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How to Design Promotional Calendars with Great Deals and Ideas for Customers

Promotional calendars are a very fun and versatile option for marketing strategies in every industry.  One of the reasons they are such valuable promotional tools is that paper calendars are still incredibly popular in homes across the U.S.  In fact, a recent survey discovered that nearly two-thirds of Americans still use wall calendars and handwritten checklists for their scheduling needs.  This means that if you can design your calendar in a way that is attractive and offers a lot of utility, you create the opportunity for customers to store or display your advertising in their businesses or homes.

Through exciting and interesting images, a smart and strategic use of product placement, and an understanding of how to make the most of the calendar, you create the opportunity for a lot of earning potential.

Calendar Printing

Seasonal changes, national holidays, and even local or pop culture events that occur on predetermined dates can be connected to your brand. Grocery stores can market their turkeys, vegetables, and bakery goods around Thanksgiving. Clothing companies and department stores can advertise their winter wear and bathing suits depending on the temperature outdoors. Sporting goods stores can push their weather-dependent products based on the changing of the seasons.

This kind of planning in advance can require a high attention to detail and an ability to organize a lot of information, but with the customer service staff at online printing companies like Conquest Graphics you can have quality assistance from industry professionals.

Not only can you connect seasonal and holiday events with your products or services but you can use calendar printing to advertise any company-related events.  For instance, a golf course can use promotional calendars to generate interest in their tournaments, a real estate agent could plug showings and open houses, or a movie theater could list upcoming releases.  This is part of why calendar printing is so fantastic for business owners who want to guarantee that their marketing will be seen by customers on a regular basis.

Holidays and seasonal changes always inspire Americans to spend more money, whether to add to their wardrobes or prepare for celebrations or when they are considering gift giving. Make the most of this mindset by knowing how best to advertise your products or services.

Always be sure to put advertising logos, slogans, and any brand-related imaging on every single page, and remember that your calendar does not have to be a wall calendar.  You can design pocket calendars, desk calendars, and even some that can be attached to a refrigerator—and each of these should feature your brand.  This will capitalize on the fact that you are not only advertising your products and services themselves but your company as a whole as well.  As a business owner you want to ensure that your company name is prominent so that the association will transfer to any other needs or desires the customer may have in the future.

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How to Design Promotional Calendars with Great Deals and Ideas for Customers

Promotional calendars are a very fun and versatile option for marketing strategies in every industry.

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