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6 Best Mailing List Companies for 2020

While we’ve taken a look at how to buy mailing lists, how much mailing lists cost, and how to create effective direct mail, we’ve never taken a closer look at the best options available in the world of mailing list vendors.

While we have established the distinction between direct mailing list brokers, compilers, managers and broker-managers, we’ve never actually pointed directly to any specific mailing list providers as being ones that we’d recommend and that we consider to be the best options available online.

To change this, we’ve compiled the following list of the 10 best mailing list companies for 2020:


Experian offers a mailing list configuration tool, althought it is a little difficult to use

While Experian is more widely known for their free consumer credit reports, they also provide a unique set of business services that are highly specialized across a broad array of industries. One of those services is direct mail list compiling and management.

Since they specialize in maintaining an unfathomable amount of consumer and business data about all sorts of industries and specialized practices, they’re able to leverage their existing information to generate highly customizable direct mailing lists that can reach the exact audience you’re hoping to reach almost every time.

The one drawback is that the tool’s interface may be a little clunky, but when you consider the immense amount of highly specialized information it’s able to draw its list parameters from, you can begin to forgive the tiny flaws in interface design.


DirectMail.com's interface for starting your direct mail list configuration session.

As their name might suggest, DirectMail.com does a great job providing direct mailing services, but what they also provide that makes them one of our top 10 is a unique blend of integrated marketing techniques and tools that empower their mailing lists to be as impactful as possible through analytics and data.

By strategically specializing in a set of 9 industries, DirectMail.com provides highly useful intelligently curated lists that can help businesses in any of their listed industries achieve their business goals, no matter how complex or confusing it may seem.

Caldwell List Company

Caldwell List Company request a quote page is where you place orders for your mailing lists to be configured by their talented mail list managers and staff

While they may not offer an instant mail list count and price configurator, they do offer a nearly infinite set of parameters for business, consumer or “specialty” lists.

While it might be a little less convenient to have to contact a sales representative and request a quote for your desired mailing list, the ability of their list managers to identify the best possible mailing list for your direct mailing campaign’s needs is excellent and they’re able to price competitive lists with counts comparable to competitors at relatively comparable prices.

The ability to order a list based on your description of your direct mailing campaign’s intent is a unique asset that Caldwell List Company provides not only as a convenience, but as a way of custom fitting the mailing list solution to the list-buyers’ budget or geographic needs.



LISTGIANT offers a very informative website and a clean design that other mailing list sellers would do well to make note of. The layout of the information makes it nearly impossible to avoid reading further down the page and learning more about what makes their mailing lists unique without even realizing it.

To instantly access any of your previously configured counts or orders anytime, LISTGIANT offers a portal that offers 24/7 access to list creation and review tools. This portal replaces the old fashioned but all-too-common source of the list broker, which then makes it so you can only generate list counts and build possible lists during their business hours and days. The portal allows you to make the most of their unparalleled high quality collection of lists and it allows for full customization as you go about setting parameters and qualifying leads.

LISTGIANT offers a free trial of their list building portal through which anyone can get a feel for how their mailing list portal works and how they can easily use it to build high quality mail lists. Their mail lists feature 400 demographics and psychographic filters so you can always make sure the list you build is composed of fully qualified leads for whatever your marketing purpose may be.

Prospects Influential

2020-04-07 17_03_49-Window

Prospects Influential offers a free in-depth consultation as its main selling point due to the expertise their team brings to the table as you build your business, consumer and specialty lists from any of their pre-existing list templates or a custom list of your own.

Prospects Influential list brokers work closely with their clients and provide expert recommendations and knowledgeable insights into the direct marketing industry. They're definitely the choice to go with if you prefer sourcing your list by phone and by working directly with a list broker instead of interacting with an online interface.

The team at Prospects Influential is always prompt, professional and friendly in their one-on-one service. They also offer expert advice on the best direct marketing list choices from years of direct marketing knowledge. They also know which versions of lists to recommend based on the specific requirements of a vendor since their list building abilities draw from many different sources and not just a single database of contacts or customer information.


While other mail list providers may boast more detailed configurators with a higher number of qualifying characteristics with which to build mail lists, they typically don't offer many features that are actually useful that you can’t also set using Conquest Graphics’ mailing list configurator. What Conquest Graphics' configurator offers is the perfect balance between simplicity and customization, giving you the ability to customize the qualifiers that really matter when it comes to forming a direct mail audience. To see this configurator in action, please visit our mailing list acquisition page.

Unlike other mail list providers, Conquest Graphics offers unparalleled customer support, enabling list buyers who may be new to the whole mailing list acquisition process to place orders through in-browser web chat, by email or even by custom quote form submission.

All you need to do is describe the intent of your direct marketing campaign and give us your geographic target, and we’ll generate a list for you at prices that are highly competitive with (and in many cases beat) the prices of the mailing list providers listed in this blog.

It’s always important to price compare before committing to any purchase in business, so we invite you to check out all of the list providers and pick whichever one you feel provides the best possible solution for you given your direct mail campaign’s needs.

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