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Checklist: Conquer Your Local Market Like a Politician



Political campaigns have some of the same goals as marketing a business: increase awareness, communicate a message, and conquer a local territory. Businesses can use ​many of the strategies politicians use when marketing their products and services to local customers.

Promotional print materials and smart direct mail strategies are very powerful for political campaigns and businesses alike. Using a combination of postcards, stickers, door hangers, and intelligent distribution strategies, you will increase awareness about your business and, in turn, increase revenue.

We put together this checklist to guide you through the most useful products and bulk mail solutions for marketing political campaigns and businesses to local markets.

Essential Promotional Products


Postcards, especially when used in direct mail, are extremely effective for any campaign or business whose goal is to capture the interest of a neighborhood or local territory. In today’s digital world, where technology has empowered consumers to choose what advertising they see and don’t see, direct mail postcards are one of the few advertising options that will ensure your message reaches its target.

Bumper Stickers

You may have heard that a bumper sticker is worth three to six votes, and the fact is that bumper stickers are an effective way to get the word out about your campaign and business. Your most loyal customers will be proud to put your logo on their vehicle, letting others know that they share your brand's values for quality and reliability.

Business Cards

The worst answer to “can I have your card?” is “I don’t have one.” A business card will ensure that a networking contact, business partner, or prospective customer has the necessary information to make contact when they need. Giving out a business card, printed on high quality paper by a reliable printer, will show your customers you care about the small details and take pride in your business.

Door Hangers

Going door to door is one of the oldest marketing methods out there. Political parties use teams of canvassers to speak with people about the values and principles of their campaigns, and you can use the same strategy for your business. But what if no one is home? Leaving a door hanger behind will let residents know that your business was in the neighborhood and stopped by to say hello.


Banners are an extremely versatile product that can be used in any political campaign or marketing strategy. Since they are reusable, banners can be taken to trade shows, community events or even used as temporary signage for a pop up shop. Use a banner any time your business needs to make their presence known in a big way.


Printing documents on custom letterhead helps further your business' legitimacy. If you are just starting out, using letterhead can make you look well-established and professional. Letterhead lets clients know that communication is coming directly from your business and, like business cards, shows that you care about the small details.

Bulk Mailing

Using bulk mailing can help you take over a local territory and make sure that when customers are in need, your business is the first to come to mind. Becoming the trusted neighborhood retailer or service provider is extremely powerful; when using direct mail, you can be sure that your marketing materials reach their target.

Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM is a program offered by the USPS focused on simplicity and affordability. Unlike other bulk mailing options, EDDM does not require a mailing list or for you to acquire bulk mail permits. Simply choose your carrier routes and your mail will be delivered to every resident in on that route.

EDDM does have some qualifications that your mailpieces need to meet to be eligible for the program. It is important to note that EDDM mailpieces are addressed to “Postal Customer”, rather than a named occupant like Jack Clark or Nancy Smith. You can find out more information about EDDM by checking out our What Is EDDM blog post.

Saturation Mail

In cases where EDDM is too restrictive or you wish to address mailpieces to named occupants, saturation mail is your next best option. Saturation mail requires you to purchase a list and acquire a bulk mailing permit, or work with a printing company that already has one.

After purchasing your mailing list, you will need to have your mailpieces sorted according to the walk-sequence numbers defined by that list. Since set up for saturation mail can be costly and time consuming, we highly recommend working with a mail house.

You can learn more about Saturation Mail by checking out our other blog post, EDDM Vs. Saturation Mail.

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