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Nonprofit Grant Program

Better2gether RVA

Better2gether, a local nonprofit established in 2017, offers essential support services to children grappling with rare and complex illnesses in central Virginia. Our mission extends beyond the child's diagnosis; we strive to empower families by providing them with the necessary tools to navigate their child's journey. As the sole organization in RVA dedicated to addressing the non-medical needs of this demographic, our impact has grown exponentially year after year, as have the demand for our services and support.


At Better2gether, we prioritize raising awareness about our cause and the vital role we play in the lives of countless children and families. Through community engagement initiatives, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by these families and children. Our non-medical resources and comprehensive programming are designed to enhance the overall well-being of families, ensuring they receive comprehensive support throughout their journey.

Utilizing print and direct mail serves as a cornerstone of our communication strategy, enabling us to connect with families, volunteers, donors, and potential supporters on a personal level. Through compelling storytelling and impactful imagery, we share the experiences of the families we serve, making our mission more tangible and relatable to our audience. The open communication with our community, telling family's stories and the the challenging journey they face, elicits the opportunity to engage with individuals throughout RVA. Whether it's a donor, a volunteer, or a member of a committee or board of directors, providing insight and purpose to Better2gether is vitally important.

In 2023, we expanded our print communication efforts, introducing a 4-page donor impact report, donor appeal letters, event postcards, and save-the-date reminders. These initiatives have proven instrumental in cultivating relationships with our stakeholders and garnering support for our cause. The feedback from donors from our first impact report last year was remarkable. The information they obtained and the ability to understand where their dollars were going and why that matters proved to be an instrumental learning opportunity for the organization.

Looking ahead to 2024, we plan to further leverage print materials to advance our marketing and fundraising objectives. This includes developing brochures tailored for the community and prospective donors, producing invitations, posters, flyers, and signage for fundraising events. Additionally, we will utilize direct mail for our annual end-of-year appeal and implement an integrated annual appeal campaign encompassing print, direct mail, and digital platforms to maximize our fundraising impact. This campaign plays a pivotal role in our fundraising endeavors and is essential for our capacity to assist the families and children we support.

Children are diagnosed with rare illnesses every day, and we know that isn't changing anytime soon. The need to support and guide families through challenging times is paramount.

The support provided by this grant will be instrumental in achieving our goals for 2024, as we continue to connect, support, and educate our community and donors about the challenges faced by the medically complex community. At Better2gether, we stand committed to being a steadfast companion for families navigating the twists and turns of their child's medical journey.

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