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Look-Alike Analysis

Reach Potential Customers Who Share Key Characteristics of Your Best Customers

Data Analytics 

What is Look-Alike Analysis?

Look-Alike Analysis—also known as Look-Alike Mailing or Look-Alike Reporting—is a marketing tactic where data from your most successful customers is analyzed to determine the key characteristics of your customers. This analysis takes a unique approach in locating records of potential clientele based on your best customers. And then creates a mailing list or Look-Alike Audience of consumers who match the same key attributes.

When utilizing Look-Alike Analysis, you gain access to an audience that is more likely to be interested in what your company has to offer.


We use advanced systems to analyze your customer files and overlay data with demographics and more.

Ensured Privacy

With privacy regulations intact, you can ensure that your customers and potential ones’ information is secure.

Integrated Marketing

Look-Alike Analysis provides comprehensive mailing lists that implement data into your campaign.

Real Results

Look-Alike Reporting helps you reach potential customers who matter most and generates better results.

How are Look-Alike reports compiled?

To create a Look-Alike Audience, we need to analyze your current customers. These individuals represent the kinds of people who are interested in your product or service and will determine your target audience. This includes consumers with certain demographics, incomes, current life events and other elements. There are a few guidelines based on the marketing area you wish to reach so please contact your Look-Alike expert at (804) 591-3356.

Look-A-Like modeling to reach the right audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of customers you have are the exact type of new audience you want to reach. Why? Because if your customers are interested in your product or service, then an audience who has the same key attributes as them will be interested as well. That is what Look-Alike Analysis does. You are able to target an audience with the same demographics, incomes, interests and more as your best clientele.

Look-Alike Mailing saves you money by providing you access to an audience that is more likely to be interested in your company. By gaining this access you can eliminate the wasted money spent on marketing to uninterested individuals.

Both Look-Alike Mailing and Propensity Mailing provide you with a list of predictive audiences based on individual’s likelihood to take a certain action. Look-Alike mailing takes traits and behaviors from your ideal customers and matches them to other consumers to create a list of individuals who “look like” your customers and who are likely to be interested in your product or service .

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