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Why Restaurant Owners Shouldn’t Ignore Traditional Print

April 4, 2012 14:44
With all of the creative options available for printing for restaurants, owners should never ignore traditional print strategies.  New fads like using iPads for customer ordering, displaying menus on digital signage, and the resurgence of the “drive-in” diner theme all remain secondary to traditional printing on paper products for restaurants.  Customers enjoy the enduring comfort and familiarity of the classic “sit-down” paper menu dining experience.
The menus themselves should be regularly updated and well-maintained—this means your menu printing should be done on high quality paper with a glossy, laminated surface, and they should be updated every time a change is made to your selections.  Paper without any lamination for protection and food products are a bad combination in any setting, but as frequently as menus are used in dining establishments, this form of printing for restaurants should include a high gloss whenever possible. 
There are few things more unappetizing than ordering from a menu covered with pieces of food and stains.  Additionally, updating menus by hand using markers or pieces of paper and tape looks unprofessional.  It’s always worth it to simply have your menu printing redone.
All throughout restaurants there are opportunities to utilize paper printing to better serve and retain the customer base; trifold brochure wine and dessert displays in the center of the table, theme-centered displays hanging from the ceiling and posted on the walls, and even greeting cards and rack cards for those franchises that choose to sell brand merchandise near the registers.  There are many opportunities to create an experience for customers that will extend beyond just good food.  Through strategic planning and commitment to a compelling, solid theme—whether it be “Tuscan villa” or “southern comfort”—printing for restaurants can transform the interior. 
There are several more in-house uses for printing for restaurants but they certainly do not stop there—marketing in the community relies on it as well.  One of the best ways to bring in new customers to a food-based business is with detailed, high quality images.  A pizza parlor’s postcard printing strategy could include a large, glossy, high resolution picture of a delicious pepperoni pizza and breadsticks on the front.  When a potential customer arrives home from work in the early evening, hungry and ready to eat dinner, this bright, colorful advertisement will pop out at them and entice them to place an order.  Few businesses benefit from using print images like restaurants and culinary retailers.
It’s important for businesses to take advantage of tools like websites or smartphone apps, and it’s fun and exciting to utilize entertainment devices like flat-screen televisions, but it’s even more important to not let the classics of print for restaurants to fall by the wayside—especially with companies like Conquest Graphics that allow restaurant owners to capitalize on these traditional print strategies through the convenience of online ordering and with such competitive pricing.  Trends like making reservations online through your cell phone and ordering your appetizers on the table’s tablet PC may endure or fizzle out, but sitting around a table with your good friends and family and flipping through a paper menu while you laugh and share the experience will never go out of style.
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