Boost Your Business Marketing Strategy

Whether your project ultimately goes through Retail or BMEU, Every Door Direct Mail marketing is an effective way to get your customers thinking about and interacting with your company.

See the benefits for yourself and learn more about direct mailing and which mailing options will be best for your company by talking to the professionals at Conquest Graphics. You can get started today with EDDM by using our online mapping tool.

Contact us at 800-707-9903, email us, or chat with us, to discuss your mailing campaign today.

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