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Postcard Printing
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Cheap Postcard Printing
  • We use high-quality thick, glossy post card paper
  • Eco-friendly printing on recycled content paper using soy-based inks
  • Writable aqueous coating resists smudging and scuffing from mailing equipment
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Rush turnaround and direct mailing services are also available

Good planning is the key to successful postcard printing. For example, if you know the size of your post card in advance, you will be able to tailor the design of your post card printing project to the amount of available space. For professional postcard printing results that provide maximum return on investment, follow these bits of advice:

Postal regulations require heavy stock for post card printing. For maximum durability and a professional appearance, postcards need to be printed on a heavy cover stock, such as 10pt or 14pt cover. Coatings give printed postcards additional protection from damage during the mailing and machine sorting processes. Post card coatings can be glossy, matte, or dull for protection without the heavy sheen.

Postcards must be interesting and stand out from other items in recipient mailboxes, and good use of color is one of the most important ways a post card stand out. Calibrate your computer monitor and software programs so that the colors you choose are accurately displayed on screen. A printed color swatch book such as the Pantone Process Color Printing Guide is an invaluable tool that will help your post card printing look the way you expect when it comes off of the press.

A standard 4 x 6 postcard might give you cheap postcards, but they can get lost in the bundle of mail a customer receives each day. A bigger printed postcard size such as 6 x 11 is really the best way to stand out, and provides the maximum amount of real estate for your marketing message at the same postage rate as letter-sized mail.

Take advantage of free postcard templates from your chosen online printing service or online printer to ensure your postcard printing project turns out like you expect it to. A good online printer will offer you free templates to make sure that your cheap postcard printing will remain a viable method of cheap printing services.

If you are printing direct mail postcards, leave enough space for the address, stamp, and postal bar code at the bottom of the postcard. A good online printing company will provide templates and information about where these items should be located on your post card. Save yourself a lot of time and money by taking advantage of the bulk mailing services offered by your online postcard printing company. Rapid post card mailing services can be especially valuable when you are on a tight deadline.

A good online printing company will provide a wide range of available post card printing sizes and quantities, as well as cheap postcard printing services. If you are using an online post card printing service for the first time, select a smaller size, or a smaller quantity, and then you will be taking a very small financial risk if your postcard printing project doesn’t work out for you. That is the beauty of cheap post card printing – you spend a little, and get a lot!

Postcards are the most popular direct marketing tool because of their relatively high rate of response and the small impact they make on your marketing spend. Avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong online printer and blowing up your cheap postcard printing project – choose the right online postcard printer. Do a Google search for “cheap postcard printing” or “postcard printing”, or “post card printing” and be sure to visit several different online printers to see who has the best price, and who offers the best selection of postcard printing options.

An online printing service should make ordering postcards simple and easy. If the online post card printing ordering process is confusing and counter-intuitive, skip that online printer and try the next one on the Google results page.

Resist the temptation to always go with the smaller 4 x 6 postcard size because you want cheap postcard printing, sometimes a larger post card size like 6 x 11 is actually more cost-effective. Find an online printer that offers larger sizes for those postcards that need to stand out in a pile of letters.

Reputable postcard printing companies should provide free digital proofs for your cheap postcard printing project. Careful proofreading of your post cards for typos and layout errors in advance of your postcard printing project submission can eliminate the time-and-money-consuming hassle of reprinting an entire order of cheap postcards.

Any online printing company that cannot deliver your postcard printing in a few days time should be crossed off your list of online printers. Most internet printers can ship your post cards in a few days time, and some can even offer a one day turnaround.

Check pricing before you need to buy your business cards. Some online printing company will have combined printing and shipping prices which make it simple to see your total cost. Other printing companies show the cost for standard postcard printing but options such as trimming to a custom size are shown on another page. Always use an online printer who offers a comprehensive price calculator when looking to buy cheap business cards.

The last time I checked, postcards are almost always going to be mailed. Save yourself the time, hassle, and expense of stamping and labeling your post cards by using an online printing service who can mail your postcards for you. Use an online printer that will mail the postcards directly from the press to the USPS. All you need to do is supply a mailing list, and sometimes the online printing company can buy the list for you as well.

There are a lot of “no name” printing companies on the interwebs nowadays who are just getting into being an online printing service. They may have a low price for postcard printing, and they might even have cheap postcard printing. But some of them may have offshore call centers, manned by telemarketers who don’t understand post card printing services. Choosing a company with knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced customer service representatives will help ensure that your postcard printing project will run smoothly for you.

Conquest Graphics has been a printing company for nearly a century, and our BBB rating is A+!

Printing postcards is one of the most important steps in the design process. So choose a cheap postcard printer carefully so that your time and energy are not wasted.

Printing postcards is an effective and cost efficient marketing tool. Use them to educate people about your business or company and to offer discounts. The key to great postcard printing is to grab the reader’s attention and tell them about the benefits of taking action. Here are some tips for creating postcards like a pro.

If someone receives a post card overflowing with text, they will feel overwhelmed and throw it in the trashcan or recycling bin. Use your cheap postcards to make one or two points or calls to action. Offer a generous discount, or introduce a new product or service. Convey your message in as few words as possible with your postcard printing projects.

Your postcard printing project will be more successful if you use inviting colors and an eye-pleasing postcard design. You never know which side of the postcard recipients will see when they receive their postcards, so it’s always best to print in full color on both sides of your cheap postcards, as well as to have your call to action appear on the front and the back of the post cards.

How many times have you received a post card at home, and realized that it looks like a cheap ransom note because there are 25 different typefaces or fonts used on it? Design and create your cheap postcard printing project so that it uses as few different fonts as possible, and reap the benefits of great response rate, and successful postcard printing and marketing.

Be sure the recipient can easily tell which company the postcard came from. Printing your company logo in multiple places on both the front and the back of your postcard printing design will ensure that the reader knows who it came from. Make sure your logo is sized such that it gets noticed by the reader, but doesn’t overpower your postcard printing design.

When designing cheap postcard printing, a sharp color photo or two can add interest. Ideally, you would use a professional photographer to take outstanding, sharp and clear photos of your product. Always ensure that photos are relevant to your product or service for the best results with postcard printing.

Don’t overlook including a call to action, either. Tell the recipient what to do and how to do it. Ask them to “Act Now!” and include an expiration date so they act quickly.

Any successful post card printing project must result in a postcard that stands out in a pile of envelopes, bills, or other junk mail. Use bright, saturated colors that attract attention and please the eye. Online postcard printing companies offer full color cheap postcard printing services for a lot less scratch than the black and white printing from some local printing companies. Do your homework and find the best value in cheap postcard printing.

Design your post card so that it is similar to your other marketing materials to provide for consistent branding. Using the same fonts and colors will help recipients recognize your postcards as they arrive in your mailbox. Even with cheap postcard printing, you can get your recipients all hot and bothered when they get your postcard in their mailbox announcing a big sale or slipping them a big discount coupon!

Check out our Postcard Templates to ensure error-free printing.

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Conquest Graphics will be closed to celebrate the New Year with family and friends on Tuesday, January 1st. Please take this into consideration when placing upcoming orders. If you have specific questions, please contact our Customer Service department at (800) 707-9903 or e-mail Happy New Year!