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8A-7P EST Mon-Fri

 Worcester Common Ground


Worcester Common Ground

 5 Piedmont Street Worcester, MA 01610




Worcester Common Ground is a non-profit Community Development Corporation that promotes and develops permanent and sustainable improvement in the neighborhoods of Central Worcester through affordable housing, community activism and economic development. Over the last few years, community gardens have become an important component of WCG's work; by creating resident-managed green spaces, WCG has been able to promote cross-cultural engagement, healthy food production/consumption and financial sustainability both for long-time residents and new immigrants to the City. Additionally, and as is outlined in our 2015 Annual Report, WCG works to develop projects with our residents and neighbors. Out intension is to help folks create an awareness of the importance of knowing your neighbor, looking out for each other and embracing the relationships and public safety that it brings. In that light, we created recycled art workshops for our children, extreme couponing and financial workshops for our residents and first time homebuyers, cultural cooking competitions and more. These events bring neighbors together, builds trust and knowledge.

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