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3 Print Products You Can’t Do Business Without

Doing business without these three printed products would be extremely difficult.

When it comes to doing business, how you present yourself publicly is everything. Coming across as an active, engaged and responsive business can mean the difference between a potential customer choosing you or going with someone else.

We all make extemporaneous shopping decisions from time to time that are based on little more than the basic knowledge we’ve gathered about a seller while skimming through their public-facing marketing materials. There simply isn’t enough time to evaluate every single seller in the marketplace, and as a result, most people only end up evaluating a few of the sellers who seem the most established based on their introductory messaging across various media.

When meeting potential customers in person, it’s essential for you to have the right marketing media in hand to effectively imbed a memory of your business in someone’s mind and ensure you retain that spot in their final rounds of decision making for years to come.

Being successful in business often relies upon your ability to maximize the efficacy of the first impression you make upon potential clients. Doing so with printed materials allows you to have an extended impact on potential customers since print isn’t as easy to ignore as digital alternatives.

Here are three of the most important printed marketing materials you can order for strengthening your marketing messages and growing a loyal customer base:

In 2019, it's still essential to have business cards to do good business.

Business Cards

Depending on who you ask, you may hear a number of different things about the future of business cards and their importance in doing business. While some view business cards as the contact information exchanging medium of the future, others insist they’re a thing of the past.

While some innovative new apps and services have sprung up to try their hand at replacing the contact information sharing role of business cards, none of them can ever fully replace a business card. Many of the apps that have tried ended up failing simply because it’s more of an inconvenience to remove your phone from your pocket or bag to access an app than it is to just hand them a business card and remain totally engaged in face-to-face conversation.

While business cards typically include key contact information like phone number(s) and email address(es), they can be creatively reimagined to provide a canvas for any other combination of contact information your customers might find helpful.

How you visually brand your business cards isn’t just important for clearly and directly communicating how customers can get in contact with you, it’s also essential for establishing your styles and brand standard (such as your fonts and header/subheader styles).

Developing a visual identity of your own doesn’t just affect the clients you give your card to; it also affects your coworkers and employees by strengthening their sense of belonging within your organization. Something about having a business card can make an employee feel like they actually belong with your organization, and getting them to believe in your organization by understanding that they’re an essential part of it is an absolutely priceless method of getting the very best work out of your employees through positive reinforcement.

QR codes allow viewers with a smart phone to scan it and go directly to your specified URL. Simply having a business card to hand out at conferences or even just in daily face-to-face interactions with potential clients increases your chances of holding a spot in their memory dramatically. Unlike digital methods of communicating, business cards have a tactile element which is enough to give them as a more direct, personal and lasting impact on the recipient.

Put your face on your business card if you can. Even if you personally handed the card to your prospect face to face, they might forget what you look like and need a visual reminder. These kinds of connections are some of the subconscious things that drive people to make purchasing decisions down the line, so be sure to establish some sort of visual connection with your prospects through your business card, if possible. The more visual cues they have to remember your organization and brand, the better.

Without business cards, it would take a lot of extra time to get all your contact information across to everyone that approaches you or expresses interest while passing by a trade show or event. Even though many technological substitutes to business cards have been developed over the years, there’s nothing that can fully replace the business card due to its convenience and adaptability.

Not to mention, business cards are one of the most economical choices in print. There are many ways you can reduce your costs when printing business cards to keep the overall price of printing your own low.

Business cards are excellent for making a good first impression and ensuring your contact information stays near your potential clients for years to come. For that reason, they’re the most important print product for doing business.

Check out our blog post on the key to affordable business cards to learn more about how you can save when printing with Conquest Graphics.

How much do business cards cost?

By printing with Conquest Graphics, you can get 250 business cards for just $19.95! We offer crazy low, unbeatable prices to remain competitive and to offer our customers the absolute highest quality in print for an affordable price.

CG Business Cards Product Page Order Business Cards Now Do business better by printing your own letterhead.


When you’ve got something important to say, say it on your very best branded letterhead. Every legitimate business has a specially-made, branded letterhead for using in letters of recommendation and other formal business matters.

Letterhead can also be repurposed as stationery for writing handwritten letters to clients or thank you notes to co-workers. From internal memos to widely-distributed announcement letters from your CEO to all your clients,  letterhead can be used effectively in both external and internal communications, which makes it an excellent and versatile asset to have around your office.

While the audience for this printed marketing material may be relatively small, it does offer an opportunity to show your organization’s level of attention to detail and professionalism.

Not everyone will see your branded letterhead, but to those who do, it will convey something very important about your company that can help build loyalty to your brand. Very rarely will something on branded letterhead go out to all your clients, but it does come in handy for official contest winner announcements and similar semi-formal communications that are best expressed in print.

Having a professionally pre-printed letterhead that you can run through your office printer enables you to print cohesive, fully branded business letters for any occasion, and this can really help seal the deal for some of your business’ biggest clients. For that reason, they are the second most important print product for doing business.

How much does quality letterhead cost?

By printing with Conquest Graphics, you could get a set of 100 pieces of your customized, branded letterhead for as low as $43.00. And if you order in even larger quantities (which is definitely recommended for businesses that will be using their letterhead often, you can decrease the cost per piece by ordering in bigger, even amounts.

CG Business Cards Product Page Order Letterhead Now


Whether you need to mail a client an invoice or write a personal letter to one of your top customers, it’s important to make sure the very first impression the recipient has of your letter is that it is important, high-quality printed material.

Envelopes, like business cards, are key printed materials that make a first impression. In this case, the recipient will experience this impression when receiving their mail and opening letters. Your mail needs to stand out due to its quality and good design.

The windowed envelope is a great way to save yourself from having to print on envelopes and letters.Whether you choose to have envelopes with windows (plastic sheets that allow selected portions of the printed contents to display, such as names and addresses) or without windows (fully closed front envelopes), you need to make sure the envelope is the right size for the printed materials you will be sending your customers.

Keep folding in mind when ordering your envelopes so you don’t end up having a size incompatible with the materials you’re planning on inserting in them.

Envelopes also provide a number of unique branding opportunities that can demonstrate your business’ attention to detail, such as envelope flaps which can be printed a certain color or lined with your business’ contact information.

How much do quality envelopes cost?

By printing with Conquest Graphics, you could get a set of 100 pieces of your customized, branded envelopes for as low as $65.00. And if you order in even larger quantities (which is definitely recommended for businesses that will be using their envelopes about as often as their letterhead, you can decrease the cost per piece by ordering in bigger, even amounts.

CG Business Cards Product Page Order Envelopes Now

Being creative is key for making any of these three printed products an effective tool for your business. Be sure to show off your individuality and demonstrate your strengths in the design of anything you order from a commercial printer, and you’ll business will benefit greatly as a result.

3 Print Products You Can’t Do Business Without

When doing business, there are some commercially printed materials you just can't go without. Three of the most important items to grow your business and ensure you continue making great first impressions going forward are highlighted in this week's blog post

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