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How Printing Postcards helps Realtors Succeed

April 16, 2012 09:17

Sending out your printed postcards through direct mail, or putting postcards on display at your listings and other areas of high visibility, is vital for realtors in the market of today.  The real estate industry is founded on a basis of building relationships with potential buyers, and the best way to do this is through the use of relevant, high quality images on printed postcards that are colorful and connect customers with your brand.  Beautiful photographs, and the inclusion of your company’s slogan or logo make postcard printing a perfect way to tap into this industry’s potential clientele.


Realtor photos – Building relationships through direct mail marketing is easy if you take advantage of the opportunity to include images of your real estate staff on the postcards.  This facial recognition tactic is very common in this profession and you will see pictures of realtors on billboards, yard signs, and in newspapers next to the listings.  When you connect a face with a service then you create a sense of familiarity, and it’s important that the individuals in the images look friendly, competent, and well-groomed.

House photos – Postcard printing allows you to include high quality images of your products—the houses themselves!  Beautiful landscaping and interior finishes that pop will draw in potential buyers.  The real estate industry, like food service and sales, benefits very much from the ability to include pictures in any and all direct mail marketing.  Homebuyers fall in love with the dreams that the pictures inspire—not the facts and figures!  Draw them in with romantic, stylish visuals and they will fall in love.


Include your logo – Everything you print should include some form of a logo to create repetition and brand recognition.  Research shows that the logo can take a visual backseat to the other components of graphic design and still be unconsciously processed, particularly when there is repetitive exposure.  You want to be the ‘golden arches’ of your local real estate market!


Special offers – The nature of postcard printing allows for the back of the postcard to hold a lot of beneficial information, compacted in an efficient space, accompanying the image on the front.  Save the back for special offers like homeowner’s discounts, current event information like open houses, and contact information like your email and website.  When you utilize the competitive pricing of online printing companies like Conquest Graphics, you allow yourself the budgeting freedom to make the most possible use of the entire advertising product.


There is no real estate deal that cannot benefit from incorporating postcard printing into your real estate company’s direct mail marketing.  You can also tack your postcards up onto community boards, in your local Chamber of Commerce building, and even inside the showings themselves.  If potential buyers are still trying to decide on a purchase, it was be beneficial to send one of these with them on the way out of the door.  Additionally, even if they’re not interested in the property, you want them to remember your name, face, and company logo the next time they’re in the market to buy or sell.

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