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How Much Does a Web to Print Portal Cost?

How much does a Web to Print Portal Cost?

We all know the importance of having a Web to Print Portal. They help you save time and money, they protect your brand, and they make it so much easier to manage and order your sales and marketing materials.

But how much does a Web to Print Portal cost?

No matter how beneficial they are, it’s important to understand that the cost of a Web to Print Portal will be determined by 3 factors including who your portal provider is, how many products you need to have setup, and the products you order from within your portal.

What is a Web to Print Portal?

A Web to Print Portal—also known as a “Brand Portal,” “Ordering Portal,” and “Marketing Portal—is a custom-built online storefront where you and other users you allow access, can quickly and easily order all your company’s brand-compliant sales and marketing materials.

Factor 1: Different Web to Print Portal Providers Charge Differently

Brand Portal

Web to Print Portal Providers all over the country charge differently and it’s important that before you commit to a provider, you find out how their pricing structure works.

When breaking it all down, there are mainly two different types of pricing for Marketing Portals including the portal that you pay for just to have on top of setup fees and placing orders and then the portal that is free to have but you pay as you go.

The Paying for Access Portal

Some Web to Print Portal providers charge you extra costs including paying for the portal environment itself, paying for access, product setup may be charged by the hour, or they may charge a subscription fee of around $100 per month on top up setup fees and the price of the products themselves.


  • It’s expensive.
  • You may be limited to a certain number of product setups per month.
  • These types of printers typically don’t have competitive pricing so on top of extra fees, the products you order will be priced much higher.
  • These types of portals may also have a limit for how many users can access your portal and/or may charge per user.
  • There may be a minimum of how many orders you place a month, forcing you to place orders you may not need.

The Paying as You Go Portal

When you choose a printer who specializes in Web to Print Portals for many clients, you choose a provider who understands that one of the main reasons for having a portal is to save money.

That’s why Web to Print Portal providers like Conquest Graphics only charge you once for the setup of a product and that’s it. The rest is on a “pay as you go” process where the cost is based on the price of the actual products you order, and those products are never priced more than the products on their public website.


  • It’s cheaper.
  • These providers specialize in Web to Print Portals for many clients and invest in expanding and improving functionality which you never have to pay for.
  • They take into account market prices and strive for competitive pricing, so you never have to worry about being charged a crazy amount on setup or products themselves.
  • There isn’t a minimum of how many products you order per month so you can order when it’s right for your budget and needs.
  • They even have flexible payment options to match how your business operates.
  • You gain extra features which are free to you like a support team and help getting your account users setup or creating and sending a message to inform your company about your portal. They even help you optimize your portal so you save even more time and money.
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Factor 2: Web to Print Portal Setup Pricing

Setup pricing is determined by online design setup and static product setup.

The price for setting up online design features and static products—or products that don’t require any variable changes like information on business cards—are dependent on how many products need to be setup at once and what your design elements require.

The more products you have ready to setup, the cheaper the cost will be because your portal provider will be able to set them all up at once which saves them time.

Pricing for Static Product Setup

Static products are any products you feature within your Web to Print Portal that do not allow for any variable changes.

This could include t-shirts where users can only choose the color, size, and quantity while not being able to modify the design at all or flyers where the information included within the design cannot be customized.

The price for product setup varies but to give you an idea, below is an average of what product setup may cost you.

The average price range of static product setup within a Web to Print Portal is $85 for a single product, $80 per product for 2 products, $76 per product for 3 products, and $45 per product for 4 or more.

Pricing for Online Design Setup

Products with online design features include anything that the user may be able to customize. This includes addresses on postcards, images on brochures, or contact information on business cards.

Variable Data Changes to Business Cards in a Business Card Portal

The price of an online design setup varies just like a static product setup and will be determined by how many products you have ready for setup on top of what design features you would like to include. Products that require online design features will cost slightly more than a static product because of the design tools that are built for them.

Below is an average of what the cost for design setup for Web to Print Portals, or Brand Portals, are so you can get a better idea.

The average price range of online design setup for a Web to Print Portal is $125 for a single product, $108 per product for 2 products, $100 per product for 3 products, and $75 per product for 4 or more.

Factor 3: The Cost of Your Web to Print Portal Products

Once your customized Web to Print Portal, or Marketing Portal, is all setup, the main cost—other than any additional product setup needs in the future—is the price of the actual products you order.

Web to Print Portal System

This means, if you choose a pay as you go portal, you could go for 3 months without paying a cent, and then when it’s time to order business cards or brochures, you just pay for the products you order.

Also, depending on your portal provider, the print and direct mail pricing is market-based and matches the competitive prices on your printer’s public website. And for any custom products—or anything not listed on their public site—your printer will work with you on your options and a pricing schedule, so everything aligns with your budget and product needs.

So How Much Does a Web to Print Portal Cost?

Overall if you choose a printer like Conquest Graphics, the cost will be determined by your product setup and then the cost of the items your company orders. Which, our payment setup can match the way your company operates. We can bill each user at checkout or use purchase orders so you can pay later.

If you choose a Web to Print Portal Provider who charges you for access, you will be paying much more.

It’s best to find a printer who charges in a pay as you go process. If you think a pay as you go Web to Print Portal is the best option for you, click the button below to schedule a quick 10-minute demo. Our Portal experts are here to answer any questions and help you find the best options for your goals and budget.

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