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Outsourcing Your Direct Mail Program

April 30, 2012 12:31
Many companies continue to attempt to handle much of their printing needs in-house, using their own resources and personnel to get the job done.  Unfortunately, this is often because they simply do not realize that outsourcing direct mail printing can not only produce higher quality advertising but can actually cut down on their own costs
shoulder much of the burden of cost on buying and maintaining the machines themselves—this way you only pay for the time you use their resources.  Otherwise, not only are you paying for the labor and materials for your postcard printing but you are paying for the upkeep of the equipment as well. 
Businesses have to rent the space, buy or rent the equipment, hire and train labor, and are able to do so easily due to their pricing structures that simultaneously keep costs low.  This is only possible because they are specialized and experienced.
Additionally, companies like Conquest Graphics that offer online services excel at cutting down their own costs to pass those savings along to the consumers.  Cheap printing like this is only possible with industry professionals who are experts at acquiring and using the machinery in the most efficient ways.  This is wonderful for you because they offer their experience to you as a benefit through website and phone customer support whenever needed.  If you are unsure about a particular style of direct mail printing, or need assistance with compiling content or figuring out which color scheme or orientation would look best, let the experts help you!
Core competencies have become vital for businesses in these modern and competitive times.  It is no longer feasible for many companies to tackle production tasks from all angles to save money.  Instead, they focus on their core strengths—their products or services—and allow the professionals whose core competencies are graphic design and printing to focus on theirs.  If your skill lies in concocting and cooking amazing recipes and delicious meals for friends, family, and your community then let yourself focus on that instead of setting aside time to wade through and keep constantly updating on shipping regulations, electronic and technological variables, expensive and confusing industry software, etc.  Do what you love and leave the cheap printing expertise to the other guys—who love high quality, low cost printing just as much as you love to cook!
Some on-line print companies also offer mailing services so you can have the entire job printed and mailed through just one vendor.  The benefit of using a printer such as Conquest Graphics is that they have the expertise to help you get the lowest prices on postage and know how to get mail sorted for bulk mail delivery.  If your company does not do a lot of direct mail advertising, it is worth it to outsource both the printing and delivery of the entire job. Otherwise, you will find that you will spend too much time trying to figure out the US Postal Service requirements and will likely not be able to take advange of all the postal discounts. 
There is a certain level of skill required to balance and juggle the variety of regulations and constant updates to shipping technology and standards.  Luckily, there are companies that excel at managing all of these details so neither you nor any of your other valuable staff members have to spend precious time handling these issues.  When you outsource these needs to an outside business, like Conquest Graphics, you free yourself to focus on bettering the business from the inside out without having to sacrifice quality or value.
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