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Printing brochures for Professional Offices

December 27, 2011 11:19

Do you wonder if you should keep printing in 2012? Is it time to move everything to the internet? The answer is a resounding NO! How you use print, and how much you use has changed, but printed materials are still a vital part of your marketing strategy for 2012.

We don't say that just because we are a printing company, but because there is still so much that printed brochures and flyers can do for your business.  

When you meet with a prospect, it is helpful to have a visual representation of your products or services. Printed flyers can drive people to your website. They can explain multiple thoughts, or give someone a reason to pick something up and leaf through it. When you are not around, your brochures can still help you sell. People today want information about something before they buy it.

How can you use printed brochures? Do you have a waiting room? Then make sure that you have reading material about your business or practice. Doctors, surgeons, dermatologists and attorneys can all benefit from having brochures in their waiting rooms. Think about the services that you want people to know about. What are the top 5 problems that people come to you to solve?  Make sure that you have brochures in your waiting room for each one.

People who are in your waiting room are either doing business with you, or are about to. They are certainly looking to purchase your service. A brochure may make your prospects and clients think about another product or service that you can offer to them. Printed brochures allow people to explore options and make decisions before they even walk into your office. It can open a dialogue.

Here is a key tip, make sure that your brochures are professionally designed and printed on good quality paper. Reflect your image in everything that you do. The other key tip, you don't have to pay more to get better printing. Cheap printing can be quality printing. It is what we do here at Conquest Graphics. Check out our prices, you'll see that we have great prices and our quality is outstanding!

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