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  • Conquer Your Local Market Like A Politician

    by Joe Castagna | Apr 25, 2016
    Market Like a PoliticianPolitical campaigns have some of the same goals as marketing a business: increase awareness, communicate a message, and conquer a local territory. Businesses can use ​many of the strategies politicians use when marketing their products and services to local customers.
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  • Checklist: Real Estate Print Marketing Essentials

    by Joe Castagna | Apr 22, 2016
    Real Estate Print MarketingPrint marketing is a powerful tool anyone can use to help their business grow, but it's especially essential in the highly competitive real estate industry. If your goal is to become the neighborhood real estate agent, saturating a local market is the key to success, with the right print marketing and direct mail strategy, you can dominate any market.
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  • Political Campaign Toolkit

    by Joe Castagna | Apr 15, 2016
    Political Campaigns and Print/Mail MarketingIf you're running for office, or working with a candidate, using postcards, bumper stickers, door hangers and more will increase the campaign's visibility to voters and give you an edge over the competition. We put together the Conquest Graphics Campaign Toolkit to guide you through the most useful products and bulk mail solutions for political campaigns.
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  • EDDM vs. Saturation Mail

    by Joe Castagna | Apr 08, 2016
    EDDM Versus Other Bulk Mail Are you looking for an affordable and easy solution to increase exposure to your business? Using Every Door Direct Mail or Saturation Mail could be a tool that can help your business grow. EDDM and Saturation Mail are very similar bulk mailing options offered by the USPS and understanding both is vital to choosing the right option for your business.
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  • Ultimate Guide to Buying Print

    by Dallas Paraday | Apr 04, 2016
    Ultimate Guide to Buying Print | Conquest GraphicsWhether you’re a printing veteran or a “newbie,” The Ultimate Guide to Buying Print will be an essential resource. The guide will walk you through the print ordering process, help you lower your printing costs and help simplify your ordering experience.
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  • What is Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM?

    by Joe Castagna | Mar 31, 2016
    What is EDDM printing?EDDM is a bulk mailing option offered by the United States Postal Service that allows your business to reach potential customers without knowing their address. Learn more here!
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  • The Key to Affordable Business Cards Is Not Free Shipping

    by Joe Castagna | Mar 18, 2016
    Cheap Business Cards Are Not Always the Answer You probably get direct mail postcards and letters in your mailbox on a daily basis. You throw the majority away, but every now and then one will grab your attention, right? Direct mail marketing can be powerful and effective when done well. In fact, it’s been a canvas for many of the greatest.
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  • Creating Great Customized Printing For Your Customers (Using Variable Printing)

    by Dallas Paraday | Feb 12, 2016
    Customized, Variable PrintingWhen you’re working with a small budget, you want to find the best deal for everything you purchase. It’s no different when it comes to purchasing business cards. With so many online printers out there, there’s no doubt you’ve seen business card promotions offering your order free of shipping costs.
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  • Use Postcard Marketing To Promote Your Business

    by Dallas Paraday | Jan 14, 2016
    Postcard PromotionThis week, you received a few advertisements in your mailbox each day. Some in envelopes, some postcards and others may have been in newspaper or coupon form. Think back to the mail that came in envelopes. They were probably white, longer than the other pieces of mail, and said.
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  • Can You Use Recycled Paper In Your Print Marketing?

    by Dallas Paraday | Jan 08, 2016
    Active Recycling in PrintThe option to use recycled paper and eco-friendly products for printing is nothing new. We all know using recycled products is better for the environment, but how easy is it for companies to adopt it for themselves? Did you know: A whopping 91% of all printing paper today is not from recycled materials?
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