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Tri-Fold Brochure Printing for Lawyers

February 14, 2012 13:47

A tri-fold brochure to promote or raise awareness of a lawyers services’ is a great way to advertise. However, lawyers must follow more strict guidelines than practically any other profession when it comes to marketing their practice. Here we provide a general overview on using printed tri-fold brochures for your office while providing some cautions on what cannot be included. Advertising prohibitions have been eased but you should check with state regulations before printing brochures.

All sizes of law office use tri-fold brochures to describe their practice to prospective clients. Tri-fold brochures are as common as business cards today. There is no conceivable type of practice that would not benefit from this promotional medium. As all lawyers are communicators, the idea of having a standard communication to the public about the practice is something that must be considered mandatory. (It is also something that you can post online as a part of your website)

And so the question is not whether a law practice should have a professional tri-fold brochure, but ‘What are the key elements it should contain?’ Here are some of the key elements in the successful design of a tri-fold brochure for the promotion of a law practice:

1. The statement of specialty: Whether you are small office or a full-service firm with scores of partners, you probably have areas of expertise. Listing the areas that you specialize in is important for potential clients to understand. For example, if your practice is more focused on corporate law vs. personal injury law, make that clear in the brochure. If your office handles multiple services, list them in a general brochure or break down each aspect into a separate document to provide more detail.

2. Experience of key partners: Some clients are looking for superstars or “rainmakers”, some prefer to have a more simple mediator and some want a large team to handle their legal issue. Whatever your strengths, be sure to highlight the partners in your brochure and to note their key qualifications. Understand what your strengths are and convey to the potential client an idea of what they might expect from you.

3. Philosophy of Practice: Almost any potential client is going to want to know how you will approach their case, at least in general terms. Some lawyers focus their experience arguing cases in court, others on working behind the scenes to gain a settlement. A brochure is a place that you can provide some overview or your outlook you bring to the issues.

No matter which state you practice in, check the laws on what you can say in printed advertisements. Some items that you want to watch out for are:

• Including testimonials or referencing past results (some states do not allow either)
• Do not provide any misleading statements or overstate a lawyers qualifications
• Be careful not to make your ad look like a legal or official document of law
• Watch out when disclosing fees for service – if you include information about fees, then  include all disclaimers.
• Portrayal of judges or of competitive legal firms is generally frowned upon
• When in doubt, check it out or do not include it.

Your overall message should be professional and informational about the type of law firm, qualifications of the partners, and general information on how you handle clients.

Once you have all the information and pictures together, let Conquest Graphics handle the rest for you. We provide templates to help layout the tri-fold brochure and can help you choose the right paper stock for the most professional image. We have handled brochure printing for many law firms so have the experience to produce exactly the piece you want to represent your firm.


Benefits of On-line Printing

February 14, 2012 12:21
The purpose of on-line printing is to provide all the services that a small or even full-service printing company can provide, but to do so using the internet as the primary medium of commerce.
The typical user of on-line printing services is someone who wants to enjoy the time-saving and convenience of working with a printing service company without having to make multiple trips to their
physical location.
Let’s take a look at seven key benefits of working with an online printer such as Conquest Graphics:
1) An online printer is by definition computer savvy. That means that they can handle all your text and images electronically. Generally speaking, the various Adobe programs such as Acrobat and Illustrator are used by companies such as Conquest Graphics, as well as TIFF and JPEG.
2) You don’t have to spend time and money visiting their location multiple times. If you work with an online printing company, and you keep track of how many times you go to their site to deal with your order, it might end up being a half dozen times or more. Suppose you had to make a half dozen trips by car? How much would that cost you in time and money? And if you chose to limit your trips, you might miss something important.
3) You can avoid sending documents through the mail. Email can move your documents through the mail instantly and without concern that they might be lost in the mail. Conquest Graphics uses McAfee Secure and VeriSign Trusted in order to assure its online security. Your documents are safer going through our website than if they had been delivered by mail or courier.
4) You can see the status of your order by logging in. At Conquest Graphics, we give you an account and you log in and see what the status of your order is. It’s kind of like walking into our factory and seeing your order move from stage to stage.
5) You can see the policies as they apply to payments, quality guarantees, and security. We at Conquest Graphics are completely upfront about our policies. We would rather you have access to all of our policies than discover something later that might be unexpected. So anything you need to know is right there on our sight. And if it’s not clear, contact our customer service department and get a clarification.
6) Your payments are secure. At Conquest Graphics, we want you to feel perfectly comfortable paying online. The experience should be no different than working with your bank online. In fact, we are an Authorize.Net “verified merchant”. Your credit card transactions are secure.
7) You have a written record of every point of discussion. All online conversations are preserved through email and communications with us through our website. This helps to keep everyone on the same page and helps in clearing up any questions that may arise in terms of billing or delivery dates.
The printing business is well-suited to an online mode of doing business. At Conquest Graphics, we have in place all the elements needed to ensure that your job will be handled with accuracy and in a completely secure environment.

Tri-Fold Brochure Printing for Doctors

February 13, 2012 12:19

The purpose of a tri-fold brochure is to promote or raise interest in a product or service. In the case of medical practices, another purpose is to increase confidence in the doctor(s) and to describe their specialties.  Doctors can also describe their philosophy, qualifications and what distinguishes them from other practices.    

Brochures for doctors should be professional and informative.  If the office has several different types of services, then it may be wise to have separate pamphlets that speak to each area of expertise.  For example, a dermatologist may have one brochure that describes identification and treatment of skin cancer and another that deals with more cosmetic concerns such reducing wrinkles. 

The overriding characteristic of any form of promotional material in the medical field must be complete truthfulness. There is no room for “puffery” of any kind. Medical professionals are required to adhere to high ethical standards, and any statement made in your brochure must comply with the standards of the profession as well as any applicable state or local laws.

Here are some of the key elements in the successful design of a tri-fold brochure for the promotion of a medical practice:

1) A clear statement of specialty, strengths, and experience. The first thing any potential patient is going to want to know is whether you are the right doctor for them.  When you describe your practice, use clear and simple language.   While you may be able to list your practice as ‘otorhinolaryngology’, it’s much better to state that you are an ear, nose and throat specialist. Save the Latin and Greek for impressing your colleagues. With potential patients, leave no room for misunderstanding;

2) Describe the extent of your practice:  Whether your office has one doctor or several physicians that work together, give an overview of how your office works to treat patients.  Some patients may be more interested in having a team of experts working together and some would rather have the personal care of one doctor to handle all of their needs.  Let them know what you offer.                     

3) Credentials count:  It is important to give your patient’s confidence that they are being treated by the best.  So include your qualifications on any brochure or any marketing material.  Detail your educational background, including experience at research institutes within the specialty, participation in professional boards, and certificates or accreditations. This sort of information is not clutter: a patient contemplating a difficult course of treatment is going to be reassured by this kind of information. 

4) Testimonials must comply with the law. Each state has laws which govern what medical professionals may or may not say about themselves when marketing their services to the public. Check with your state licensing board to find out what the rules are with regard to patient confidentiality, the HIPAA laws, and advertising guidelines.

Once you have the information that you want to include, take a look at the brochure templates available at Conquest Graphics so you can lay out the material for printing.  The brochures can be ordered easily on-line and will be delivered to your office for display.  Conquest Graphics can help you with any questions you have regarding the printing.  A quality tri-fold brochure which will reflect the high expectation your potential patients have of your profession.


Online printing - The Benefits

February 7, 2012 16:06

Online printing has made it so much easier and less expensive to order business printing than ever before. In the past, when you wanted to get something printed for your business you had to shop around the local commercial printers to get the job done. Ordering print on-line is easier and less expensive. In fact, there are so many benefits to ordering on-line that more and more businesses are switching to the web to save time and money.   

Here are some of the key benefits to ordering print on-line:

Convenience: On-line printers are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can place your order when it is convenient for you even if you work non-traditional hours. You can order print from your computer while sitting in your pajamas if that makes life easier for you. 

Price: Most on-line printers operate from a large facility that handles thousands of print jobs so they can offer you the best pricing available. These commercial printers save costs by stocking specific papers and sizes and printing similar pieces together. 

Quality: On-line printers offer quality that is equal to or better than a local commercial print shop. These large printers produce more material so they often invest in the most up to date equipment available giving you the best quality for a low cost. 

Variety: On-line print companies thrive because they can offer many different types of products to fit all types of business needs. If you need brochures, business cards and posters, then you will find that most on-line printers can provide all these items for you so that you do not need to order from multiple vendors. 

Quantity: No matter whether you are printing a large amount of flyers or just need a few, you can find an on-line print house that can handle your print requirements. 

Quick Quotes: It is easier to shop around for price quotes from on-line printers. Often times, you can instantly get a quote on your print job and even get pricing for different projects and press runs at the click of a button.  

Ease of Ordering: Even if you are not an expert, on-line print companies make it easy by guiding you through the ordering process. They often lead you through a series of common questions to help you get exactly what you need. Ordering on-line is as easy as looking at the product pictures and clicking on the item that matches your project. 

Full Service: If you have questions, need graphic design help, mail fulfillment, have multiple distribution points or have any other service question, an on-line printer usually is fully staffed to help you complete your project.  

When seeking an on-line printer, there are a couple of ways to ensure that you get the job done right. Look for a commercial printer that is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), that is a great assurance of quality and service.  

Conquest Graphics is an on-line printer that has a A+ rating and we also offer guarantees to make sure you are happy with their service. Conquest Graphics online printing offers a Total Satisfaction Guarantee, a Turnaround Guarantee to make sure you get the material by your deadline and a Secure Ordering Process.  

One way to get a good feel for an on-line printer is to order a small job so you can see the quality of the work and how smoothly the process flows. There are many upsides to ordering print on-line and very few risks so it is worth a try on your next print job. 



Green Printing - Use of Soy Based Inks

February 7, 2012 10:21

In the print business, traditional inks are made from petroleum products. These inks contain a variety of heavy metals such as barium, copper and zinc that help disperse the pigment and quicken the drying time.  These metals contaminate the soil and groundwater and release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the air.  These contribute to smog, are irritating to the human respiratory system and are thought to be carcinogenic.  In an effort to lessen the impact on the environment, green printers such as Conquest Graphics have switched to using vegetable-based inks in the printing process.

One such vegetable-based ink is Soy Ink, which is made from soybean oil that is slightly refined and then blended with pigment, resins and waxes to create the color necessary for the printing process.  Soy ink is a renewable resource.  Much of the soybean crop requires little to no irrigation, limited need for additional nutrients and it leaves less agricultural residues behind than other crops.  Because soybean oil is naturally clearer, it needs fewer additives to produce the color.  While they are not 100% biodegradable because of these added pigments, they are a helpful component in paper recycling because soy ink can be more easily removed from paper than regular ink during the de-inking process.  This type of ink also produces much lower levels of VOCs to help reduce air pollution.

Many printers also report that they need less ink to print the same amount of paper when compared to petroleum based inks.  Soy ink has been found to spread approximately 15% further, reducing overall ink use and reducing printer clean-up costs.  The switch to soy ink has been hailed as a real step forward in protecting the environment. 

From a print standpoint, soy ink is a win on many fronts.  The colors of this ink are more vibrant than derived from traditional petroleum ink and so printers can save costs by using less ink during the printing process.  There are also less clean-up costs and fewer health issues for press personnel because there are not as many toxins released when printing with vegetable-based products.  Commercial printers like Conquest Graphics, have found that more and more customers see the value of choosing green printers for their work.  The benefits of eco-friendly printing are a big leap forward in saving the environment for future generations so consider using a green printer on your next print project. 



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Printing Tri-fold Brochures-

February 3, 2012 07:39

The purpose of a tri-fold brochure is to convey information about a product, company, service,  organization, event, design…well, almost anything, and to do so in a certain format which is easy to use. If there is such a thing as a “typical” user of a tri-fold brochure, it could probably be described as someone who: 

  • wants to provide essential information in a concise manner wants to use text and illustrations efficiently in get a reader to want to know more wants to provide this information in a form which is highly versatile in the way it can be used.

Of all the various brochure designs available – and Conquest Graphics uses them all – the tri-fold is the most commonly used one.  
The tri-fold design is also known as the letter fold. Tri-fold brochure is slightly misleading, as there are actually only two folds, resulting in three panels.
These are some of the reasons that make the tri-fold so useful:

  • A tri-fold brochure can be slipped right into a standard Number Ten envelope. 
  • Tri-fold brochures can be put inside a large presentation folder.    
  • Tri-fold brochures can be put into boxes and shipped along with other items, such as booklets, letters or products.
  • A tri-fold brochure, if designed correctly, can be used in holders on counters, in waiting rooms or in other displays. The key is to make sure that the front graphic is strong and that the header is high enough to peek out above the holder (typically extending up a couple of inches from the bottom).
  • A tri-fold brochure can be slipped into a pocket or a purse – fits perfectly there as well.
  • A tri-fold brochure can be read panel by panel, or it can be expanded so that the viewer can get a view of an illustration or graph which extends across several panels.
  • A tri-fold brochure can be seen as a very inexpensive “platform” which launches the reader into other media sites. By showing your various website addresses and by the use of the increasingly popular QR codes, a reader of the brochure can be sent off in several other directions in search of more detailed information about your product, service, organization, etc.

Clearly this is a very versatile marketing option, but as with all marketing pieces, it is important to know what the use of the tri-fold brochure is, where it is going to be used and the audience to which it is targeted. A well designed brochure is key to being read.

Whether your need for brochures is for a very small project, or the largest of the large, Conquest has the capabilities, the equipment, the software programs, and the experienced staff to handle your job. Contact us today.


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Online Printers-Is online Printing right for you?

February 2, 2012 06:50

Online printers are just that; printing companies where you can order your printing right online. With online printers you choose your product, paper, quantity and even time frame to get the job done. Then you upload your artwork, pay and add your shipping information and you are good to go! In a few days your printed materials will arrive and you will be ready to distribute your newly printer materials. And your savings will be significant!

Sounds simple. But there are some things to think about.

Artwork: Do you have artwork that is compatable with the online printers needs? Typically it needs to be in the following formats:  



  •     Adobe Acrobat PDF
  •     Adobe InDesign
  •     Adobe Illustrator
  •     Adobe Photoshop
  •     QuarkXpress 
  •     JPEG
  •     TIFF
  •     EPS

Most online printers do no accept Microsoft Publisher, Word or Excel files, unless they have been converted to a PDF. But even then the quality may not be what you need to really produce an excellent product. If you are going to be creating brochures or flyers, it is often best to get a product like Adobe Photoshop. They are relatively inexpensive, allow for a variety of formats, have pre-designed backgrounds and can export to the correct format.

Quality: Online printers offer excellent quality. In fact it is as good or better than a local shop. Online printeres are often very large operations that have the ability to keep up with advances in technology and equipment. In addition they are able to take advantage of economy of scale of their large volumes to save you money.

Turnaround Time: Turnaround time at online printers vary, in fact that is one of the great things about online printers. You can choose when you want to get your materials. Often times there is even a DECREASE in price if you can wait. Of course they offer rush jobs as well, but you are going to pay a premium for the printing AND the shipping.

Shipping:How long do you have to wait for the shipping and what is the cost. One of the big reasons to use an online printer is to save money. If you eat up your savings with shipping, it doesn't make sense. Planning is important and will save you time and money.

Guarantee: How long has the company been around? Does the online printer have a guarantee? Reputable online printers are going to get it right almost every time, and if they have good quality control, then it is almost 100%, but you still want to know you have recourse. At Conquest Graphics we have a great guarantee and 90 years of experience to get the job right in the first place.

Reputation: What do reviews say? Does the company have a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating? (this is not easy to get). Conquest Graphics has an A+ rating.

So once you know what you are looking for, it doesn't have to be scary to use an online printer. In fact, the benefits are many, and the risks are low when you deal with a reputable online printer. If you want to take the step to use  an online printer, try a low cost item that you have no timeline on and print that. It is no risk to you and will show you that there your job quality will be high and your turnaound time will be good. Try ordering a brochure or flyer in a small quantity and give it a try!





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Green Printing: 5 Myths about Recycled Paper

January 31, 2012 15:44

Recycled Paper

Green printing is on the rise, but there are still biases against using recycled papers. A study recent study in Britain found that over 1/3rd of business owners preferred not to use recycled paper due to outdated reasoning.  Here are the top 5 myths that were cited:  

Myth 1: Recycled paper just doesn’t look as good.  It is not as professional and it is not as smooth and white as non-recycled paper.
Fact: Over the years, there have been huge improvements in the quality of recycled paper and many people could not tell the difference between virgin and recycled paper without a notation that states the paper is recycled.  There are different grades of paper available depending on your print needs but if you want an ultra-white, smooth paper, then you can get that with recycled products today.

Myth 2: The print quality isn’t as clear on recycled paper.  The ink tends to bleed and the color isn’t as vibrant.
Fact: There is no difference in print quality on recycled vs. non-recycled paper.  The ink coverage and color concentration will be the same depending on the grade of paper used (recycled or not).

Myth 3: Recycled paper costs more than regular paper.  
Fact: The difference in paper costs is narrower than in the past and the most commonly used grades of recycled paper are only slightly higher than virgin paper. Buying in bulk and with adequate lead time can help minimize the small cost difference.

Myth 4: All paper is recycled these days so you do not need to make a special request for it.
Fact: Actually 90% of the paper used today is made from virgin fiber even though recycled paper is more available today than years past.  Because many customers assume that paper is recycled, they do not ask before placing a print order.  Look for a green printer, such as Conquest Graphics, that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified or be sure to ask that your print job be printed on recycled paper.  

Myth 5: Recycling paper does not help the environment because the recycling process uses so much more energy.   
Fact: Recycling paper saves trees, energy and water and it produces less pollution.  The recycling process uses more benign chemicals and less bleach than needed to produce virgin paper.  Plus, reusing the paper helps by not adding to the landfill problem.  

If you are concerned about the environment, then do your research before selecting a printer for your next project.  Recycling has many benefits and there are more green print companies available than ever.   Conquest Graphics is an FSC certified printer and allof our paper has some recycled materials.  We also use soy-based inks and print in an environmentally friendly printing plant.  

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Green Printers: Conquest Graphics Commitment to Green Printing

January 28, 2012 07:29


Green Printing is a term that is tossed about quite a bit but green printing comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and commitments. At Conquest Graphics our commitment to the environment is good for the environment, good for our customers and good for business.  

Conquest Graphics is certified “Green” by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody (CoC) Standards.

At every turn Conquest Graphics Online Printing Company strives to recycle, reuse or reduce the materials that are necessary to produce a printed document so as not to add pollutants to the earth. 

In fact, Conquest Graphics saves over 6500 trees a year by using recycled materials  (as measured by the Shred-it Corp from April 2010 to April 2011). 

Some key elements of our commitment to green printing include:

  • ALL of our standard papers are recycled papers that are elemental chlorine-free and contain a minimum of 10% post-consumer waste.
  • We offer 100% recycled paper for our business card printing.
  • The inks we used are soy-based ink which is non-toxic to the environment and is easier to remove from paper prior to the recycling process
  • We use clean manufacturing methods in our printing facility which means that we use alcohol-free dampening solutions and water-based, low ammonia emission aqueous coatings.
  • Our pre-press area is completely digital so we no longer use any photo chemicals (many of which are highly poisonous)
  • We also recycle all of our used aluminum printing plates
  • Plus 100% of our waste paper is recycled

But our commitment to the environment goes far beyond green printing. We re-vamped our communication process and set a goal of implementing a totally paperless internal communication system. By the end of 2010, Conquest Graphics eliminated 90% of office paper usage which translates to saving approximately 30 additional trees.  Of course, any paper used in the office is sent away for recycling.  

Finally, even our physical production facility is “green”. Only recyclable materials were used in the construction and many factors were considered when it came to lowering energy usage.

And if you are worried about price, at Conquest Graphics, we are as committed to saving you money as we are to saving the environment. At Conquest Graphics, when you go green, you save green!



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Using Print Templates to Create Brochures

January 18, 2012 12:50

If you are designing a brochure and want to make your life easier, then consider using a template.  But be aware that there are two different types of templates available – a creative template and a print template. 

A creative template is a pre-designed layout that usually shows you where to place the photos and text. This type may also give you colors and designs to choose from but may handicap you by limiting the amount of text you can include or lock you into a specific type of font. 

A print template’s main purpose is to provide you with the actual size of the piece and layout the margins, folds, gutters and trim lines.  This gives you more leeway for creativity while giving you the borders in which to work.  On-line print companies, such as Conquest Graphics, print millions of brochures each year so can supply you with many different styles of templates for use on your project.   Just look for the library of available templates before you begin designing your piece.  Here are some tips to consider when working with a print template:

1)  Think about the size of the brochure you want to create before looking for a template.  Take a look at our last blog on choosing the right template for your project. 

2)  Look at the template to see which will be the front panel (or cover), inside pages, and back cover before starting your layout.  Again, it helps to take a copy of your template and actually fold it into the finished size so you can more easily visualize which panel is the cover and how the inside pages look after folding. 

3)  Place the photos, graphics and text within the margin area.  Keep everything you want your potential customer to see within these lines or you will risk getting some important information cut off in the final piece. 

4)  Watch the margin lines near the folds (this is also called the gutter).  If you want to have any photos or copy bridge over the gutter area, be aware that cracking may appear during the folding process.  This happens more often on heavier weight paper stock.   Also, look at tip #1 again to be sure you don’t have a photo that starts on the cover and folds onto the back page.

5)  Consider using a “bleed” when you design your brochure.  A bleed is when the ink extends past the margin area as opposed to a white border that runs outside the margin area.  A bleed can be solid colors or the non-important part of a photo that is trimmed off in the final product.  Look at the trim lines on the template as an estimate of where the brochure will be cut.   Do not put any copy or pictures into the bleed area that you want a customer to notice.

If you have any questions, it is always best to ask the experts.  On-line printers such as Conquest Graphics have a lot of experience printing different styles of brochures.  They can help you decide on the right template may work best for your particular project and answer any questions you may have about printing the brochure. 

To view some print templates, go to to get an idea of the wide variety available.  




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