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Creating and Printing an Effective Direct Mail Postcard

April 10, 2012 15:00

Effective postcard printing strategies for your direct mail marketing require smart use of space and enough color and visual appeal to draw the eye.  You only have a few seconds to capture the customers’ attention so sharp graphics, a strong headline and vivid colors are important. 

The benefit to postcard printing is that it tends to jump out at the home owner with striking pictures and bold text.  You can send your marketing message to your target audience at little cost.  And consumers love the straightforward nature of postcard printing.

Graphic design – It’s a good idea to include some sort of image on your postcard printing that easily conveys what your business is selling.  This doesn’t have to mean the image monopolizes one side of the postcard, but it should stand out as an accent to your text.  The text itself should use color when possible to jump out from the paper and do be sure to add gloss to your postcard printing.  Gloss makes a more attractive postcard and protects it through the mail process.  When you choose an online company with competitive pricing and high quality products, such as Conquest Graphics, extras like gloss are affordable ways to set your advertising apart.
Multi-purpose possibilities – One of the fun things about postcard printing is that the postcards themselves can often double as other advertising items—like raffle tickets, game cards, or invitations.  If your business finds creative ways to give consumers reasons to hold onto your direct mail marketing, whether temporarily or long-term, you are getting so much more mileage out of the printing itself.
Emphasize the hook – With postcards it is vital that you put the hook (or offer) front and center.  Are you pushing a 30% off sale?  A buy-one-get-one?  A new property listing or new flavor of soft drink?  Tell consumers immediately what you’re offering with that particular piece of advertising because they will only scan it for an average of a few seconds before putting it down.  You don’t have the usual time to intrigue them to make a sale and there is no opportunity for a slow build—you need to be clear on what you are offering.

Clear and concise contact information – This may seem to be common sense but it is amazing how many companies neglect one of the most important aspects of the direct mail marketing materials—the contact information!  Include as many ways as possible for consumers to contact you because there are always a wide variety of preferred methods.  Some customers prefer phone, some by mail, and others will only respond online.  If you hit all potential groups with one fell swoop then you increase the mileage of your advertising and further ensure consumer interest.

Utilize both sides – Not only are postcards two sides, but customers expect both sides to have good information on them.  Unlike letters or business cards, which are generally blank on one side, (although ideally this shouldn’t be the case) recipients are accustomed to the notion of a postcard with a picture on one side and text-based information on the reverse.  Take advantage of the idea that they will flip your postcard printing over at least once to explore the possibility of either a picture to accompany the text, or some information to give context to the image.  Check with the postal service also because the address panel can be much smaller than in the past because machines are reading the address (not humans).  So you can use more space to send your message. 

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