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Affordable and Effective Print Products for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are dedicated to making a difference in the community. Many of these tax-exempt organizations serve the public interest with limited monetary resources, which can negatively impact their outreach efforts. Whether focused on raising funds or increasing awareness about their mission, nonprofit groups must make careful selections with regard to how they utilize their budget. 

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Organizations usually base these decisions on their objectives and how much money they can spare for promotional initiatives. Fortunately, there are several print marketing options that are both affordable and effective in sending a strong message.

Below are the most popular, lower-cost print marketing pieces utilized by nonprofit organizations to make a statement and create results.

Business cards

Business cards are inexpensive and essential to making a solid first impression with your organization’s official communications. They add a touch of professionalism to in-person meetings and they are easy to distribute.

The design should include relevant contact information and branding, as well as any mission statements or taglines to promote.

Another benefit of ordering business cards is that they are a low-risk project for individuals learning how to utilize an online printing service, as they comparatively low cost and available in smaller quantities.


Postcards are useful for increasing awareness about community causes and they are relatively affordable to produce.

Personalized designs and tailored content can target a specific audience. If you'd like to reach your audience directly, you can also work with your printing company to utilize their bulk mailing service. With a well crafted appeal mailer or informational postcard, you can introduce yourself to a new audience and raise awareness or donations with a small cost of entry.

If you are planning to do a mailing project, it may seem less expensive on the surface to mail the postcards out yourself after receiving them from the printer. However, you can take advantage of significant postage discounts by having a mailhouse do the work. Because they do high volumes of mail, a mailhouse has the necessary permits with the USPS to perform "Standard Presort" or "Marketing" Mail, which is often much more cost effective than using stamps or First Class mail. Many printing companies have in-house mailing teams that allow you to have your postcards printed and mailed at the same time, by the same company. This cuts down on transit costs as you do not have to ship your postcards from one place to another, as well.

To mail with your printing company, all you have to do is provide a mailing list along with the artwork for your postcard, and they handle the rest. Since they are managing the entire project from start to finish, you don't have to worry about learning USPS regulations on things like the required sizes, paper thickness, etc. - these are all things your mailhouse will take care of for you.

Experienced printing companies and mailhouses, like Conquest Graphics, can often provide helpful information if you are new to mailing or printing. If you do not have a list of donors or recipients that you'd like to mail to, your mailhouse can actually purchase a list for you based on your desired audience and target area.


Flyers are a basic yet cost-effective marketing tool that organizations can distribute anywhere from bulletin boards to counter tops.

The small size and portal nature of flyers makes them an efficient means for promoting events and driving the public’s attention to organizational websites or social media, where they can learn more about the mission. Conquest Graphics offers multiple size and folding options, including customized, as well as glossy and velvet stocks.


If an upgrade in size is needed, posters are a simple and strategic option to include in promotional efforts. Posters provide adequate space for a unique design and artwork that highlights messaging to bring attention to the organization’s cause.

Posters are part art and part advertising. Our digital press can produce posters as large as 14x26, and any size smaller. We provide the option of printing on a thicker, high-quality stock and choosing from multiple size options, including customized. Rush turnaround and direct mailing (tube) services are available.


Calendars are relatively inexpensive to produce and are an effective way to spread an organization’s message to a wide variety of locations.

They are also an excellent fundraising tool when used as the focus for an end-of-year giving campaign. Images related to the organization’s cause can enhance the impact of calendars. Many groups print calendars to use as gifts in place of holiday cards.

Our standard size folds to 8.5 x 11 and flips up with saddle stitching in the seam.

Most nonprofits are diminutive in both budget and staff size. The way these groups decide to spend their organizational funds is ultimately a personal choice, however Conquest Graphics is pleased to offer a variety of cost-effective print products to help support community causes.


Brochures are some of the most cost-effective print products for nonprofit organizations on a budget.

Thanks to the number of ways you can fold a brochure, there are many different ways to approach the design of such an item, so this opens up new creative possibilities that might not necessarily cost too much to create.

Whether you choose a trifold or a z-fold brochure, you're sure to have plenty of space to get your nonprofit's story across in an abbreviated fashion so your brochure can have maximal impact.

Most nonprofits are diminutive in both budget and staff size. The way these groups decide to spend their organizational funds is ultimately a personal choice, however Conquest Graphics is pleased to offer a variety of cost-effective print products to help support community causes.

In addition, Conquest Graphics offers our Nonprofit Print Grant program, which is basically a small way we like to give thanks to those who give so much to improve the lives of those around them. If you or anyone you know is involved in marketing for a nonprofit, we highly encourage you/them to check out the details of our program and submit an application to enroll as a partner today!

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