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9 x 12 Landscape Catalog Template & Sample Design Files

9 x 12 Catalog Design Template (Landscape)

Dimensions: 24” x 9” when spread and 12” x 9” (width x height) when folded or closed.

Commonly Used For: Real estate catalogs, product catalogs, services listing catalogs, large annual reports, property listing catalogs, company introduction catalogs, trade show or event handouts, portfolios, and so much more.

Also Used As: A booklet template and magazine template.

Tips for Creating Effective 9 x 12 Landscape Catalogs

Creating an effective 9x12 landscape catalog is a strategic process that combines creative design with structured content organization. The larger pages of the 9x12 landscape catalog offer a spacious canvas for you to display large high-resolution images, engaging text, and additional eye-catching elements. Remember to pair striking visuals with concise, informative text when designing your catalog to provide a deep understanding of your products or services. To create a smooth flow, keep a balance between images, text, and negative space. Furthermore, maintaining consistency with your brand's colors, typography, and style is crucial for creating a cohesive and memorable impression.

To help in the catalog design process, we offer a range of free 9x12 landscape catalog design templates, including a customizable InDesign package and an annotated PDF. These templates provide guidelines for where to place design elements so that your catalog has the proper page layout, bleed, trim areas, and margin space needed to print at the highest quality.

If you have questions about our 9 x 12 landscape catalog template or need assistance with your design, please call us at 800-707-9903 or head over to our design services page to request design help today!

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