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  • Full color printing on both sides or full color one side with black only or no printing on the other
  • Multiple paper options: 70#, 80#, or 100# gloss text
  • Eco-friendly – paper is FSC-certified with recycled content and ink is soy-based
  • Includes bright aqueous coating for reduced fingerprints and better durability
  • Multiple size and folding options
  • Custom wrapping and banding available
  • This product can be shipped to multiple locations

Being prepared in advance is the best way to ensure success with booklet printing. Lack of preparation can be so frustrating that you may never get your booklet printing project off the ground. Think about the guidelines below to make your booklet printing project go smoothly, and without a hitch.

Think about your Audience

It almost always helps to understand your goals and who your audience may be. You should already know whether you are going to sell to businesses or to consumers. Without understanding your audience, it is impossible to take the next steps in your booklet printing project. Next, make sure your organization has a strong brand, and make your booklet match your brand. Readers should be able to scan the contents of your printed booklet and know who you are, and what you are trying to do.

Graphic Design

You should always hire a graphic designer with experience in booklet design. A good designer will always ask you who your audience is, and they should ask you other questions so they can better understand your goals for booklet printing. Working with a designer ahead of time will increase your odds of your catalog getting delivered on time. The design and layout process could months when you think about how long it takes to do take photos, do the design, buy the printing, and have it arrive in the mail.

Booklet Printing is Easy if you Plan

Use a reputable online printing company since they can give you the highest quality at the lowest costs. Not every printer is equipped to do high-quality booklet printing, so be sure to ask them about it. When choosing a booklet printing company, select one that can mail or ship directly from their location when you give them a mailing list..

The key to a smooth booklet printing process is simply sitting down and making a plan. Being prepared will help you to avoid the major booklet printing pitfalls.

Green printing is a way of life

There has been a lot of buzz about green printing in the past few years. It seems like everyone in the industry wants to get on the green printing and eco friendly printing bandwagon. The sad thing is that a lot of online printing companies talk a good talk about being green printers and environmentally friendly printing initiatives, but don’t really walk the walk. How can a business owner or business professional tell the difference between an environmentally responsible online printing company, and the ones that are just “green washing”?

Take a look at the websites of online printing services. Almost all of them mention “going green” or “sustainable printing” practices. Very few of them will have information about their green printer certification status. An online discount printing service that is serious about green printing and environmental stewardship will be FSC-certified. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization that helps ensure that paper and other wood products are sourced from well-managed forests, and that the wood was not harvested from clear-cutting operations, or from rain forests, or disturbed or took advantage of indigenous peoples who live in and around the forested lands.

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Conquest Graphics will be closed to celebrate the New Year with family and friends on Tuesday, January 1st. Please take this into consideration when placing upcoming orders. If you have specific questions, please contact our Customer Service department at (800) 707-9903 or e-mail Happy New Year!