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How to Use Poster Printing for Product Promotion

May 21, 2012 18:20
There are several ways that different industries and businesses are able to use poster printing to their distinct advantages when planning in-store product promotions.  By making a note of these examples, any company can apply similar strategies to their own marketing campaigns.
Entertainment industry:  The entertainment industry in general makes heavy use of large printed posters through online printing companies like Conquest Graphics because so much of what it offers is visual in nature.  Most commonly, posters of this form can be seen in movie theaters, movie stores, and the film sections of big box retailers like Wal-Mart or Best Buy.  When customers see stirring snapshots of romance, drama, or action represented on a huge, vibrant, high quality poster printing then their attention is immediately drawn in.  How does the entertainment industry make the most of their printing?  They use the best materials available, spare no expense on colorful, good inks when possible, and make sure to gloss (or double gloss) paper when they can. 
Mass transportation advertising:  This is one of the absolute smartest and most popular ways to make the most use out of cheap poster printing.  Any industry can advertise their product or service at a bus stop or inside of a subway station and find success—from restaurants, to athletic equipment or events, to current events, and even political movements.  The visibility and variety of demographics available is almost unparalleled because even the portions of the population who do not use mass transportation will still pass by bus stops every single day on the way to work, to the movies, or to pick the kids up from school.  Some important factors to keep in mind when designing your cheap poster printing for these locations is to remember that the brightness of sunlight can make colors look vivid, but in some cases may wash them out if your posters have little to no shaded covering.  Additionally, you might want to consider trying to install some sort of lighting for the evening and very early morning for the night shift and early bird commuters depending on the area.
Political campaigns and social movements:  Political candidates and activists love to take advantage of the size, and the bold and bright colors that cheap poster printing offers.  Not only can they be strung up in government buildings and inside private businesses, but they can also very easily be displayed in public spaces—such as the mass transportation hubs as mentioned above.  Truly, there is very little limitation to where posters can be displayed in public.  In urban areas especially it is very common to find them all over brick walls, wooden fences, in the streets, on the pavement and the sidewalks, and wrapped around telephone poles.  It is important to keep in mind that advertising with such a high level of general visibility and saturation should be family-friendly and appropriate to make sure you do not alienate any potential customer or turn them against your campaign and leave them with a negative impression of your brand.
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5 Benefits of Using an Online Printer

May 17, 2012 15:39
Value:  Choosing to go with an online printing company such as Conquest Graphics is generally a less expensive option than going through a brick-and-mortar printing business.  Not only is the printing process itself often cheaper but these companies also
tend to save on shipping and are therefore able to pass the savings onto the customer.  Many potential clients who are considering whether to buy locally or online falsely believe that the costs to deliver do not allow for competitive pricing—this is simply not so!  Thanks to efficient packaging and agreements with the postal carriers, online printing companies generally pay less to ship than you might expect.
Customer service:  One of the benefits of buying printed products locally is often the expectation of getting better customer service.  Most people don't expect to get great customer service by using an on-line printer but this is a misconception.  Companies like Conquest Graphics hire specialized teams of staff who are experts at both graphic design and the printing industry and are able to offer tips, advice, and troubleshooting over the phone or through the website—often 24/7.  You should never again assume that you will receive less attention for your needs and questions with the click of a mouse.  In fact, the reverse is actually true!  From the comfort of your own home, even in your pajamas, you can manage your business print advertising, shipment and delivery, and be confident that you are working with the best in the business.
Variety:  Online printing companies are able to diversify their offerings so that each customer can choose a customized print format and graphic design orientation based on their individual needs.  Some local companies, especially those that are smaller in size, can only store a limited number of products to choose from.  However, online printing companies generally operate from larger warehouses with much more storage space and often have few limitations on variety.
Efficiency:  Cheap printing online is fantastic for busy professionals who know exactly what content they want to market, the size of their budget, and where they want to advertise.  The websites themselves are set up to optimize efficiency in the shortest amount of time and with the best possible use of space so you can research product offerings, get a quote, receive customer service, make a purchase, and track your order within moments and all at one web address.  It is no longer necessary to travel to a store, make phone calls, send e-mails, and visit the website to handle each separate aspect of your order—everything can be done in one place!
Multi-faceted service:  Not only will online printing companies carry out the actual printing, but many are also able to offer delivery services as well—either to your own business or to the customers.  This form of a two-pronged strategy allows the customer to focus on the important product or service they are offering without having to shift to the advertising details.  Let the cheap printing experts handle the printing and your company can just focus on what it does best!
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Why you can trust an on-line printer to do a great job

March 26, 2012 14:38
Businesses of all types order printed materials for a variety of marketing products.  Whether you need to  print flyers, brochures, posters, direct mail pieces or business cards, you can often get a better deal by printing with an on-line commercial printer.  But many people are hesitant to order print on-line either for fear that they will either not get a high-quality piece or they are simply set on using their local print shop and do not want to change.
Here are 5 reasons to consider ordering print on-line for your next print job:
1) Pricing is better – most on-line print companies are large operations with tons of press time to fill.  They can group print jobs together and offer you a much lower price than your local print shop that is doing far less volume.
2) Quality is equal or better – these large printers have usually been in business for a very long time and these companies would not last if they were doing sub-par work.  Most on-line printers grew from a traditional print company and added the ability to order printing via the web.  They have quality control measures in place to ensure that they provide the best quality product on every print job.
3) More variety of Products – on-line printers usually can give you a wide variety of products so that you can do all your print shopping in one place.  Because these companies are bigger, they have more press equipment to be able to turn out everything from business cards to posters.  Consider what you usually buy from a printer and make sure the on-line company can handle all those same products – chances are, they can provide all your need an probably more.
4) Money back guarantees – always look for an on-line print company that offers a money back guarantee to ensure that you have a safety net just in case something does not turn out right.  Most good businesses offer a guarantee for their service and on-line printers are no different.  98% of print jobs are perfect the first time, but on the rare occasion that something does not print correctly, you can get your money back or get a re-print that meets your standards.  Some printers also offer turn-around guarantees so you get your print job on-time or get money back.
5) More services – large on-line printers usually can offer you more services than your local print house.  Most have bog customer service departments to help you (on-line or via phone) as well as mailing services, graphic design and more.  Most local printers do not have the resources to fully staff their operation, so on-line companies have the edge in this area.
Besides the reasons mentioned above, on-line printers are actually easier to work with then traditional print companies.  Getting a price quote takes just a couple of minutes and placing the order can be accomplished anytime of the day or night.  When you consider all the other products that are ordered on-line, it makes sense to add printing to the mix.  One great on-line printer to check out first is Conquest Graphics: they offer a ton of products at really low prices and their quality is top notch.  Conquest Graphics offers a money back guarantee, secure on-line ordering and a turn-around guarantee along with more services than you will probably ever need.  You can find them at

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